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    Desmond !

    By Yasser-24, Apr 09, 2011

    this episode answered the biggest question of this season as i see it ! , that there is a connection between the two worlds . and what a connection that as always can connect with a hand from Daniel Faraday the man is a Genius . and Charlie as always it's all about Love , his scene when conformed Desmond about his so called love from the first sight WAS speechless ! . Eloise as always mysterious as Hell ! there were few very good emotional scenes when Desmond meet Penny and the way he was smiling , amazing scene . at last the most impoment line of the episode was " I Just need to show them something " .

    Happily Ever After was Epic and the show still delivers there best season ever .moreless

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    One of the best, if not, the best episode of LOST EVER!

    By warthogjump, Dec 18, 2010

    I had immense chills running down my spine. Not only did these chills impact greatly, but they lasted long too. Charlie, Daniel Whitmore and eventually Desmond (at the end) "FELT IT." They felt love. This episode made me forget reality. It made me not care about what happened in the past of LOST or what could happen in the future. This episode was simply an "in the moment" episode. What I'm trying to say is that the episode was so amazing I did not care about anything else, but this episode. I completely zoned out about all external things. Why? Why did I feel this way? I'll tell you why. Because I "felt it." This episode made me feel love. I don't know what, or who, or why, but I guarantee you that I felt exactly what the characters in this episode felt. That is exactly why I had a constant chill down my spine that didn't go away long after the episode finished. This is the reason TV was created. This is the reason fans of LOST love LOST. I don't even write reviews for LOST, but the impact this episode had on me was phenomenal. To watch such an episode after 7 seasons of LOST, it is truly, well, it's a life changing experience during that moment. To feel something which the characters feel, which you know is unreal, but you still feel it. That is extraordinary. I cannot go on to explain how well this show is constructed. My 2 favourite TV shows are 24 and LOST. I chase 24 because of the tension and twists, and Jack Bauer and I watch LOST simply because of moments like this episode had. I will be traumatized to see my two favourite shows end in the same year =(moreless

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    *** Spoiler-free *** Convincing performance, weird and inspiring story, unbalanced dual arcs and conventional editing, disappointing pace but intriguing ending

    By goa103, May 27, 2010

    In my humble opinion The Constant, season 4 5th episode, is by far the best Lost episode. In fact it's the only one I rated 10 out of 10 with Sundown. So at the end of The Package when Sayid and us saw Desmond my heartbeat went on a tribal rate that lasted until now. One week to remember what happened. One week to think about him and Penny. One week to feel in love, again.

    Happily Ever After wasn't as strange as The Constant but it was definitely an excellent installment. First Henry Ian Cusick's performance was impressive and his charisma astounding. Considering his appearances are rare comparing him to Matthew Fox wouldn't be appropriate but they definitely play in the same league, right with Terry O'Quinn and a few others. Second watching the episode was as intense as riding a twirling roller coaster. From the characters he met to the alternative situations my jaw was sweeping most of the time. Third even if I found the story a bit naive, probably because I'm not obsessed by romance, it was quite inspiring.

    But I can't help thinking that it could have been better, even if its fourty minutes felt like seconds. I found the island and urban arcs weren't well balanced and the transitions between the two not as creative as in Dr. Linus for example. An other issue is that Desmond hadn't been featured a single second since LA X and it was already ten episodes ago ! So I think his coming back should have been better planned, with some sort of prequel episode or something. Moreover even if some moments were intense it didn't reach The Constant's level, far from it.

    Last but not least the most disappointing element was probably the pace. It's like nothing much happened. I think some parts could have been shortened to give some space to more important ones. The first half wasn't that surprising for example when the other one was astonishing. But don't get me wrong the last seconds confirmed that the remaining episodes should be captivating. Considered as a standalone episode Happily Ever After was just great but if you try to comprehend it as a whole then it could be the gear wheel that controls them all. A first step toward the inevitable end of Lost.moreless

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    Have you ever experienced Spectacular Love?

    By ionee24, May 27, 2010

    Epic, riveting, rapturously beautiful love? The most purest expression of something you would only drown yourself into, slip into, sink as if to die from it only so that something would rip you apart at the very last minute.

    No, I'm not talking about Sawyer and Juliet but what Charlie experiences without Claire, Faraday without Charlotte and last, but not least, Desmond Hume without Penny during this episode in which the flash-sideways life plays the ultimate cosmic joke as they are forced to live without them, so it was only natural these three men would be the ones most likely to question that maybe this is not how things were supposed to be.

    It's almost poetic how the three of them collide in this episode trying to explore the very nature of their respective losses: Charlie in an autodestructive way, Daniel in his own particularly erratic way and Desmond in the most sublime way possible. I just can't spoil the ending, much like Charlie, Daniel and Desmond you'll have to figure it out all by yourselves.moreless

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    Desmond and the multiverse...

    By geektv, May 27, 2010

    Once again a whole episode revolving around Des' character brings us a gem of creativity and emotional intensity.

    As we come closer to the end of possibly the best series of the decade, things become a bit more clearer and some answers are revealed, even though a lot can still change.

    As far as the episode goes the fans were presented with another extraordinary performance by Henry Ian Cusick. Even though the Desmond focused episodes divide the group of fans in complete opposite opinions, I still believe they are the richest ones in terms of scientific insight (instead of a more mythical quality e.g. in episodes with Locke and Jacob).

    Henry Ian Cusick is an amazing actor and his performance was yet again strong and highly believable.

    And so finally we witness a break through the multi realities where the time lines may once again reunite into an ultimate original one, whichever one that really is... Which might be yet another surprise to come.

    One might say that we missed all the other characters, considering that we are so near the end and we want to get as much as we possible can from all of them. Nevertheless it also brought us some great come backs from characters such as Daniel and Charlie.

    In an overall this was a great episode full of hope and expectations, that will linger on in our minds for the rest of the week.moreless

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    Finally, a hint at the endgame! Of course not everything could all come out at once, as there are still a few more episodes left.

    By jovenk, May 27, 2010

    Obviously, this is going to be one of the better eps as it covers desmond and it certainly did not disappoint. It is both rewarding and frustrating how carrots are dangled throughout each episode; where one is so close to knowing what is going on but still needs just those few extra pieces to get the whole picture. It wasnt until this episode that I realized there are two different stories going on- the Jacob/MiB standoff with candidates and wars and such, and what the island itself is all about, with the magnetic energy and Dharma research. There is not just the good v evil within the mythos of the show, but also religion v science, fate v destiny and probably a few other contrasts I can't think of right now.

    Charlie saw Claire as true love (yeah we all knew that), Desmond saw Penny, another giveaway, Faraday saw someone that is most likely Charlotte. These all happened as connections to the island life during critical times in these characters lives. If it is true that some of our faves are gonna die, then it may be shown as the true loves of these characters: Sayid-Nadia, Hurley-Libby, Jin-Sun, Bernard-Rose are the gimmes. I know there are more important questions to be answered still, but I think based on this ep, some people will have the answer they want most... Who will Kate see? Sawyer? Jack? What will happen if the visions are not reciprocated? Probably wont go too much into detail here since there is a lot more to cover, but it would be interesting to find out.moreless

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    Think twice about this one

    By shonedwards, May 27, 2010

    I half-watched this episode last night, mostly doing my computer work, not paying much attention to what was going on. My general impression was that it was not going to be a very good episode. My wife made a comment that it was not that great. But then while looking through the episode guide to find out the title, so I could label my DVD, I ran across a review by a person (ionee?), who wrote a very wonderful deep account, without giving away the end of the story, of the loves of Desmond, Daniel, and Charlie. I decided to watch it more closely tonight. What a difference and a surprise. I found this one of the most touching moments of the entire series. I thought nothing could top "Ab Aeterno" in quality, but this is definitely on par with that episode. I think these last few episodes are going to be the best of the series. Just watch closely.moreless

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    A treat for Desmond fans ( and which LOST fan isn't ? )

    By Lccf, May 27, 2010

    All of Desmond's episodes are referenced here : from the button ( care to explain one day what it was all about ? ) to the boat race, the stadium, McCutcheon whiskey, and, of course, the show's best love story by far. Nice to have Elo├»se and Daniel back, too. And at last, it seems we'll have some answers regarding the flash-sideways universe. So why not a 10, do you ask ? Well, because regarding the FS mystery, the episode was little more than a teaser, even if witnessing someone having clear flashes of the original timeline for the first time was extremely satisfying, but the ending kinda ... fell flat in that regard. What do both Desmonds know ? Are they both aware of both universes ? Is our Desmond's brain just "fried" as Zoey put it, to follow Sayid like that ? We have no clue, which is a little irritating ... I know, patience is a virtue, and the answers are probably coming, but it was a confusing way to end an otherwise good episode.moreless

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    Anyone giving the episode less then a 9.5 is absolutely lost and has no sense of what brilliance is, Desmond Dominates this one, and this is building up to the finale that we've been all waiting patiently for! **spoilers ahead**

    By maujla, May 27, 2010

    WOW! Finally we got a link between the two realities and who else to make that link but our constant Desmond! He's not only the game changer (as usual) but now will be the one to bring all of the 815 passengers from the sideways world together and hopefully on their way to the island. It was great seeing Charlie, Faraday and Eloise (biggest player in the game-even bigger then Widmore!). The last 15 minutes of the episode had me on the edge of my seat and my heart pouding, and the last few words "i need to show them something" -with the smirk on his face, and how on the island he willingly followed Zombie-Sayid both got my adrenaline going....Brilliance!! Desmond truly dominated this episode along with all of our favorite brits. Looks like we're on our way now and I hope that the last 6 hours of Lost play like a Long and action packed season finale, my heart might not be able to take it but will be content. See you in another life brutha!!moreless

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