Which Lost season finale is the best?

By Patrick Sullivan

Aug 16, 2013

Lost's season finales set the bar high early on - if you had to pick one, which is it?

Here's a quick refresher. Note: Spoilers for all:

1) Season 1's "Exodus" ended on the show's biggest cliffhanger, a light shining out of the newly discovered hatch. The first season's huge ratings would never recover, but this twist cemented the hardcore fans' love for the show. With a summer to ponder what was inside the hatch, the show established wild speculation as the norm.

2) Season 2's "Live Together, Die Alone" revealed Ben Linus as the leader of The Others, outed Michael as a killer, and showed us what happens if the button isn't pressed every 108 minutes. Season 2 was widely criticized for the long, slow buildup that resulted in Desmond's reveal and the lack of answers to accompany dozens of new, intriguing mysteries. That said, the finale paid off big time by putting a charismatic face in change of the previously mysterious Others. Here's an old promo to re-live the build up:

3) Season 3' "Through the Looking Glass" brought a huge showdown with The Others, the show's most heartbreaking moment in "Not Penny's Boat," an escape from the island and Jack's maniacal "We have to go back! - perhaps the show's very best twist. Some have argued that the show could have stopped right here and been better off.

4) Season 4's "There's No Place Like Home" brought a shortened season of waiting for the freighter to a close with lots of violence, the island "moving," and the long awaited introduction of time travel. While there were great scenes throughout, I expected a much greater pay-off from a season that embraced the exciting flash-forward device.

5) Season 5's "The Incident" was probably my least favorite season and finale, with Jack's bomb resulting in the show's most painful and confusing cliffhanger. For many, time travel greatly confused Lost's plotting and the made it impossible to deliver a satisfying season finale.

6) Season 6's "The End"

While I'm not looking to re-start the discussion about the quality of Lost's series finale, it's worth noting that even the actors were heartbroken to reach the end...


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  • BettercallSaul Dec 11, 2013

    For me I think Exodus is marginally ahead of Through the looking glass. What was in the hatch was probably the biggest cliffhangers on television. The shot of Jack staring down the hatch and the lead up to blowing it up was one of the pivotal moments in the show. Just beating out Jack´s flash forward moment of ¨We have to go back Kate! We have to go back!¨

    Season 5´s The incident is 3rd for me, Juliet´s death was especially poignant. Followed by Season 2´s Live Together Die alone. The End is next because the flash sideways was really a debacle despite the on-island stuff being entertaining and quite moving. Finally, I put s4´s There´s no place like home as last. The main reason being, by that stage, we already knew who had made it out off the island, so there were no real surprises although the island moving was fairly shocking.

  • Brilliant Nov 09, 2013

    Man, I miss this show.

  • sleepy-sonic Oct 20, 2013

    I'm probably a minority here but my favorite was Live Together, Die Alone".

  • WillYouKindly Oct 19, 2013

    I've just seen the first three so far, but I loved the end of season two. S3's was awesome too, but S2's was more satisfying to me,
    "I was wrong."

  • zampognaro Oct 19, 2013

    Season 3's finale was flawless .. i still get teary-eyed when watching the "Not Penny's boat" scene. The actors portrayed their emotions perfectly there.

  • Yaspaa Oct 19, 2013

    It was the lack of answers in season 2 and the build up that I loved, it really enthralled me. So, season 2 for me, but I'm splitting hairs .

  • nimkong Oct 09, 2013

    Its a four-way tie because I cant decide what was the best.
    1.Live together die alone
    1.Through the looking glass
    1.The incident
    1.The end
    6.Theres no place like home

    They are all so good but the season 1 and 4 finales were definitely weaker. They are no where near terrible but the season 4 finale is my least favorite episode in that season.

  • DADDY_DAVE Sep 30, 2013

    For me its...

    1.Season 3 - 9.8/10
    2.Season 2 - 9.5/10
    3.Season 1 - 9.4/10
    4.Season 4 - 9.4/10
    5.Season 6 - 8.9/10
    6.Season 5 - 8.8/10

  • crawford47 Sep 29, 2013

    I would say Exodus,because it was the first and I love the scene with Jack and Sawyer about Christian.The opening of the hatch and the Others taking Walt.I also love the twist at the end of Through The Looking Glass.They were all good to me,but I love the first best.

  • ionee24 Aug 19, 2013

    For me, its still the one the islad disappears: time travel gave the show something the suprnatural, the epic and the romance never did.

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