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    That little boy sure is giving MIB a run for his money!

    By Picklepiss, Dec 15, 2010

    Great Hurley-centric episode as always. Too many things happened this epsiode so lets break it down. Desmond is not scared. I knew that right off the bat when I saw the countenance on his face when he first saw MIB. He was just like... hey whats up man?!! And soon enough we have MIB asking him why he isn't afraid. Desmond asks him what the point is in being afraid. So he gets thrown into the well and I knew he wasn't going to die because the island simply isn't through with him yet and to die in a well was not the reason! The tension of this episode was so great between Desmond and MIB because Desmond told him off and all I could do was laugh, as well as Jack seeing flocke for the first time. The animosity is HUGE. The chances for them listening to MIB are slim to none and so who knows what MIB is going to try to do to them. The war is brewing everyone, so brace yourselves!moreless

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    Ever wonder what the hell were you watching, and why? Well that's how felt after I watched this one

    By Dunga103, Jun 03, 2010

    So it seems that people in the alt verse are starting to get their memories back of their lives on the Island. Libby and Hugo go on a date, kiss and remember as did Desmond and Charlie. It's like the only interesting thing happening on Lost so far.

    On the other side, Jacob's followers have decided to blow up the plane but that doesn't quite work out. First Ilana blows herself up, and they head to the Black rock for more Hugo turns the ship into charred rock because the ghost of Michael (turns out him and the ghosts of many of the others are stuck in limbo on the island for some reason) told him not to. Hugo instead leads Jack, Sun, and the pilot to Smokey's camp of all places. Normally Jack puts a hell of an argument anytime he's told to do something but as crazy it sounds he opted to put his faith in Hugo instead.

    Sayeed brings Desmond to see Smokey who after taking him on a moonlight stroll through the woods throws Desmond in an electromagnetic well. Puff….just like that, and that is all that happened of consequence on the Island. For a cliff hanger, alt Desmond runs over wheelchair bound Locke with his car. I have one word for that, retarded!

    For a show that has built itself on mysteries suspense, and now that it's coming to end, you would think they would start answering all those questions you know? One obvious answer divulged (if you haven't figured it out yet) is that leaving the island will only be possible if it's done by everybody, together. They came together, they leave together.moreless

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    Yes - we do love Hugo.

    By stewie1423, May 31, 2010

    Another enjoyable episode here where Hurley is brought to the core of the show. I liked the flash sideways with Hurley meeting with Libby and them having that date they never had, that was sweet. Plus we see the connection between the island this universe again. I really like Hugo - he's a funny and quite light-hearted character.

    The island stuff wasn't as interesting but I enjoyed it all the same. I was surprised to see that woman killed by the dynamite...and then Hurley destroying the rest of it. Desmond runs over Locke in the sideways universe and is pushed down a well by him on the island...crazy stuff.

    The end made things interesting as the camps merge. Enjoyable episode which still leaves me totally baffled as to hat this show is (now) about.moreless

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    A Vintage Episode of LOST

    By jquaite07, May 27, 2010

    Man the writers are really honkering down now on what has been, to me, the only uneven thing of the season: plot. What ensues in this episode is a full bag of good writing, questions, answers, character-development, and several shocking moments.

    Those reasons above are the main reasons I really love this show and for the 4th or 5th episode this season (including The Substitute, Lighthouse, Ab Aeterno, and Happily Ever After), we got all of them in one hour. I don't know about most LOST fans, but this has been a really successful season to me thus far and it will only get better. The only thing I would have had to toughly critique the writers on is the uneveness of the plot. There have been moments where the plot seemed like it would be in full gear and others where it felt like it was totally slowing down and I believe the main reason for this is the intricate handling of the flash sideways stories. The writers have taken greater care of these stories than most people think and the main sign of this is that the overall plot development and flow has had to be compromised at times so the relevence of the flash sideways could be fully realized. Now I hope everyone has their seatbelts on because starting last night, LOST is in full throttle toward the end game. Expect answers, plot development, and great character moments in the next four weeks as we prepare for the mega finale event that I believe will be awesome!!

    Now a few more thoughts on last night's episode: "Everybody Loves Hugo". This had to be the best sideways story yet besides last week's "Happily Ever After" becuase it not only had a good story, nostalgic moments, and plot development, but also because of the intrigue. Desmond's mission is now in full swing and it started with making sure that Hugo received his revelatory moment with old island timeline girlfriend Libby (who I was so glad to see return to the show last night!). It ended with Desmond knocking flash sideways Locke to high heaven with his car, which it is my thought that he did this either to jolt Locke's island timeline memory or to make sure that Locke isn't used for bad again. But I really think it is more the former than the latter. I have seen some reveiews where people are pondering if Desmond, now fully conscious of both timelines was seeking revenge of Locke and I would have to disagree. Desmond is at a point in his character arc where he is beyond all petty things such as anger, fear, and revenge. He now only wants to fufill his purpose. Also, great job by the writers who smoothly yet quickly moved the island plot foward as we saw the shocking Ilana death moment, the blowing up of the Black Rock by Hurley who I cant believe that no one saw through his lies before Richard did at the destroyed Black Rock, and now we have both sides, besides Widemore's group all in one setting. We also saw a very important and fascinating moment last night when the MIB takes Desmond to the well and tries to persuade him to come over to his side and he uses answers as his angle. This is the first time I have ever seen the MIB at a loss for angles. With every other character if he had not persuaded them to join them, he at least instilled fear in them, but with Desmond he could do neither. This ultimately scared him, and had to use his trump card which was to get rid of Desmond for the time being by throwing him into the well. Overall, great episode with a major answer of the whispers in the jungle, even though it may have been a little sloppily handled. And prepare for what I believe will be a monumentous episode of LOST next week (why else would we have a two week break after that episode; LOST just loves leaving us dangling for more) and I've heard it might be a Jack-Centric episode.moreless

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    Boy in the jungle. Stay away from him!

    By RobGrizz, May 27, 2010

    I don't think I have a prop I love more on this show than dynamite. I was starting to like the Ilana character, but I can't say I'll miss her. Now she joins the illustrious company of Leslie Arzt in the 'coolest death possible' club. They get a membership card and a cool pen.

    I loved this episode. Hurley is another one of those characters who's flashbacks haven't been of particular interest to me, but this week, Everybody Loves Hugo does for me what all my favorite Lost episodes do: delivers tension and intrigue and slips in a really poignant scene to come away with basically a complete package that utilizes the whole cast. This felt like the type of episode we get right before the 2-hour finale. The characters are set on very clearly defined goals, that sometimes, (and in this case WILL) inevitably be in conflict with another character's big objective.

    Alterna-Hurley is basically Bruce Wayne-ing it up with his Chicken empire and his philanthropy projects and charitable donations. The only problem in that Bruce Wayne comparison? Hot chicks. Hurley is a train wreck in the ladies department. Mama Reyes (loved her again) sets Hugo on a blind date- who stands him up, but that leads to a really cool scene with... Libby! I confess, I was likely pre-programmed to love this episode before hand because I knew we'd be getting The Great Libby Explanation this week. Did we actually get that answer? It depends on what your question was. I wasn't one of the "How did Libby end up in the nut house?" people. The answer was obvious: Because she's nuts. My question was "Will Hurley ever find out?" and to my delight, was got the answer in spades. (As to why or how Libby claimed to be a shrink? That one may be left to the ages. Perhaps she was just lying?)

    Anyway, Libs told Hurls that she "knew" him, seemingly from another life- cue Desmond! His role seems more clear as a sort of shepherd for characters between the two worlds, but where all this is ultimately leading is still do be determined. determined. Newly enlightened Des urged Hugo to investigate Libby's curious claim, and in no time, Hurley was back at Santa Rosa mental. His scenes with Libby here and at the beach (nice cleavage) are the best they've ever shared together. Jorge has come a long way from eliciting more than just laughs at his mere presence. At least from me. Libby kissed Hurley on the picnic they were never supposed to always have, and like last week, it triggered his island memories! "Woah...Dude...!"

    Unlike most viewers, I've mostly loved these "sideways" stories from the start, and would be perfectly happy if they kept going, even without a clear island connection. But now that they are intertwining, it's becoming even more interesting. On the island, a (refreshingly) relaxed Desmond sees no point in being afraid anymore. There was a lot to read from Fake Locke this week. I've noticed moments of hesitation from him when answering people's questions. As if to imply he's thinking of just the right thing to say; In his conversation with Kate about how the 06 needed to be together to come back and they need to be together to leave. When he asked Desmond, "Do you know who I am?" Des said, "John Locke." Then, a telling reaction. What is he thinking?! Damn you O'Quinn! lol

    I'm loving New Desmond, but Smokey is getting frustrated. "Why aren't you scared?" Throw someone down a well. Scared now? Awesome.

    Also, just want to add: Loving New Sayid. Less like a zombie this week and more like an emotionless machine. He's like Smokey's assassin-bot. A terminator. Over in the Heroes camp (I've been watching Survivor)its weird to see the people behaving so leaderless. Especially with Jack right there! He had my second favorite scene of the night in his moment with Hurley about trust. Loving New Jack. And New Hurley himself, who stepped up in somewhat of a leadership position. He made a great move destroying the ship (Lost without The Black Rock? This show really is coming to an end!) and his confrontation with Man in Black was perfect. "Um...Hey" Richard (all panicky again) is still going to figure some way to stop that chopper and keep MiB from escaping. Miles is going with him. And New Ben. That leaves the Candidates to follow Hurley, and yes, except for Jin with Whidmore, they've all been reunited. The big mystery answered was by Ghost Michael (whoop whoop!) and his revelation on what the whispers are: Lost souls who can't leave the island. Hmm. Kinda anti-climatic, I know. It's funny, this was such a big deal earlier on, but I think most people didn't really care about that one anymore. I didn't. But still- major mystery solved. Its cool. Funny though, since that was one of the original theories anyway.

    It was sad, too, because this is Michael's fate, and he had such a sorrowful face. Poor guy. A great episode through and through. You can't go wrong with running over someone in a wheelchair! In the last Other-verse note, Desmond totally took a hit out on handicap Locke after school, but not before Dr Linus could insinuate that Des was creepily spying on kids. All of this was awesome. Especially telling was Desmond's responses to Ben's questions. Looking for a school for his son Charlie. Who doesn't exist in that reality, but does in the other! Does this mean he is fully aware of his consciousness in both worlds? Will his sacrifice that Widmore asked mean giving up Penny and lil Charlie in one life, in hopes of being reunited with them in Sideways? Why did he try to kill that Locke? Still evil? Petty revenge? As I said, a great episode through and through. One of the best of the season.moreless

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    Well i don't think i'm the only one who sees this, but for me is clear

    By corozis, May 27, 2010

    Well i don't think i'm the only one who sees this, but for me its clear

    .desmond in the alter universe is the NEW jacob who searched them to try and return the island.it was a nice episode, i think hugo is a great character.i'm guessing it will be a blast in the end.i hope we will find out how this memories occur what triggers them.i also like the new jack.it seems MIB hungers for fear :).that child who appears to MIB is the young jacob ? because i think i passed that moment.i just hope the end of this show won't make me angry.moreless

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    This is not exactly what I expect from this show ! I'm not saying it was bad, but it could be a lot better than this. Comparing to previous seasons most episodes in this season are quite slow. maybe they are planing for a blast in the end !

    By TohidGhasemi, May 27, 2010

    It was quite slow and almost continued the same story that we already had in previous episodes. it's really good to finally know what the whispers are, but they could put more interesting stuff and answer more questions from the past in the middle of season finale. I think the writers are trying to bring down the expectations from the show and come up with some answers in final episodes in order to make people somewhat satisfied with they show, this way the show ends and we will all have a good memory of how it ended, forgetting the fact that many questions remained unanswered ! I'm not trying to say it is not good, but I could be a lot better than this. In general, comparing to previous seasons this season is quite slow.moreless

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    Hurley episode

    By thefanof, May 27, 2010

    A Hurley episode does not sound promising, especially when you do not even have Cheech Marin's unintentionally hilarious acting, but tonight's episode was okay. Not because of Hugo's scenes, but rather the Desmond ones. For anyone who doubted that Desmond was important to this show, they were proven wrong tonight as he was thrown down the "well of answers" and then ran down Locke in the alternate universe. He is clearly a big part of the answers to this island and hopefully we get a few of those in the coming and final weeks. I think they should just stop the flashbacks. It is clear Damon and Carlton do not have their hearts in it anymore as the present day island stuff is always more interesting than them.moreless

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    Great to finally know what the whispers are! Just a quick review...

    By Lostardo, May 27, 2010

    Another great episode as we move toward the finale!!! Not a ton of answers but that's what I love about getting LOST once a week! This episode follows Hurley in the alt-timeline. No bad luck for him here. But when a blind date take a weird turn, things get a little crazy. Luckily Desmondo is there to help things along. On island Richard and Ilana want to blow up the 316 plane...Sorry Ilana, give my regards to Dr. Arst!!! Great to finally know what those whispers are! Good to see Libby and Hugo finally get to have their date. Further evidence that the 2 realities are connected and 2 cliff-hangers that are sure to leave 'ya jonzin'...can't wait for next week!!!moreless

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