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    Did the writers of Lost just "make it up as they went along?"

    By BevinChu, Feb 14, 2013

    This and other Season 5 episodes prove that the writers of Lost did not just "make it up as they went

    The payoffs in this and other recent Season 5 episodes were set up long ago in earlier seasons.

    That proves they could not have merely ad libbed Seasons 4 through 6, as some critics have alleged.

    The only other time I watched Lost was when it was was first broadcast. At the time I too felt as if the writers painted themselves into a corner in the second half of Season 4.

    I no longer feel that way.moreless

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    I sure do love me some Richard Alpert as well as the new Jack! Yet another amazing installment of LOST

    By DerickBentham, Aug 21, 2010

    Follow the Leader is an epic episode and a fantastic lead in to the Finale of season 5. I absolutely love the new Jack because he doesnt take crap or scrutiny from Kate. I always use to really like Kate but this season she just seems to enjoy puting Jack down and mistreating him although she is part of the reason he's not the same person he use to be. Ben and Richard vs. Locke is setting up and epic finale between two definite power hungry people and Richard who seems to believe he is the true leader. Also, i was so glad to finally see Sayid again and i'm glad to see that he is actually on Jacks side for the time being. I love LOST and although i hate to think that after next week i will have to wait yet another eight months for my next fix, it truly seem as though this finale will be extremely special just like all of the past season finales of LOST.moreless

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    Lets pause at the creators because once again they proved that they can NOT disappoint!!!

    By AnilThornberry, Aug 21, 2010

    Wow, this was an ass-kicking episode. I love that it involved 3 different story lines so there was definitely no time filler scenes, all the scenes were b*tchin!

    Lets pause at the creators because once again they proved that they can NOT disappoint. This was the perfect set up for a 2 hour finale.

    I'm starting to think that Jack's plan may work? The writers took it this far so they are definitely planning on doing something with Jack's story line. Either they DO erase the past and move on or something crazy and unexpected thing happens like them all dying? This really makes me worried. What if they all do die? Ughh!!

    The most brilliant scene was the scene that revealed to us that Locke was the one who sent Richard to himself to get the bullet out and tell him that he needs to die. Brilliant Lost scene!!!

    How did Kate get on the submarine like that? Looks like they will escape and get back to the island. Oooo looks good. Can't wait for the finale...and than we wait half a year again..NOOOOO!!!! ((moreless

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    There is so much going on in this episode that you really have to watch this to understand. What is the world is happening?

    By nwm2100, Aug 21, 2010

    I have no idea of whats going on but I believe Jacob is John Locke. That explains why no one can see him. I guessing that when the incident happen, the was moved. When it was moved everyone went different places. The whole point of this season is the place everyone in their rightful place. Ben is a fraud, Richard (who is he?), Widmore the supposed to be the person under Jacob, and the survivors are the Others. For some reason the Dharma still thinks research is being conducted on the island. I still dont understnad whats is going to happen in season 6. As a faithful follower of Lost, everything seems to already happened. Everthing that has taken place, has already taken place. This is weird, but its interesting.moreless

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    Perfect Episode!

    By KerrMightWork, Aug 21, 2010


    So much thing happens in this episode. All the episode go back and forth between 1977 and 2007.

    Like the new Locke, also Younger Eloise. We finally re-meet Sayid and we go under the island where Jughead id buried!

    By the way how awesome is the new Duo Ben/Alpert, and what about the comic trio Miles/Jin/Hurley... to bad the show is leading up to the finale, and we're not going to see all these great characters.

    I Like alot how the writers manage the Time Travelling stuff from "Because you Left".

    Awesome pre-finale... Leading to a stellar Finale. Season finale of lost are always amazing!moreless

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    Great episode. Sayid is back and John takes no crap for Ben and RA, whom both seem bothered by it. Jack starts to believe in destiny but Kate stops believing in Jack but gains Sayid, a much better choice. Faraday is shown to be dead..

    By johnny1667, Aug 21, 2010

    So John is going to kill Jacob. IMO I believe that John is Jacob. It seems that RA is getting bothered by John and took it to lengths in a different time to tie him up, which the open eye of Jacob sees John and asks for help when he goes with Ben. By John killing Jacob he releases his old self to become new, hence being reborn in actual time. Ben's face when John said he's going to kill Jacob seemed like, "you are going to kill yourself??" That also seems reasonable since John is so in touch with the island now that he knows what comes next by previous trial and error in the time skipping. He became Jacob. This is my first post ever on Lost so sorry if I jumped a lot or missed a lot.moreless

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    Without a doubt, the best set-up for a season finale thus far on this show.

    By BenPotter99, Aug 21, 2010

    Season 1 we had Exodus (Part 1). Season 2 we had 3 Minutes. Season 3 we had Greatest Hits. Season 4 we had There's No Place Like Home (Part 1). None of these episodes even comes close to the brilliance of this episode. Some highlights include, the reaction of Eloise to Daniel being her son, Jack's complete 180 to becoming Locke, Phil torturing Juliet, Sawyer (thinking) he's leaving the island for good, Hurley's small but humorous role, and Richard and Ben trying to deal with John when he goes off the reservation. A minor thing that bugged me however...Kate is just horribly written. Sure it makes sense that she would not agree with Jacks plan, but then to walk back into the Barracks was just sheer stupidity. Another thing...I'll have to hold back judgement at least until the season finale and I see how this all turns out. Other than that it was an amazing episode. I can't wait for next week.moreless

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    The stage is set.

    By JBentham, Aug 21, 2010

    Was this a Ricardos Alpert episode? Well, technically, yes... but, otherwise, no. I mean, he seemed to be the "man in the middle", and the flashes kept on going off and on on him BUT we didn't learn anything about him, Oh well! Excellent episode, anyway!

    So, this was one of the best adventure episodes of the show. There was lots of moving around... and it was great! I REALLY loved how the writers went back to "Because You Left" and actually cared to explain the compass scene in detail. That was a fantastic touch.

    Also, Jack became Locke - totally. If one still doesn't like Jack, I don't know what to say...

    Speaking of which, Kate might have been somewhat annoying, but she does have good points, so I can't blame her either - I like how she didn't want the past to be erased, it makes sense.

    Sayid rejoining the team was fantastic. I was really missing him, and just when he's needed, he pops up. And, I also am really intrigued by this whole tunnel thing. How will the bomb be taken out? Smokey?

    Sawyer, Juliet and Kate leaving on the sub, WTF. What the hell is going to happen? This is just really mindbogging. I mean they can't just leave the island.. or can they? I have no idea what's gonna happen.

    And finally: Locke's plan. Remember "We have to move the island"? Yeah, the last line spoken by Locke is about as brutal as that one. A huge WTF moment to cap off the episode.moreless

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    The "Terminator Effect" in full swing! (I've named the idea of the future and past creating each other "The Terminator Effect" even though the sequels seem to have destroyed the concept that made the first one so awesome...

    By AlexanderLost, Aug 21, 2010

    I gave this a 10, because it was an amazing episode. Another reviewer asked people how they could rank their favorite episodes if they gave every episode a 10, but let's be honest, I think most episodes of LOST are worthy of a 10, and if you lower the ranking of most episodes because you want to only give your personal faves the 10 ranking, then you're really short-changing a series that is superior to most of what is on television. But enough about that and on to my episode review.

    This episode leads off of Faraday's death. A beautifully tragic and tragically necessary death. Allow me to expand on this thought for a moment. Was it tragic that Faraday's mother sent him to the island knowing he would die? Perhaps to the common viewer who can't read beyond what they see infront of them. No the tragedy was that he killed himself when he charged into a camp full of armed "hostiles" with a gun pointed at the head of their "advisor". Daniel Faraday was a brilliant physicist. His actions were not being driven by a sense of logic, however, they were the reaction of his scattered brain, a condition caused by his experiments in a line of work forced upon him by his mother, who knew how he would be effected and where it would ultimately lead him. So yes it was his mother that caused his death double fold, but not by sending him to the island, but rather by starting him on a path that would lead to a condition that would ultimately lead to his death, by her hands at the very time she was pregnant with him, as we learn in this episode, if you have a good eye.

    We learn that Elloise and Widmore have a "complicated love". Jack, going off Faraday's theory feels he can change the future and a conflicted Elloise, desperate to undo the killing of her son decides to aid him. What neither seem to consider is that if they stop Oceanic 815 from crashing on the island then they (Jack and company from 316) will never return to the island in the year 1977 and therefore will not be able to prevent the incident that leads to the building of the hatch and button pressing and their crashing on the island. "Whatever Happened, Happened" Whatever they are going to do, has already been done, which means they are either going to contribute to what happens or they will be riding the wave right along side it, but I think we can all agree that either way, "The Incident" is going to project them back into the future.

    The episode further pushes the past and future causing each other theme with Miles' story. Miles has to watch as his father sends him and his mother away forever, knowing that it is because he and Faraday came back to the past and warned him of what was to come. Which creates the conflict of emotions surrounding his life-long feelings of abandonment and the realization that his father was doing what he had to, to protect him and his mother.

    And yes John goes through a similar thing when he sends Richard to tend to his wounded leg and to inform him that he must die to bring everyone back, which leads to his attempted suicide and actual homicide. The episode is action packed, full of drama and good acting, and many levels of emotions and motivations. I find it funny that now Kate seems to be the voice of reason. I get that most of her motivation has to deal with Aaron, but it is those motivations that are driving her to keep things on track in the timeline. I did not consider the last line about killing Jacob awe inspiring, but it is certain to lead to something interesting, hopefully. It was my prediction that the smoke monster is representative of the malevolent side of the island (the island's satanic force if you will) and that Jacob was the benevolent or "god-like" entity on the island. In any event if Jacob is part of the island, as Richard and the smoke monster seem to be, it begs the questions, how would John even think that "he" could be killable? I also have to wonder, if "Dead is Dead" is John Locke dead? Is he like Christian Shepard now, some sort of representative of the island? I'm sure season 6 will deal with the mythological and mystical aspects of the island.

    This is actually my first review and I'm not sure how I'm doing. Most of the other reviews summarize the episode, I'm simply throwing in my two cents about where I see all of this going.moreless

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