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    The redemption of Charlie.

    By Hexsins, Aug 28, 2010

    Charlie had become so annoying for his insecure, envious, basically loser behavior. Trying to save Aaron by scaring Claire to death and assaulting Sun just to help him get back at Locke. Not to mention just acting sullen and sulky, one of my favorite characters from the beginning had become an eyesore. Well, there's nothing like sacrificial death to help get you on the audience's good side again, and the episode Greatest Hits a is a moving prologue to what will be Charlie's greatest moment in the season finale, willingly giving his life for the rescue of Claire and the other survivors.

    This episode moved me primarily because it's powerful to see someone quietly accepting their fate, their death. In fact, the hero in Charlie finally comes out as we see that dying for the ones he loves is something profound for him -- he has finally found his role in life.

    It's powerful to see someone who had once been a good person destined for greatness, who then became something of a fool, find themselves again.moreless

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    Charlie's "Greatest Hits" revealed!!

    By TheOCfan, May 16, 2010

    “Greatest Hits” provides a good segway into the season finale. However, I felt this episode was a tad messy. The overall story was captivating, and the end was heart-attack inducing (as per usual), but something was just odd. It mostly has to do with the flashbacks. Once they got going, I understood that each of these flashbacks is one of Charlie’s “greatest hits”. However, like I said, it felt messy going back and fourth so many time periods of Charlie’s life. Plus, the “6 hours ago” (I think it was six) flashback to the Others felt very out of place. Interesting, but out of place. In no way do I doubt Stephen Williams’s direction; he’s proved himself over and over again. I guess he was just taking a new route for this episode?

    Also, I hate to say it, but at times I questioned the relevance of the flashbacks. I certainly didn’t want another “Stranger in a Strange Land” for Charlie. However, the heart-wrenching “hits” they each revealed totally makes up for any kind of “SIASL” similarities.

    I never pegged Charlie as the “greatest hits” type, but his list just makes me love him even more. I knew the #1 hit was going to have something to do with Claire; I just wasn’t sure exactly what. I thought possibly their first kiss, but the moment Charlie picked is simply adorable and truly meaningful.

    I laughed at the DS ring. I can’t remember the name it stands for, but it’s cool that it originally had nothing to do with Drive Shaft. And Liam talking about how he’ll never get married and have kids was humorously ironic.

    The (re-)flashback to the Wonderwall scene made me think. I’m sure other people will notice this, but Desmond did not appear. I know that that has to do with his time travel, of course – but I got to thinking about how each event leads to another, and the whole space-time continuum craziness. Was Desmond really there the first time? Would Charlie remember seeing him (as some drugged-up guy on the street, of course)? Could Desmond’s interference have caused Charlie to be a second too late to help the woman in the ally? If TPTB ever decide to delve into the topic of time travel again, it will be interesting to see if this particular scene is readdressed. And I know most of this is rambling, but I really am fascinated by the concept of time travel!

    I was whole-heartedly expecting Charlie to die. I was sooo happy when LOST appeared and he was still alive! Of course I want him to live, but let’s save any drama for the season finale. I couldn’t go into the final episode knowing Charlie is dead. Anyway, here’s hoping for the best.

    Back on the main beach, I still don’t know where to stand when it comes to Juliet. She didn’t have much character development this episode, but I’m still on the fence about exactly how truthful she’s being. I liked seeing Karl. For some reason he just make me laugh. Plus, if he saves the Losties, he gets major points.

    I’m happy Sayid stood up to Jack and told him to take the camp the tower instead of staying on the beach. The group scenes, especially when Kate said, “Here we go again” strongly reminded me first season glory. It’s so strange that THREE years ago the raft was launched and the hatch was opened. Those were the days…

    Speaking of the hatch, where is Locke?! Is he alive?! The writers sure know how to reel us in for the season finale! And what an explosive finale it looks like it will be – no pun intended.moreless

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    Not what we expected, in either the flashback or the ending

    By DavidB226Morris, Jan 31, 2010

    Well, we're almost at the end of the season, and as is the custom we expect some huge revelations. We get more than a few in 'Greatest Hits', but after everything we've seen it might seem as a disappointment that the focus of the flashback is not someone more central but rather Charlie, who's been on the cusp of things all season, but never been in focus. But there's more to it than that.

    First of all, we found out what the hell Jack has been planning ever since he learned Juliet was the mole, which he's known since 'D.O.C.' His plan is to wait for when the Others come to their campground, and have their tents set up with the dynamite from the 'Black Rock' When the Others arrive, he plans to blow them to bits. But Jack is so focused on his vision of vengeance, he seems to have forgotten Naomi and hopes of rescue. This is understandable, because when she became public knowledge, rather than celebrate their eminent rescue, they all started bickering about why Desmond and Hurley kept this a secret, and why no one told Jack. At one point Naomi actually says "Don't you people want to be rescued?" and it's a fair question, given the way people have been behaving. When Sayid raises the question, it finally seems to rouse Jack, and they focus us on a project that no one's followed up on since Day 2--- finding the radio tower where Rousseau's message was being broadcast from. Now we learn something even more tangent--- the signal is also being jammed by another Dharma station called the Looking Glass. According to Juliet, it's underwater and has been unmanned for years. But Sayid (who must have liberated the schematics when he was searching the Flame station in 'Enter 77') thinks he can find. But in order to turn it off, someone has to go underwater and do it manually.

    Once again, Jack dillies and dallies, but not for long. Minutes later, Karl (who has been persona non grata since Sawyer turned him loose in 'Stranger in a Strange Land') turns up with another warning ---- the Others are coming right now. This leads to a fascinating side route. Ben returns to the Others camps and, rather than answer anyone's question about Locke, he instead tells the Other that he's moving up the timetable. When Richard asks why, he says Jacob ordered it. This was the first time I suspected that Ben really hadn't been talking to anyone, cause I'm damn sure Jacob didn't tell him that. He also gives a gun back to Alex which he says she gave to Locke, but we will soon know that, too, was a lie. Ben is trying to regroup but things are spinning out of control. And Alex is the one who betrays him by telling Karl to warn the passengers. This proves that she was never really an Other, and that she clearly doesn't think Ben was ever her father. We won't see the true ramifications of this for another episode.

    So when Karl comes, they have to drastically alter their plans, which leads to them leaving three behind ---- Sayid, Jin and Bernard (Yes, Rose and Bernard are back after having been gone all season. Nothing good can come from this) But what does any of this have to do with Charlie? Desmond has another of his visions in this episode, one that would seem to lead to rescue. (Given what we will later learn, I question the veracity of this, too, but let's let it go for now.) In order for this to happen, Charlie has to die (which may have been the reason Desmond had to save him all those times in the first place.) So, without knowing the details, he volunteers to go on a suicide mission underwater. (Now we have a glitch: on Day 6, a woman died when she went out swimming, and Charlie said he didn't swim.. Not he can't swim; he doesn't. Now possibly Charlie was still going through the bad part of his heroin addiction so he was afraid of dying, but why wouldn't Jack remember this? Maybe he was too focus on the drowning woman.) Anyway, Charlie says he can go.

    Up until now, all of the flashbacks have been pretty unhappy moments for everybody, with little joy. When Jack got married or performed a miracle surgery on a woman, or when Locke found love with Helen, subsequent flashbacks would destroy them, so they would be very painful moments. Even Hurley's flashbacks which have been funny were painful moments to him as well. Charlie has been no different; has flashbacks have shown how he gave upo his religion to become a rock star, watched his band fall apart, while his brother got clean, and he was unable to accept that he was a has been.

    But now, Charlie knows he's about to die, and he's decided that if the last 90 days have been a gift from some kind of benevolent entity, he's going to take only positive memories with him. We've seen Charlie's father as a cruel man, but now he's a proud papa. Liam has been seen as an enabler who destroyed his brother even as he cleaned himself back up; now we see two flashbacks where he showed them moment of pure happiness, where they showed him a gift. We've seen Charlie act cowardly in the face of adversity; now we see him save a woman's life in an alleyway (Interestingly, the woman was Nadia, Sayid's beloved who he's still searching from. Ironically, this took place in London, and we know that 'The Greater Good' Sayid spent time there. They may have just missed each other.) And the greatest moment of his life? The moment he met Claire. And we know right away he thought she was special. He was wearing his hood, meaning he was on drugs, but when he saw her, he took the hood off. He makes his final goodbyes. He leaves his Driveshaft ring (which we know has great significance to him in flashback #3) in Aaron's cradle, passing it down to his adopted son. Then it is lost (but it will turn up again, and I have no doubt there is still significance to it) He has a clingy moment with Hurley, even though there's a hint of malice in it. And when Desmond offers to take his place one last time, he makes sure that can't happen, and bravely jumps in.

    Except he doesn't. Despite everything we've learned, he find a gap, and pulls himself to freedom. But his elation is short lived, as two Others emerge from the Looking Glass armed and really upset. Looks like Ben has been lying again. As I am a sentimental sap, I can't help but cheer to find him alive, wondering what will happen next

    'Greatest Hits' isn't a perfect episode (it tries to cram in a lot of information in one hour, and does leave some gaps) and there area few holes that the series hasn't tried to explain for another season. But it does set things up for the season finale, which will be a total game changer for everybody.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Maybe the Best Drama Produced in Lost!!!

    By Dante_Edy, Jul 13, 2009

    Objective - » Very simple, with only 3 episodes left, who would be the better person to focus? Exactly, Charlie and it is time for him to die like a hero. The focus are his situation, his flashbacks in form of highlights (his greatest 5 moments) and Jack and Co, which already was in setup for the Complication Phase. Flashbacks -» Charlie flashbacks don´t follow the normal plot (presentation, set up the complication, development of the complication, climax and ending.). The writers had come with a better idea, present the 5 best moments in his life, and in a long time, this flashbacks are welcome. Great Scenes There, every one of the last 3 scenes have a meaning in different context.

    Charlie Event on The Island -» The beginning was ironic when Naomi made that comment, then the complication is set when Charlie has to die, or there will not be any rescue, poor guy. Others scenes is meant to be very sad, the last one with Desmond is very touching. The last scene is unexpected.

    Jack and Co Vs The Others -» With the setup already in play, was time for us to hear Jack plan. His plan was beautiful(this was the presentation), however, things got more complicated when he learn that they will come in this night (setup of the complication Phase). Now the plan is reformulated and things will be more dangerous, which is exactly the objective for the season finale.


    1 - Plot Holes: Silver. Ben Is so Stupid or the Writers want he to be, Saying his plan in front of her to her, is very logical that she would prevent that to happen. Not only that, was totally out of character when Ben wanted to kill any Man that would appear in their way, this was weird, since they don´t kill, unless is necessary. But since is about sacrificing logic for emotions, I will accept that.

    2 - Time and Scenes Management: Gold *. If you are a sensible person, you may cry.

    3 - Surprises/Twist/Shocks/Cliffhangers: Gold. The ending of this episode is unexpected.

    4 - Action: None. Wasn´t necessary.

    5 - Funny: Wasn´t necessary but I didn´t notice.

    6 - Drama: Gold*Very touching and you can cry if you are more sensible.

    7 - Tension/Fear: Very little.

    8 - Excitement Level (curiosity/Mystery/Doubt/Revelations: Bronze/low. Not that type of excitement, since one of the character have a death sentence and for sure, will die. This is a setup.

    This episode continue to make setups for the season finale, Charlie death sentence, Sayid, Jin and Bernard will have to risk their Life´s. Jack have to lead his people to the Radio Tower and the Other are coming. However, what makes this episodes special, is all Charlie touching Scenes.moreless

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    The first episode in a long time that recalled Season 1.

    By martync7, Feb 01, 2009

    The last few episodes of Lost have arguably been the best we have ever had in a row. It has been a long time since Charlie was given the spotlight and the last time was one of the worst episodes of the series. It is fortunate for everyone that the penultimate episode of Season 3 be an improvement on that particular installment. But "Greatest Hist" is more than just an improvement, it is a series classic, an episode which brings back fond memories of Season One. All the characters we have known and loved over the course of the series to this point get a moment to shine and all, bar the Others and Locke, are together in one location - their beach camp, which was the primary focus of the first season. Add the return of Danielle Rousseau to the A-mission, not to mention a warning that the Others are coming plus a second attempt at leaving the island and it feels like the Season One finale, "Exodus" all over again and this is not a bad thing. In fact it is quite possibly just as emotional as the Exodus Part 1 installment, with Charlie's life hung in the balance. The scenes with Charlie, Claire and Aaron are particularly tearjerking and Lost begins to feel epic again.

    Charlie's flashbacks are very good also, the third episode in a row that hasn't used the usual flashback format. We see moments in his life he remembers most fondly and these all add to the emotion of the episode. Even if you hate Charlie you can't help but feel sympathy for him as he heads towards uncertain death or cheer for him as he swims down to the Looking Glass Station and surfaces inside. Talking of the Looking Glass, it was great to finally get confirmed that an underwater DHARMA station existed, something that fans had speculated since Season One. It was also great that we found out where that Cable seen first in the 8th episode of the first season led. It is funny to think that if Sayid somehow followed the cable into the water instead of the jungle, rescue may have been possible sooner. We also get clarification that the island's submarine used the Looking Glass as a dock and also why Danielle Rousseau was collecting dynamite from the Black Rock, which also cleared up what Jack has been doing with Juliet for so long.

    Once again the emphasis is on Leaders. We see the parallels between Jack and Ben, both are struggling to reaffirm their control over their groups. They both seem to be using aggression and force to get things in motion. While it is not surprise that Ben should use this tactic it is with Jack. We haven't seen him this animated before nor this determined to begin a war, soemthing that has been brewing since Season 2 when he approached Ana-Lucia. He snaps at Sayid and anyone else who tries to stop him from initiating the war, and to instead focus on rescue. This episode was full of information, tying up more loose ends and giving enough reasons for the remaining fans to stick around.

    This episode was another brilliant installment for Season 3 which had seen its ups and downs but since "Enter 77" had begun to pick up steam and from "The Brig" onwards had recaptured the magic of the show's early days. If you thought that the last three episodes were good just wait till you see the finale! The War has Begun!!!!moreless

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    A Charlie-centric episode.

    By Writer2000, Nov 13, 2008

    All things considered, I thought that this was an absolutely amazing episode. This is definitely my favorite of all the Charlie-centric episodes that Lost has ever had. In my opinion, this is also the best Charlie-centric episode they've ever had in the history of the show. All of the flashbacks of Charlie's life in this episode were great. Although, I'm feeling pretty sad about the fact that the writers killed Charlie off since he has always been one of my top favorite characters since the beginning of the show. It was great getting to see Rose and Bernard again since I'm very intrigued by them. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to watch the two part season three finale on my DVD set so I can find out how the season ends.moreless

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    If an episode makes you tear up, and not because of how horrible it was, you know it deserves a 10.

    By PabloExobar, Jul 15, 2008

    What an episode. I would've never thoguht that I'd end up giving a Charlie episode that is actually a SETUP episode a 10. But I did.

    This episode is the saddest episode of the show so far. Charlie's told his newest "death scene" by Desmond. Only thing is, this time... he has to die. If he does, Claire and the baby's rescued by a helicopter.

    Which leads Charlie to prepare his Greatest Hits.His greatest 5 moments of his life. And we get to see these through the flashback.

    What a tearjerker. I think during moment 4 it was the first time I got teary eyed. And it was all a downhill from there. I was almost literally crying at the end of the episode.

    What was so great about these moments is that they were all realistic. It wasn't like... my greatest moment of life is when I invented the nuclear bomb. The other greatest moment is when I saved the USA. No. Charlie's moments are all easy to relate to.

    Besides this, the episode was a huge set up to the war of the others. Amazing stuff, but it was Charlie's storyline that made the episode.

    The saddest sequence of scenes of the show ever, and, possibly, of TV ever, for me, has to be the scene where Desmond and Charlie arrive to the hatch where Charlie has to swim down to and push a button that disables the radio jammer so that Naomi can contact his people. Desmond offering his will to swim down instead of charlie was an indication of true friendship. But no. Charlie knows what he has to do, and knocks out Desmond. His swim to the bottom was incredible. His shoes came off, which is great symbolism which takes me back to the pilot. And, what a tearjerker once again.

    But guess what. The station isn't flooded. Charlie lives? No.... 2 armed others rush out and hold him at gun point. Oh snap.

    Surely, I was ready for him to die. So the ending was a bit "disappointing".... not. It was a great ending, and I think the majority was aware that this means nothing. THe station can still be flooded, and Charlie will still have to die. But the fact that we accepted his death will ensure that his exit will be HEROIC. Overall, I'm blown away by the amazingness of this episode. A true character driven masterpiece.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me...

    By erin2992, Jul 03, 2008

    Ah, the task of reviewing the almost-death of Charlie!

    The episode opens with someone (Karl) running through the woods and taking off in a boat. Sidebar: Much love for Blake Bashoff (Moritz in Spring Awakening). Anyway, the episode's flashbacks are rather disjointed at first but then their purpose comes clear: Charlie knows he is going to sacrifice himself for his friends and is writing a list of his Greatest Hits. This concept was pretty cool, actually. It must be tough for Charlie to have a best friend with a physical likeness to Jesus and a role in life like the Grim Reaper. I hate to say it, but I love it when Jack gets all corny in his speeches about pulling together and blowing them all to hell. It makes me so sad to know that Charlie would die in the finale, though...This was an overall outstanding episode that wasn't too corny for a reflection on a character's life. Also, it featured one of my favorite songs: "Wonderwall" by Oasis. You just can't go wrong with this episode. Poor Claire. Poor Aaron. Poor Charlie.moreless

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  • 9.7

    We have Desmond being sightful once more, but this time Charlie plans to tackle it head on, whilst the others are planning on making the first confrontation with the others, Locke is the topic of some hushed whispers amongst the others camp.

    By captainbritain, Jun 28, 2008

    A young lad runs down the beach and onto a small boat and paddles strongly out to the sea. Jack and Juliet lead some of the key members of the beach party to a spot in the jungle. Desmond stops and so does Charlie, as he thinks that he as had a flash of the future, but he says he hasn't. Jack stops and calls out for Danielle, who appears and demonstrates the power of the dynamite on a tree. Jack explains that Danielle has been helping them by transporting the dynamite back from the Black rock.

    We flashback to Charlie unhappily changing a tire in the rain, telling Liam that he's going to be quitting, when some of the band members tune in the radio and they hear their song on the radio for the first time. Back on the beach, he writes the memory down on his greatest hits list on a piece of paper. Naomi asks who they are about to go to war with, Charlie says its a long story and he wouldn't disrespect a fellow Manc, she tells him there was a great fuss over him and a memorial and a new album.

    Charlie sees Des looking at him, looking sad. Rousseau says they need more wire and Jack says they can strip the wiring off of the plane. Sayid says they need to talk about the radio, that they need to remove the Danielles signal before they can transmit one, Juliet says that won't work as their underwater station is blocking all signals, it's called the looking glass but she does not know where it is. Sayid says he knows where it is.

    Karl comes running up the beach from his boat, he is tackled by Sayid but vouched for by Sawyer, explaining who he is. We get a flashback to Ben returning, minus Locke, hushed whispers and then he asks Tom how long til he and his men could get to the beach, he says by nightfall, he says go and if the men are brave enough to interfere to kill them. Alex runs through the jungle and explains to Karl that he must go and warn the people on the beach.

    Karl explains all this, Juliet being a spy etc, but he warns them that they will attack tonight. There is some slight panic as they weren't expecting them til tomorrow. They have a plan, they are going to take everyone upto the radio tower, except 3 who will be shooting the dynamite, Sayid, Jin and Bernhard. With Des and Charlie to sort out the underwater station.

    They all pack up to go, leaving Charlie to finish off the last of his memories to complete his top 5 memories, then they sail out after getting to the cable. The boat stops as they come to the end, then Charlie hands Des the list, who ponders then gives it back, saying that he'll have better luck. Charlie takes a paddle and knocks him out, tucks the list into Des's pocket and then using the weight belt sinks down and then surfaces into a hatch with an air bubble, he shouts a joyful shout, climbs up and then hears an echo and then see two armed women with guns trained on him.moreless

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