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  • Hurley: So, what are we gonna do? Sun: We have to leave now. Hide. Bernard: Where? It's their island. If they want to kill us, they'll find us.

  • Jack: Look, for ninety days I've been asked to make decisions for this entire camp. There you go, I just made one.

  • Charlie: We're gonna be okay, you know. Claire: Are we? Charlie: We're alive on a beautiful island! We'll sleep under the stars and, before you know it, the helicopters will come and take us home. Claire: You really think they'll find us? Charlie: Well, yeah, why wouldn't they? Claire: Thanks. Charlie: I'm Charlie. Claire: I'm Claire. Nice to meet you, Charlie.

  • Hurley: I heard, I heard what you're doing. I wanna come with. Everyone, they're all going to the radio tower and, I'm sick of trekking and, you know, explosions. I think I can help you guys out. I'm a really good paddler. Charlie: You can't go, Hurley. Hurley: Why not? Charlie: Because (pause), you're too big! You won't fit in the boat. Hurley: That's uncool, man.

  • Sayid: (to Jack) What are you more concerned about? Killing the Others or getting our people off this island? This afternoon you said you were our leader; it's time for you to act like one. Lead them to the radio tower Jack. And then take us all home.

  • (To Charlie after he shoos away a mugger) Nadia: You are a hero, sir. And don't let anyone ever tell you differently.

  • Claire: Why didn't you tell me you were gonna do this? Charlie: I didn't want you to worry. Claire: Well, it's dangerous, isn't it? Swimming in to some underwater station. Charlie: It's what needs to be done to get us all rescued. I'll be fine, Claire. But you gotta promise me something; while I'm gone, don't worry about me.

  • Jack: Juliet marked three tents; that means we need three guns. (Karl whips out his gun) Hurley: Whoa! (jumps behind Jack) Karl: Here, you can have mine too. Rousseau: I'll be your third. Jack: We'll take your gun, but you're not staying here. You're gonna lead everyone to the radio tower. Everyone! Claire: Radio tower!? Jack: Now, if this doesn't work, we can't risk losing the chance of getting in contact with Naomi's boat. So everything has to happen at the same time. Charlie, you still up for a swim? Charlie: Yeah, I believe I am.

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Notes (11)

  • This is the first episode of season 3 in which Bernard and Rose appear.

  • This episode was nominated for a 2008 Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing in Television: Short Form – Dialogue and Automated Dialogue Replacement.

  • International Air Dates: Belgium: November 12, 2007 on VT4 The Netherlands: November 16, 2007 on Net 5 Spain: Monday December 3, 2007 on FOX TV Spain Finland: Thursday January 3, 2008 on Nelonen Macedonia: Thursday January 17, 2008 on A1 The Czech Republic: Sunday January 27, 2008 on TV Nova Germany: Monday, February 4, 2008 on Pro7 Denmark: June 6, 2007 on Kanal 5

  • Music: "Wonderwall" by Oasis (sung by Charlie) "Carrie-Anne", by the Hollies

  • Despite being in the camp all the time, this is Rose and Bernard's first appearance this season. (Rose's last appearance was in "S.O.S.", and Bernard's was in "Live Together, Die Alone". Rose made a very brief cameo in "Exposé", but it doesn't really count since it was reused footage.)

  • While credited, Terry O'Quinn does not appear in this episode.

  • The flashbacks in this episode are different from previous ones. Usually the flashbacks tell a whole story that runs alongside the events on the island. In this episode however the flashbacks are used to show separate moments of Charlie's life and are not meant to be a stand-alone story.

  • Like "Walkabout", "Live Together, Die Alone", "Exposé", "One of Us", and "The Man Behind the Curtain"; this episode contains flashbacks that take place both on and off the island.

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Trivia (18)

  • In season 1 Charlie says he can't swim,yet in this episode he swims and says he can hold his breath under water for 4 minutes.

  • Black and white: -The Others are looking for tents marked with white rocks, so Jack has them filled with dynamite from the ship Black Rock. -When Charlie jumps into the water, one of his black and white shoes floats toward the surface.

  • Goof: Charlie is in London, but road markings are not typical UK/London markings. For example, he crosses the street on a zebra crossing at a traffic light. However, in the UK these markings are used only with flashing yellow lights, not where there are regular red/amber/green traffic lights and are rarely used at crossroads.

  • Goof: When Charlie swims down to the Looking Glass station, he has the weights in his right hand. If you look closely, there is a brief shot of his right hand, but it is empty. In the next shot, the weights are there again.

  • The initials on the ring that Liam gives Charlie, DS, stand for "Dexter Stratton", the name of their great-grandfather on their mother's side.

  • Charlie used a Shubb guitar capotasto on the second fret. The actual song by Oasis makes use of the same resource.

  • When Charlie writes his #5 and #4 Greatest Hits he ends both sentences with a dot. However, when he writes his #3, the other two sentences are now dotless.

  • The London taxi is accurate, as opposed to the ones seen in "Flashes Before Your Eyes". However, it is driving on the wrong side of the road.

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Allusions (4)

  • Charlie: Never disrespect a fellow Mancunian.
    Naomi: You're from Manchester then?
    Charlie: I am. The band got its start at the Night and Day Bar on Oldham Street.

    The Night & Day Café is a real bar in downtown Manchester at 26 Oldham Street, and it does feature up and coming bands.
    Both Charlie and Naomi do have local Manchester accents.

  • Extras Naomi: "You havin' a laugh?" Naomi says this in response to Charlie's reluctance to talk about the Others. This is the catch-phrase from Ricky Gervais's HBO comedy Extras, in which he plays the star of a critically-panned sitcom on the BBC. As was noted in the Allusions for the season 1 episode, Homecoming, Ricky Gervais is a good friend of Lost co-creator, J.J. Abrams.

  • Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass The name of the "Looking Glass" Dharma station and its symbol are a reference to these two books by Lewis Caroll.

  • #4. Dad teaches me to Swim at Butlins Butlins is a holiday camp company that provides cheap holidays in the UK and Eire.