Season 3, Ep 14, Aired 3/28/07
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  • Episode Description
  • When both Nikki and Paulo apparently die, the rest of the castaways try to figure out what happened to them. In the course of the investigation, the truth about Sun's "kidnapping" comes to light. Flashbacks show what Nikki and Paulo were doing before the crash and why they kept to themselves afterwards.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kiele Sanchez


  • Rodrigo Santoro


  • Maggie Grace

    Shannon Rutherford

  • Ian Somerhalder

    Boone Carlyle

  • Adam Horowitz

  • Fan Reviews (243)
  • Not part of the series arc, but is that a crime?

    By BevinChu, Feb 12, 2013

  • An enjoyable story, but it had nothing to do with anything.

    By jekyll, Mar 29, 2007

  • It was better than a Recap ep for a Filler, which is its only redeeming quality.

    By SLHuyAnh, Apr 29, 2009

  • Utterly disappointed :(

    By DrJacobi, Apr 29, 2009

  • I rate the show and all it's episodes 10/10 but this episode is 0/10 . a total filler waste of time .

    By saraVaio, Jun 07, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (32)

    • Kate: You have to understand, we thought it was best for everybody. Arzt: I'm sorry, are you my mother? 'Cause she knows what's best for me, other than that, I decide.

    • Nikki: I found the diamonds, Paulo. Paulo: What? Where? Nikki: Right here. Give 'em to me. Paulo: What are you talking about? Nikki: What am I talking about? (She pulls something out of her pack) What's this? Your nicotine gum! You wanted to stop looking for the bag because you'd already found it! I know you have them Paulo. Now where are they!? Paulo: Calm down, okay? What the hell is that? (Nikki undoes the jar and throws the spider on Paulo) Are you out of your mind!? Nikki: You remember Dr. Arzt's friend. Did it bite you? Does it hurt? He told me why they call it the Medusa spider. Wanna know why? Paulo: What did you do? Nikki: Because one look from Medusa would turn anyone to stone; just like one bite from the spider will paralyze you for, oh, about eight hours. It won't kill you! It'll just slow your heart rate down to the point where even a doctor would have a hard time... (Paulo falls to the ground) ...hearing it beat. You won't be able to move a muscle so I'll be able to do all sorts of nasty things to you. And, since it bit you on your neck, I'd say paralysis will happen fast. I'm guessing that you have the diamonds on you. Huh? (She checks him) In the shoe, maybe? I think I know where. (She finds them in his pants) Son of a bitch. Paulo: I'm sorry. Nikki: You're only sorry 'cause you got caught. Paulo: (On the ground almost paralyzed) I was afraid of losing you. If you found the diamonds, you wouldn't need me anymore.

    • Hurley: Nikki and Paulo. I guess we didn't know you very well. But, it appears you killed each other for diamonds. But, I know there are good parts to you too. You were always nice to me. And, you were a member of the camp. And, I really loved Exposé. Okay then. Goodbye! Sawyer: Wait. Rest in peace, Nikki and Paulo. (Sawyer sprinkles the diamonds over their bodies)

    • Sun: Charlie told me it was your idea to kidnap me. Sawyer: You gonna tell Jin? Sun: No. Sawyer: Why not? Sun: Because then we'd have to dig another grave.

    • Nikki: Okay, I know you have them. Give me a gun. Sawyer: I don't have the guns; A-Team took 'em all. Nikki: Right, except for the ones you kept for yourself. Sawyer: Even if I had a gun, I wouldn't give it to you. Judging by the fire you're breathing, I got a feeling no good would come of it. Nikki: Sawyer, give me a gun. Sawyer: I got a better idea, sister. How 'bout you go stick your head in the ocean and cool yourself off.

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    Notes (16)

    • Ian Somerhalder (Boone) and Maggie Grace (Shannon) are credited as Special Guest Stars here.

    • International Air Dates: Denmark: April 25, 2007 on Kanal 5 The Netherlands: September 28, 2007 on Net 5 Belgium: October 15, 2007 on VT4 Spain: Monday October 22, 2007 on FOX TV Spain Finland: Thursday November 15, 2007 on Nelonen The Czech Republic: Sunday December 2, 2007 on TV Nova FYROM: Thursday December 20, 2007 on A1 Germany: Monday January 14, 2008 on Pro7 Sweden: Wednesday April 18, 2007 on TV4 The Middle East:Sunday January 11, 2009 on MBC action

    • This episode marks the fourth time characters are killed during their own episode of flashbacks

    • So far, Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro are the regular actors that have appeared in the least episodes (6 for Nikki and 7 for Paulo out of the 14 episodes that they were in the credits for).

    • Original International Airdates: South Africa: June 13, 2007 on Mnet

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    Trivia (38)

    • "Mister LaShade" is an anagram for "See DHARMA List". Also, "Mr. LaShade" is an anagram for "Marshal Ed".

    • When Nikki and Howard are shown in Sydney Harbour, the location of Sydney Opera House is incorrect in the CGI make up of the Harbour. In the show, the Opera House can be seen to the right of the cityscape, where as, in real life, there is open water to the left of the Opera house.

    • It was finally confirmed how Shannon knew where the case with guns was, in "The Greater Good". Kate let the information slip.

    • Black and white ("Lost"'s recurring theme): The scenes in Zukerman's home bring Nikki with black fingernails. Right in the next scene, in the airport, Nikki's fingernails are colored white.

    • Kate, Shannon and Dr. Arzt argued about the guns 48 days ago. 4 and 8 are two of "The Numbers".

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    Allusions (13)

    • Sawyer refers to Nikki and Paulo as "jabronis," a term for a wrestler who is booked to regularly lose on shows (called jobbing).

    • When Nikki asks for a gun from Sawyer, he explains to her that all of his guns were taken by the A-Team. The A-Team was a TV show that ran from 1983 through 1989.

    • Zuckerman is the same name as the farmer in Charlotte's Web, Homer Zuckerman. Charlotte's Web's title character is a spider, like one of the characters in this episode, the Medusa spider.

    • Nikki's character is named "Corvette", like the sports car.

    • Sawyer is reading Evil Under The Sun by Agatha Christie. The plot of the book is a murder on an isolated island, and the key elements are a live person posing as a dead body, and the time of death not being what it appeared to be. The plot of the episode itself plays out similar to many murder mysteries.

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