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  • 9.5

    One of my favorite episodes from season two.

    By hannahmombrea, Jan 14, 2014

    Between Hurley's struggling with what to do with all the food, and the raft survivors being taken captive by who they think are the Alleged "others", this episode is well plotted and extremely entertaining. The last two scenes are what really got me.... When Hurley is handing out the food to everyone (especially the part where he gives Charlie the peanut butter for Claire), and Bernard finding out Rose is still alive. Besides the episode One of Them, this is defiantly high on my favorite season 2 episodes list.moreless

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  • 10


    By Sarah_LOST, Oct 12, 2010

    The tail section survivors take Michael, Sawyer, and Jin to an abandoned Dharma station. Hurley is tasked with dividing up the food in the hatch. In flashbacks, Hurley quits his job and his best friend turns against him after he wins the lottery. I love the start with Hurley eating all the food and then Jin is there talking English - good dream. I love the scene where Jin and Michael hey out the hole and leave Sawyer and Ana Lucia hitting him witha rock - so funny. I love the Hurley and Charlie scenes - Charlie is so funny. Hurley shows Rose the hatch, I love Rose she is very cool. I love the way Rose and Hurley are in charge of the food. I also love the way the tail end of the end are awesome, great storyline. I love the Jack and Kate scene!moreless

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  • 10

    The testament that Hugo undergoes being in charge of the food and his past experiences relate quite well.

    By Picklepiss, May 05, 2010

    With Hugo being in charge of this newly found hatch-pantry if you will left me with this sense of irony about the fact that Hugo was in such a position, and we see him take full advantage of this privaledge by going to town with whatever was in sight. But after he undergoes the treatment he receives from Charlie about the fact that he is not being upfront about what is going on with Charlie and will not give in to his simple request for peanut butter because he sees down the line what is going to happen in result. The flashback is an exact relation to these circumstances that he is in on the island with him winning the lottery before the plane crash, and even though there is no actual showing of what happens to Hugo's friend, we can conclude that their friendship is destroyed after the media surrounds Hugo with this newly found lottery winner. So what else could Hugo possibly do besides blow it all up right?moreless

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  • 8.5

    This episode doesn't leave you hungry, but one part of your appetite will be sated

    By DavidB226Morris, May 24, 2009

    Early in the shows run, it seemed that Hurley is closer to the 'Everyman' member of the shows ensemble, the normal guy who seems to have a better step in the real world, like Xander in Buffy or Marshall in Alias. Of course, this being Lost, the everyman's a multimillionaire cursed with incredibly bad luck who spent some time in an institution, but still that's a pretty good read on him. Now that the shows gone by, I can't help but wonder is Hugo carrying some psychic gene in him as well.

    Consider the opening dream sequence of 'Everybody Hates Hugo', where he dreams the real world with Jin speaking English with a bruise from where he got hurt on the other side of the island and Walt on the side of a milk cart., both events he has no way of knowing about. Considering what has happened to Hurley in later seasons, is it possible that he has some latent psychic gift that the island has given him? I'm not ruling out, even though I have no evidence.

    In the meantime, Hurley has been given a responsibility that he didn't ask for and, frankly, one that I question Jack for putting him charge of in the first place--- the food storage area. Hurley is faced with a windfall of food, and he is worried about what will happen when the others find this embarrassment of riches. We get a sense of what might happen when Charlie, Hurley's closest friend on the island, first learns about what's in the hatch. He presses Hurley repeatedly, and when he asked for a special favor--- peanut butter for Claire--- and doesn't get it, he takes a dim view of Hurley for being 'the man'. Normally, we would think this was mean of Charlie, but it has a special kind of resonance for Hugo. His flashback takes place in the hours immediately after he won the lottery. Turns out he was wary about the problems the money would bring before he thought it was cursed. Pre lotto, Hugo was a regularly guy who worked at a fast food place with his friend Johnny, and hung out a record store where he yearned for a woman he never had the nerve to ask out. The money did give him a sense of confidence--- he basically told his overbearing boss where to get off, asked the girl on a date, and performed an act of malfeasance on his ex-boss' lawn--- but even then, it's clear he was petrified of what would happen when he stopped being normal. (By the way, you might not have noticed, but Hurley's boss as the chicken shack would later be Locke's boss at the box factory. Which begs the question, if Hurley really hated this guy, why'd he hire him to work at one of his companies? This is one mystery we may never get to the bottom of.) The look of dismay on Johnny's face when he learns what his best friend has been holding out on speaks louder than any remark could about how right Hurley was.

    So now Hurley's placed in a similar situation when Jack puts him in charge, and just like Sayid being forced to torture again or Michael losing Walt, he is afraid history will repeat itself. But his 'solution' is so extreme, we wonder if Hurley really was all there when he got let out of the psych ward. First of all, I don't buy that sacredly little Hurley would have had the time or inclination to get the dynamite out of the ship. Second, his decision to blow the place up in order to make sure that no one hated him would definitely not work--- I think Jack and Locke and all the others would be pissed to find out that they lost a working shower, a washer dryer, and guns because Hurley was a little scared. Furthermore, when he makes his actual solution--- just giving the food away because there is only enough to last one guy three months.--- it doesn't seem real either. If Desmond was really in that bunker for three years there would have to had been a lot more food for he and Kelvin to have survived as long as they did. Finally, it later turns out this distribution is just another fraud, though we won't learn this for another several episodes.

    Meanwhile, the fate of the rafties is no longer a secret as Claire discovers the message bottle that was in it. She then talks it over with Shannon, who decides to make the ultimate decision up to Sun for some reason. Considering that she had the most at stake in regard to the raft, it's hard to imagine that either of these women could be more insensitive. Yes, we know Jin's alive, but to Sun, this leads her to think she'll never see her husband again. However, like Locke, she knows the most important thing on this island is hope and refuses to take that away from anyone.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, Michael, Jin and Sawyer (who seems to be weakening from the wound he took) find that they are not the prisoners of the Others, but rather another group of survivors--- the group that was referred to as 'the tailies'. Turns out they had a very good reason for taking the rafties prisoners: At one point they numbered 23, but 'the Others' have been frequent visitors, and now there are only five of them remaining. These people are scared, cold and really worn out, though we won't learn the full depths of their suffering until a few episodes later.

    Ana Lucia appears to be the de facto leader. She hard core and almost over-the top offensive, and a lot of fans did not like her, though I can understand why she's as stressed as they can be. Eko, the man who attacked them and put them in a cage is quiet and mysterious, Libby (who we see for the first time) seems quiet and kind. But even though he won't become a regular, the final survivor is the one who has the most effect: it's Bernard. Yes, Rose's husband, the one that was missing since the Pilot and who Rose has never given up on still being alive. Rose makes an appearance of her own in this episode, doing the wash, and providing an ear to Hurley, which makes a seemingly insignificant event near the end--- where Rose saves the chocolate bar to share with her husband--- all the more moving. We don't get a lot of pleasant surprises on Lost, and knowing that these two will be reunited in the not-too-distant future, that'll bring a lump to your throat. 'Everybody Hates Hugo' isn't as strong an episode as some of the others one, mainly because the main story isn't as strong as the others, . But it's a pretty funny piece, and it has some truly emotional moments that we don't get often. We're still not sure what's going on in the hatch, and we don't know the story behind the Others actions, but it seems that we're getting somewhere.

    My score: 8.5moreless

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  • 8.9

    El gran Hugo

    By napen, Sep 03, 2008

    Todo hacía suponer que Hugo terminaría siendo lo que demostró ser durante todo el show: el buen tipo, lisa y llanamente. Lástima, porque necesitaba, al menos yo, que Hurley deje en algún momento de serlo. Porque así el personaje pasa a ser una caricatura que en un show así va de a poquito perdiendo fuerza y termina distorsionándose y debilitándose. El resto de a poquito va volviendo a llenarse de colores. Los personajes secundarios reaparecen y todo va volviendo a la normalidad, a la confortable realidad. Qué es del hijo de Claire? Qué corno es esa fuerza magnética que me sigue recordando al genio de Bioy...?moreless

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  • 9.5

    We learn more about the bunker, more about the people that are holding the raft guys, friendships are tried and tested but resolved with a nice jar of peanut butter - hmmm wonder if that would solve all problems in the world. LOL.

    By captainbritain, Jun 22, 2008

    The episodes starts off with Hugo in the store cupboard of the bunker, gorging his way through bits of everything and then Jin appears speaking english at Hugo, which he comments on, only to be told that he's speaking korean and then a man in a chicken suit is standing next to him.

    We have flashbacks to where Hugo falls after seeing that he won the lottery, when asked about it he does not tell his mom, he just puts the ticket into his pocket, the same thing occurs when he is at work, he just keeps quiet about it - even from his friends.

    The others that are still at the bunker are looking around, trying to understand things, Sayid is trying to figure out what is behind the thick concrete that is causing so much magnetic interference. Hurley is getting quizzed by Charlie but he can't say anything about it.

    The raft guys are still down a pit, but the buy and girl comes back and wants Jin to climb out, Sawyer tells him not too and she aims the gun at his head and then he has no choice, he says the same thing when its Michael's turn, Sawyer gets a rock thrown at him for his cheek. Then as Sawyer refuses to climb out, he gets the top closed on him, only for it to be opened later and him to climb out willingly.

    Sayid and Jack explore the underside of the bunker, trying to find a way round the thick concrete ways but there is no way, he mentions to Jack that the only time he has heard about concrete being poured so thickly was after Chenobyll. But they still explore the different bits and pieces along the way.

    Jack puts Hurley in charge of the food storage, but he doesnt really want to knowing that it will cause many problems and be the result that all will hate him in the process. He flashes back to the day that he quit his job, as did his work buddy, them hanging out for the day, then the look on his friends face when it was discovered that it was Hurley that was the mega lottery winner.

    Jin, Michael and Sawyer are taken by the others to where the rear-end survivors are camped, there was 23 of them, but when they get there they discover that there is alot less than this number, they also are in some sort of underground bunker complex, or maybe the pipeways of the other bunker, we will see on that score.

    Charlie finds out the truth by following Locke and getting him to tell him, then he accusses Hurley of being one of them, after Hurley said that he couldn't get a jar of peanut butter for him, even Claire. Because, that what will start all the troubles and cause everyone to hate him.

    He leads Rose to the bunker, as she has been doing the washing by hand, perhaps in the vain hope that there will be a super-sized washer and dryer, or maybe as she is one to keep her business private. Hurley later decides that as he can't please everyone and that he doesn't want to be hated, that he would blow up all the food using one stick of dynamite!!! Rose talks him out of it, then Hurley has a talk with Jack and tells him it is the only way, then we see that the only way is to give out all the food in one go, let people eat it all, so there is no way of playing favourites. Of course he gives Charlie a jar of peanut butter.moreless

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  • 8.7

    Hey, perhaps it did lack in action, but it was still a great show, as usual

    By j19000, May 19, 2008

    This episode was no where near as good and revealing as the first three but it had a nice back story based on Hugo and a good conclusion...

    But this one was good, I liked it how more of the time was focussed on the tailies and all. What really stood out was when Libby told Michael about there being 23 survivors and now only six remain, something like that. The backstory on Hurley was interesting, he didn't tell anyone about winning the lottery, instead he was discovered to have been the winner, that scene was sad. but overall the whole episode was impressive, nothing really new except for the tailies who have Michael, Jin and Sawyer but nothing else. It was great to see the hatch again too, hopefully we should learn more of it's secrets like what happens if they do not push the button or push the button with the wrong code. All that still remains to be answered but there wasn't really anything bad about this episode. Next one '...And Found' looks quite interesting, can't wait for it.moreless

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  • 10

    A Hurley-centric episode.

    By Writer2000, May 06, 2008

    Let me just start out by saying that as a whole, I absolutely loved this episode an awful lot. As a whole, I thought that this episode was very well written and well acted by everyone involved, and I loved all of the story lines in this episode. The flash backs of Hurley's life before the plane crashed on the island were great. While I loved all of the story lines in this episode, I would definitely have to say that Sawyer's story line was my favorite. I absolutely loved Sawyer in this episode. All of the characters were great in this episode. I also thought that this episode did a really good job of introducing the new characters. All in all, I thought that this was another amazing episode of Lost, and I can't wait to watch the next episode of the second season of Lost.moreless

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  • 9.2

    Charlie: (To Hurley) Are you gonna lie to me? Are you gonna lie to the baby?

    By efc91, May 05, 2008

    Hurley has difficulty with being put in charge of the hatch's supplies. Michael, Sawyer, and Jin learn that their captors are the survivors from the tail-section of Oceanic Flight 815. They take Michael, Sawyer, and Jin to an abandoned DHARMA station, called the Arrow. Hurley remembers when he won the lottery. After the first three episodes of the second season we find ourselves with a much calmer episode but its not bad because everybody loves hugo's episodes.

    I really enjoyed seeing Sawyer get hurt by a girl because it was quiet funny but I also liked seeing more new characters The Tailies Ana Lucia, Libby and Mr Eko.moreless

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