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  • Teaming with archaeologists and using cutting edge visual technology, Lost Worlds brings back to life lost civilizations and cultures. Join us on the quest to rebuild what was lost and is now found. From ancient Egypt, early Athens, Atlantis and even the Knight's Templar, Lost Worlds travels the world.

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    • Narrator: Deep in the jungles of Mexico lies one of the greatest lost cities of the New World. Built 1500 years ago by a civilization known as the Maya, Palenque flourished for centuries before it was mysteriously abandoned by its people. Now using the latest technology, a team of scientists, engineers and archeologists is discovering how these incredible structures were built, what they were used for and how the city looked when it was at its height. The team’s mission: to crack the secret code of the past and bring to life the incredible lost world of the Maya. What do the mysterious solar alignments of this temple mean? Does an ancient formula known as sacred geometry underpin the city’s grand design? And what secret construction techniques kept the tomb of the city’s greatest ruler hidden and undisturbed for 1200 years? Now join the team as it embarks on the largest mapping project ever undertaken in the lost world of the Maya, and see the city of Palenque revealed in all its splendor.

    • Narrator: The Knight’s Templar defended the Holy Land. Their tools were bloodshed and prayer. Founded in the 12th century, these Christian warrior monks were an unbeatable force for nearly 200 years, then they suffered a spectacular fall from grace. Tried for heresy, they were accused of practicing strange rituals, accusers said they spat on the cross, worshiped a severed head and engaged in perverse sexual acts. They were disbanded, their grandmaster was burned at the stake. Ever since their name has carried an air of mystery and romance. Today books like The DaVinci Code embellish the myth of the Templars, claims persist that they guarded the most sacred object in Christendom, the Holy Grail. Behind the legend, we explore the real world of the Knight’s Templar, a world built from stone, 800 years ago they constructed some of the finest fortifications ever known. Today much of what they built is crumbling into the landscape. Now a team of experts is journeying back to their world. Using state of the art computer animation they will reveal for the first time in 8 centuries the lost world of the Knight’s Templar.

    • Narrator: Three and half thousands years ago the biggest volcanic eruption in recorded history rocked the planet. In the heart of the Mediterranean a peaceful island exploded with devastating force. At a stroke, an entire civilization was wiped from the face of the Earth. Then, at the dawn of the 20th century, the remains of a spectacular palace were discovered on the island of Crete. On a neighboring Greek island a town was unearthed, preserved beneath thousands of tons of volcanic ash. Teams of investigators are examining every fragment from these mysterious sites to decipher their hidden secrets. And out of the physical clues lifted from the ash a radical theory has emerged. These ruins could be the home of an ancient civilization: Atlantis. Using cutting edge visual technology, we rebuild the incredible towns, temples and palaces, we reveal the majesty and mystery of this lost world.

    • Narrator: Greece 5th Century B.C. Over the course of three decades led by one man a city and its people rise to greatness. This is Athens, the birthplace of Democracy, but it is Pericles city. Pericles builds impregnable fortifications, the first Senate house, a complex network of pipes to supply his people with fresh water, he builds the most powerful navy in the ancient world and he builds temples. One, the Parthenon, will be hailed by man as the most perfect building ever completed. After two and half thousand years we can show this vision again, recreate this lost world as Pericles saw it. The greatest city on Earth.

    • Narrator: 1300 BC, the mighty Egyptian civilization is in its Golden Age. It’s ruler is Ramses II, a man who intends to be the greatest of the Pharaohs. He will make his mark by building. Vast statues, towering obelisks, temples carved from living rock, Ramses is a giant of a man. He dominates this kingdom for 67 years, pushing it on to ever greater glory. The ruins of what Ramses built still stand, but 33 centuries on, with the aid of new research and cutting edge graphics technology, the true scale of his ambition can now be fully revealed. Extraordinary feats of engineering performed with only the most basic tools. Thousands of people, thousands of tons of stone, all manipulated by the will of one man. We can now reveal the lost world of Ramses the Great.

    • Narrator: This might be the story of history’s biggest secret. A hidden world of secret cities and classified nuclear facilities built inside America. 400,000 people were part of it, though only a handful really knew the truth. It took up half a million acres of land, it saw the construction of the largest building in the world, it cost billions of dollars and all these resources were focused on one goal: Brining an end to World War II by building the world’s first atomic bomb. Six decades on a team of experts return to the once classified sites where the course of history was decided. In green valleys and dry deserts they will uncover and rebuilt this lost world. Using the latest in computer technology and new evidence, the team will uncover the most complex feat of engineering ever taken. This is the Lost World of the Manhattan Project.

    • Narrator: On the outskirts of Berlin stand traces of the supercity that Adolph Hitler planned. Forgotten and abandoned, they are what remains of his attempt to build a new world capital. Hitler may have been responsible for more death and destruction than any individual in history, but he didn’t only want to destroy, he wanted to build, to remodel his country according to his own vision. And this new city would be the project’s showpiece. Hitler planned to create buildings bigger and better than anything that had gone before. A domed hall so large that the Eiffel Tower could be fitted inside it. A stadium that would hold 400,000 people. But his dream was never fully realized and it died with him at the end of World War II. Only now after six decades of research and using new computer graphic technology is it possible to recreate the city that Hitler had intended for his people. This is Hitler’s lost world.

    • Narrator: Jerusalem, for Christians the most important events in history took place here. The Bible says this is the city where Jesus lived His last days and was crucified. What happened here changed the world. Over 2000 years the city too has changed. Destroyed and reconstructed over 20 times in as many centuries. Only fragments, traces and ruins remain of the Jerusalem that Jesus would have known. Now building on decades of research with state of the art 3D graphic modeling we can reveal what it would have looked like to Him. The streets and gateways through which He would have walked, the complex water system which kept this desert city from thirst, the pools where some say Jesus performed miracles. The Temple complex, the heart of the city and of the Jewish faith, where Jesus taught and prayed, and extraordinary piece of engineering that was razed to the ground almost as soon as it was completed. We will reveal the lost world of the Gospels, Jesus’ Jerusalem.

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  • "Lost Worlds" uses thorough research, location shoots and computer graphics to make the past come alive again.

    By tmkreutzer, Oct 15, 2007

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