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  • 4.5

    I Bet your ass's, that this is just an original version of a religious story.

    By Erebus69, Nov 22, 2011

    I Bet your ass's, that this is just an original version of a religious story.

    They never give the name of the MIB, Why?

    I belive the name of the MIB is "Esaú", Twin brother of "Jacó" also known as Jacob.

    They are feeding us an original version of a religious story!!!

    They are just draging the story without is name because they know if we knew the name, it would just kill the interest on the show.

    It's just a bloody religious story!!! C'mon! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !moreless

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  • 5.0

    Contrived, stupid and far-fectched. It held my interest though.

    By stewie1423, Jun 05, 2011

    This episode kind of just pointed out to me what I don't like about Lost. What happened to the plane crash? People dealing with being stuck on a creepy island...why has it all come down to this? Some stupid story about a woman who kills a pregnant girl...the mother of Jacob and the man in black...keeps them as her own...they spend 13 years clueless to the fact that others are living on this island...then MIB talks to his dead mother who tells him the insane woman posing as his mother is a fake...then he suddenly goes to the other people BUT Jacob decides to stay with the crazy lady ho murdered his real mother...sound insane/stupid?

    It gets's all because of a warm light in the middle of the island that they have to protect. I kind of get hat it means after watching the next episode but at this It held my interest cos I guess I liked seeing Jacob and MIB grow up but that doesn't mean it was well written. The best bit was how it linked back into a season one episode where they found the bodies...but overall this was wrong...very wrong. WHY!? Sorry for that rant.moreless

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  • 5.5

    Is that it? Wow...I'm disappointed

    By delportino, Jun 05, 2011

    So that's the truth about the island..A generic Good vs. Evil/Abel vs. Cain subplot that made Me cringe with frustration. I have to admit that this episode made Me feel utterly betrayed. I don't wanna sound too harsh, but this is the triumph of fluff over substance. I mean, the Guy in Black is not even blessed by having a name because he's EVIL. C'mon.. I'm writing this comment only because this episode spoiled the whole show for me. As for the following episodes (the ending included) I won't bother to comment them...I should have stopped watching the show after season 5.moreless

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    at last ! .

    By Yasser-24, May 16, 2011

    Lost give us some amazing answers ! .

    and what is the Island and it's all about Faith and sinces . and there are Twin , and there is rules , and who the two bodies , what is wheel , the light , and how they can leave the Island , someone must protect the Island , and the smokey , in this episode we got alot of answers . the writes really know what they writing for the very first episode of the show . something really amazing and hard to find . now we have 3 episode left , and i Know for sure that Lost will END with an amazing and high note . Love Lost ! .


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  • 7.5

    what a pity! interesting but perhaps it's the most disappointing episode of season 6.........

    By vaffancina, May 16, 2011

    In "Across the Sea", the story shifts to a unique setting and subjects from the past are drudged up with the potential of answers at our fingertips. This potential is dangled in front of us only to have it ripped away with the story revealing very little at all. Did we need to know that the Man in Black created the donkey wheel if we weren't going to be given at least an inkling as to how he came up with the idea? "Across the Sea" is an interesting beast of an episode as it does offer up some key character development but had the potential to be a lot more.Lindelof and Cuse begin to frustrate when they dangle that tempting carrot stick of answers a little too close to our noses.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Revealing but poorly executed and not epic

    By drummer4916, Oct 26, 2010

    First of all this episode revealed a lot and gave us a lot of answers, so I don't understand why all you people are complaining about the lack of answers with this episode. The episode revealed a lot of the backstory of Jacob and the Man in Black and revealed the origin of the Smoke Monster. It also revealed answers about the light in the cave, the donkey wheel, and the adam and eve cave question. The problem with the show currently isn't the lack of answers and that's not what the show should be focused on. The problem is the poor writing and drama, which seemed to be incredibly flat and boring in this episode. With good execution and writing, the answers will come and actually be good.

    This episode was extremely underwhelming and not epic. I hoping for an episode along the lines of "The Man Behind the Curtain" or "Ab Aeterno" but didn't get it. The dialogue and acting, normally good, was especially flat and stupid, especially from Allison Janney's character (whoever she is idk), the mom, who was a really badly created character. Her dialogue sucked and the acting was pretty bad too. Her reasons and actions were like huh? There were no emotional moments, no great scenes, no exciting scenes, with the exception of maybe when the man in black turns into the smoke monster (that was cool and interesting). It seems like Lindelof and Cuse are trying to just tell us the answers and just nonchalantly reveal stuff at the expense of the normally great story and great scenes. While I mostly disliked this episode, their were a few good/interesting parts. First was the cave of light reveal. That was very cool and borderline epic. The part about the origin of the smoke monste, as I mentioned before, was very interesting and was the best part. I feel like they could've just shown that part in a flashback and I would have been satisfied. The overall story was interesting and could've been epic but was poorly written and executed.

    *After rewatching, I felt that it was better the second time. The story made more sense the second time and the scenes where they are in front of the cave were awesome and even haunting. I guess the character of the mom just ruined the episode for me and the beginning just got off to a slow start.

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  • 5.5

    the man in black is born in this episode. and is he named? lol no. that's how stupid it is

    By StephenSundar, Sep 05, 2010

    oh, and don't forget "there's a little bit of light in us all, and we all want more of it"

    Lame... they should just change the name of the show to it

    this episode does accomplish one thing. it lowers your expectations of the last 3 episodes. you were hoping for something great. maybe this could be one of the greatest tv shows of all time. not any more. average at best, that's what the writer's are giving us

    questions that still need to be answered...

    ok the list is so long let's just focus on the new questions introduced this episode:

    Who is this woman who becomes their gaurdian? How does she know all this?

    How does she make them not be able to kill themselves?

    etc etcmoreless

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  • 2.5


    By GavinGibbons, Aug 07, 2010

    having been drawn in since season one, one of the main mysteries is answered.. and boy is it disappointing. The whole adam and eve thing was one of the top mysteries that had so much potential but to have it answered and it to be so dull, and rubbish made me feel empty. oh and as others have pointed out this episode left more questions (rather than answers) i really hope the last two episodes are full of answers as this season seems lacing in quality and direction. im not a happy lostie... really i am not. i give this 2.5 out of ten.moreless

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  • 9.0

    A tad bit off but insightful nonetheless

    By Neksmater, Jun 23, 2010

    Don't get what all the complaint is about this episode, Lost is supposed to be totally ambiguous and whatnot. What I really liked about this episode was that we see a more human side of Jacob, his rage against his brother and how he created him, since the beginning of this season we see Smokey as the bad guy, but what's great about Lost is that the line between good and evil is blurred so well. Would've liked a little more detail on the guardianship of the island or how their "mother" got to be there in the first place but an otherwise solid outing with only a little left to go.moreless

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