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    Very Inconsistent and Off Script Episode

    By synth0, Sep 24, 2011

    1) Let's start with the fact that up until this episode Dr. Ben Linus was known as the leader of the 'Others' and the keeper of the Island from being revealed to the world. This was his job. We all knew him as very cunning, relentless man who was living on the Island in the village surrounded by the electo-magnetic fence, which we all saw at the beginning of season 2 (if i'm not mistaken) when the 'Others' saw the plane divided in 2 pieces and crash, then Ben sent some of his men to infiltrate the survivors. THAT was his life before the crash.

    So, back to our Episode 7, in which we see Ben's life, had the plane never crashed the Island, i would expect to see our Ben in that village working those birth issues that Juliet was brought to solve, or to see whatever daily life he had THERE.

    But what in the name of God is he doing outside the Island, teaching in school?

    2) Let's proceed with why does Alex refer to Ben as Dr. Linus instead of 'father'?

    And why does Alex give such a worm treat to Ben, when we all remember how she hated him in the first seasons, right after the plane crash.

    3) Last, but not least, in our Episode 7, Ben is giving up his dream of becoming a school principal, in favor of some recommendation letter for Alex, when we all know well that he was a self utilitarian person from day 1, and we all remember how he even sacrificed his daughter to save his ass when those mafia guys, sent by Charles Widmore, came to kill him. Now, ok he was sorry for this later and so on.. but that doesn't change the fact that during the entire show Ben had always and consistently took care of his own skin, in the first place.

    4) In addition, when we saw the future lives of our survivors, had the plane never crashed the Island, THOSE characters did stay within the script. Shepard stayed the good old spinal surgeon, Kate stayed the same outlaw we knew earlier, Hurley still that same lottery winner, and the list goes on.. only Ben Linus for some reason had to become some school teacher and so incoherent.


    In my personal conclusion, i find this episode to be very inconsistent with the real history of Ben in this series, and inconsistent with his own character behavior as well.moreless

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    Benjamin Linus in LOST = Robert DeNiro in Gadfather II

    By Yasser-24, May 25, 2010

    Yep , it's true . Benjamin Linus with 10 sec he can really steal the show . with one emotional face he really can blow up your minds ! . his confrontation scene with Illana was THE BEST scene i ever saw in Lost since " we have to go back Kate , we have to go back " .

    it's a redemption episode for Ben and Richard . and an Amazing scene at the beach when they all together and Hugging each other a Little of joy from season 1 . and i Notice something ! that this season is complex of answering some answers and a character development with Sawyer , Kate , Jack , Ben , Sayid and the others will come . as always an EMMY nominations for Ben , Jack , Locke and Sawyer so far ! . and with all this we have to have a weekly cliff hanger ! amazing show .. 10/10 .moreless

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    Ben digs his own grave; Richard and Jack test their mortality; Locke continues the recruiting process; in flash sideways, Ben makes a power play but freezes up when Alex Rousseau's future is on the line.

    By SgtCashmere, May 25, 2010

    I know I am going to get a ton more "Thumbs Down" than "Thumbs Up" for this review, but... *yawn*. This episode was dull and uninspiring. I'm really sorry, but that's the way I feel about it!

    First of all, top notch acting from Michael Emerson. The scene when he was crying, and told Ilana the Locke was the only one who would accept him, was priceless. Emerson handles himself very well when his character shows vulnerability, which is a nice turn after playing such an evil, manipulative character for the past four years. Also, I am really enjoying Zuleikha Robinson's presence on the show. I can't pinpoint it, but something about that woman is ridiculously appealing.

    Unfortunately, this episode said very little for the storyline. It was basically a Ben redemption story, which slowed down the exciting pace introduced in last week's episode, "Sundown," to a turtle crawl. While I know it was necessary to give Ben some proper character development this season, did we really have to watch a whole hour of nothing BUT that?

    The episode was predictable and weak. Who really thought Richard and Jack would explode? Nobody. Who immediately realized that Ben and Ilana would bond over the memory of Ben's daughter, Alex? Everybody. The only unexpected part of the episode was when Miles acknowledged Nikki and Paulo from Season 3!

    The flash sideways were really dull, as well. Ben's relationship with Alex was very sweet, and his play at the role of principal was entertaining for viewers. In the end, however, the writers could have scrawled, "Ben is not evil in the flash sideways" on a piece of paper, flashed it for about ten seconds, and have told the same story they did in the flash sideway scenes of "Dr. Linus." In "Lighthouse," they showed Jack in a brand new role as a father, in "The Substitute," they showed a Locke who could accept his limitations and embrace his gifts. In "Dr. Linus," they merely showed a Ben who is not evil. There was nothing surprising or interesting about this character study. It was so simple and missed the layers that usually make the character stories of "Lost" so interesting.

    Oh well, I suppose some people out there would give this episode a 10/10. Personally, I am hoping for more interesting character development in the future. Sorry, rabid "Lost" give-reviews-below-9/10-a-Thumbs-Down fans! I guess you should get ready to click, up at the top right of my review! LOLmoreless

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    Without a doubt this was the embodiment of Lost in one single episode, the best episode of the season so far, and hopefully the bar has been raised for the remainder of the season to deliver such brilliance week in week out! ***Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!

    By maujla, May 25, 2010

    WOW!! that was suspensful, emotional, heartpounding, and simply Vintage Lost. The emotional parts were touching and brought that season 1 feel back to us. Any and every Ben Linus episode has been a 10 so far in my mind, and this one delivers because we see the good Ben both on and off the island, and we can see him repenting and regretting his actions and the way that he always wanted to be. Not the Sinister, devious mastermind that has menaced and at the same time enteratined us so far. I absolutely loved the Miles/Ben scene where Miles simply states the facts that "linus killed him" and then the look on Ben's face.... that was crazy!. Richard Alpert FINALLY gave us a bit of insight on his "gift" given by Jacob, (didn't go as far in depth as i would've liked) but Jack is now beginning to see that he might have some power of his own. He can't kill himself, and doesn't seem to die. So is it true that anyone that jacob touched was 'blessed'/'cursed' in some way? Who are the six remaining candidates??!?

    It was nice seeing Alex and how Dr.Linus handled his ultimatum. Well done Benny!!!

    On the Island it's apparent that Locke or "evil incarnate' is recruiting as much as possible, and the question still lingers ..Where in the heck is SAWYER?!?!?!? Sayid, Claire and the crew are on the wrong team it seems like. Great cliff hanger finale with Widmore!! (where's Eloise Hawking?) !!?!?!?!?!?

    Cannot wait till next week, only 9 weeks left of Lost :( ..enjoy every moment people!!!moreless

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    Seriously, TRUE Fans how can you get mad at LOST

    By jquaite07, May 25, 2010

    Alright for those who did not like this episode I can immediately guess why: there were no answers and the main plotline of LOST didn't really go anywhere besides us pretty much seeing Team Jacob form before our eyes and Richard IS from the Black Rock.

    I understand your frustrations; actually I was a little frustrated too. Before the episode aired I was hyped about this Ben-centric episode because I just knew that there was going to be great acting and a lot of mythology like in the Ben-centric episodes "The Man Behind the Curtain" from season 3 and "Dead is Dead" from season 5. Well I was half right in my assumptions as there was great acting, but I was wrong in the fact that I didn't expect much more from this episode.

    This had to be one of the most emotionally charged and poignant episodes in the LOST cannon. There was so much on the line for so many characters in this episode. Lets not even start with Ben who was the centric character of the episode, lets begin with Richard. WOW was this guy on the edge or what? In the episode Richard portrayed a man that was at the end of his rope. He had nothing left to hope for as everyone he knows on the island is either dead, including Jacob, has switched sides, or has killed Jacob (Ben). The guy was suicidal and couldn't even kill himself (thank goodness). Here comes in Jack and Hurley who Richard had found in hopes that they would be the ones to do him the favor of ending his life.

    Then suddenly the audience is revealed to something: Jack has changed! It seems that the long stare into the ocean has actually done Jack some good as he has now regained faith in his path and found new faith in Jacob. The scene where he sits in the Black Rock and lights the dynamite with Richard was amazing and scary at the same time as you were fearfully hoping that LOST would not go and pull a LOST where the dynamite ends up blowing up anyway. In this scene Jack saves Richard's life and his faith. By the way: Hurley was amazingly funny.

    Now let's go to Ben and Ilana; in a really good parallel in the episode both of these characters seem to be at a very critical point in their lives as Richard and Jack are. There is much to be said about Ben's cry out for mercy and Ilana's decision not to kill him. I think the act would have been so detrimental to Ilana's character and of course it would have been detrimental to Ben's character if he had killed her; and once again Michael Emerson gives us an incredible performance in both the sideways and island stories. Ben's decision in the sideways and island stories does so much for the CHARACTER; here is a man who we can assume was one of the most powerful in the World if we believe in the importance of the island and his desicion to basically give up that power for the love of a student (his island timeline daughter ALEX!)and his plea for mercy has permanently turned Ben into one of the good guys a fact that I am very glad of.

    But one thing to worry about in this is the arrival of Widemore; will his presence bring back the old Ben? I don't think so but we shall see. So TRUE LOST fans who are just as invested in the characters as we are in answers, this episode was a triumph even though there could have been more answers i agree. The emotional moments and character development in this episode is what makes LOST so great and I hope most fans still believe that. AND DONT WORRY, BE PATIENT the answers are coming and I don't think they'll need as much time to explain them as everyone thinks.moreless

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    Like the show starring Sara Rue this episode was less than perfect.

    By thefanof, May 25, 2010

    A Ben episode? How could this be bad? Well, I wouldn't call it bad, but for a show heading toward its finale, which is about 2 1/2 months away, things do not appear to be wrapping up. I remarked in a previous review that this just feels like another season and am not confident in there being a satisfactory ending for the series we all know and love. This episode advanced absolutely nothing and did not even feature flashbacks that were that interesting. Ben Linus as a teacher was funny for a short cameo last week, but as a whole episode? Not my cup of tea.

    Lost, I know you can do so much better than this.moreless

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    Best of the season thus far...

    By lazarius12, May 25, 2010

    ...And one of my all time favorite episodes of Lost. Every Bencentric episode seems to push this shows storytelling further than ever before, and this one is no different.

    We learn a bit about Dr. Linus in the flash sideways', and his love for Alex is still present here, along with it seems, a love for leading as well(he would love to become the principal) Through the course of this episodes events, though, Ben must decide which one is more important to him, just as he did in season five(Ben chose the island over Alex then). While back in present time/reality, Ben is literally digging his own grave. So poetic for a master leader/manipulator to be brought down so low to the point where he's forced into his own death.

    I won't spoil the end, but I'll say this: I've noticed that a person seems to be connected between realities. If they are shown to be good in the alternate one then they join Jacob's cause in the normal one(what is normal anyway?), while if they are shown to be evil, then they seem to join Smocke(evil Locke). It even works for people like Jin, who is captured within each reality.

    The lines have been drawn and the sides are taking shape much faster at this point so I can't wait for next weeks episode.moreless

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    After Sundown's Massacre... we see a glimpse of hope.

    By tidus1117, May 25, 2010

    Ok I must say that this episode blowed my mind, it was so powerful even tough it didnt have action scenes it was so emotional an captivating that left you wanting for more.

    After the massacre at the temple- Ben is confronted with the truth about Jacob's death and now he is being captive diging his own grave. Richard meets with Hurley and Jack and they all go to the Black Rock.

    In the episode there where 3 scenes in the island that I must all include in these review

    1. After Locke's appearance to Ben. Ben is offered a chance to escape and join Locke's team. He escapes from the beach (followed by Ilana). Then Here it comes this scene was so powerful.

    Ben says: I must explain what I did. My daughter died because I chose the Island all in the name of Jacob. And he didnt seem to care.Im going to Locke beacuse all I ever wanted is for someone to have me.

    Ilanas answer; "Ill have you" that was AMAZING! I love that part and Ben's reaction like how she really forgives him I love LOST.

    2. After they arrive to the Black Rock we see a Richard that the only thing he wants now that Jacob is dead is being killed.Jack scene with Richard was also amazing seeing a Richard that lost all his way not knowing what to do and Jack being the one that confronts him telling that they have a greater purpose was Awesome!

    3.Finally the third scene in the island that also was great was the ending of course. Even though they didnt talk there much. It just felt so good I had that feeling from season 1. Sun meeting with Hurley and Jack was purely emotional. Now in the Flash-sideway Ben's story as a teacher- we see him choosing if he wants Power or the good of others even if he will still be Powerless. I didnt know how it will end. But it was perfect Ben did chose to help her student (Alex) instead of becoming the school principal that.

    Notes: 1.It seems that in the flashsideways Ben and his dad lived on the island but they left. I wonder when did they left and what exactly caused the island to go underwater?

    2.Miles comment that Jacob wanted to be wrong about Linus, that he really was a good guy. That was very cool.

    3.Ilana Mentions the candidates being six:

    Is Kate one of them? is Sayid still a candidate?

    Does Sun and Jin count as one?

    Sun, Jin, Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid.

    End Setting: Beach-> Jack, Hurley, Sun, Richard, Ben, Ilana, Miles, Lapidus

    Hydra Station->Locke, Claire, Sawyer, Jin, Sayid, others...

    Final thought after getting a glimpse of hope from the good guys. Someone arrives to the island... Withmore!!! Cant wait to see what will happen next thanks for readingmoreless

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    Back where it all began at the beach...good episode

    By thedankman, May 25, 2010

    Alright well this was a great episode minus the flash-sideways. The whole episode I am saying what the **** there going to kill ben?! Then out of no where..guess who....Locke. Helps ben get free, he spills his guts then goes back. WHen jack and richard run into richard was cool because after the destruction of the temple it is basically a free for all with the the losties and all others who didnt follow locke. This episode would have been one of the best if it ended with "Aye Brotha raise the sub!!". We already know michael had his encounters with death and couldnt die..did jacob touch him too? Well finally jack realizes he is here for a reason.moreless

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