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    Another great one!

    By Leah_Rose, Apr 25, 2011

    Well, After a rewatch of this episode, I've realized how much that I have underrated it. It was by no means perfect, but it had a really good story; and finding out Sun and Jin's story was cool. Its funny how different those characters are now. So we meet "Adam and Eve" in this episode. I've heard Damon and Carlton before saying that they will play a part in the timeline of the island. I thought this line by Michael was interesting, "Time doesn't matter on a damn island!!" Charlie was hilarious in this episode. "I'd have thought C's actually" haha! He also cracked me up when he called Locke the "Great White Hunter". I really like Locke in this episode too. "What I know is that this island might just give you what you're looking for, but you have to give the island something." Locke- you're too awesome! I'd say everything about the episode was great, except for the ending. I really didn't like the song.moreless

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  • 9.5


    By Sarah_LOST, Oct 12, 2010

    Some of the survivors move to the caves, while some stay at the beach. Locke exchanges Charlie's heroin for Charlie's guitar. Jin attacks Michael because he has Jin's father-in-law's watch; however, only Jin's wife Sun knows this because they do not speak English. Jin is handcuffed to the wreckage. Sun reveals to Michael that she can speak English and explains why Jin attacked Michael, after which Michael frees Jin. Flashbacks show that Jin had to take a job working for Sun's father for her hand in marriage. One night, after they are married, Jin returns home covered in someone else's blood. Sun secretly plots to leave Jin; however, she changes her mind in the end. I love Kate, Jack and Charlie in the first season, they are the best - however Charlie rules over them though. So we learn about Sun and Jin. Michael and Jin have a fight - preety good one too. I love the scenes where Jack, Kate, Chalie and Locke are around the caves - so good!moreless

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  • 9.0

    Holy crap Bees...

    By Jacob316, Aug 25, 2010

    That's right bees, that scene has always bothered me, how the hell did Charlie manage to miss the bee hive? Well we will never know. Other than that this episode was a lot like White Rabbit when it comes to the flashbacks they are not the best but it is important to see Jin is kind underneath all that anger and that Jin and Sun were once happy. I enjoy the episode the Adam and Eve part was cool we still dont know for sure who those two bodies actually are. Michael was great in this episode, he hasn't done much so far so this was refreshing to see him in the centre of the action, What a shocker when Sun speaks English, highlight of the episode but the fight at the start was pretty awesome as well. The caves are cool and a good set for the first season kind of missed them during season two but the hatch set took up a lot of space. I enjoy Sun and Jin's relationship development during the series and they are the couple I like the best because of how far they have come since day one. Overall a decent episode better than White Rabbit but still one of the weakest episode so far.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Memories of a Geisha

    By Rufam, Aug 25, 2010

    Or rather Memories of a Mobster's Daughter. We are talking, of course, about Sun who turns out to be an amazing character though her flashbacks, where she marries Jin out of love and nearly abandons him out of loathing. The action that actually takes place on the Island is much less interesting, as Jack and Kate strip down to their skins just before discovering two other of the Island's inhabitants stripped down to their bones. -

    Fortunately, this episode was less jackish (that's not a word) that the previous one. This time, we get to learn more about Sun, the extremely prim and obviously tormented Korean woman, whose backstory is much more interesting than the ones of Jack and Kate (although it doesn't top Locke's superb 'Walkabout'). The flashbacks are excellent but the score is brought down by the action that takes place on the Island, which is much less interesting and much more jackish (again, that's NOT a word).moreless

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  • 8.0

    Sun Time!!!

    By Dante_Edy, Jun 16, 2009

    Sun and Jin are the type of characters tha can be interesting as we progress in the season, but at this moment, their situation is not very interesting.

    Sun flashbacks does not show too much. We know that she wanted to leave her husband, but she didn´t.

    Contrary to some moments in the last episodes and since the beginning, the impression that Jin give us, is not the same in the flashbacks. He seems to love his wife and he is capable of doing what is necessary to make her happy.

    Sun revelation is not big or something special, still can caught some audience by surprise.

    Her flashbacks are incomplete, since we don´t know what type of job was Jin doing for her father and since they are a couple, Jin flashback will reveal that.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Listen closely, there are secrets to be told

    By DavidB226Morris, Nov 16, 2008

    Because we haven't been able, for the most part, to understand anything the Korean couple--- who are identified as Jin and Sun by this episode--- have been saying, I had begun to wonder how the writers were possibly going to integrate into the show. 'This episode gives a very visual demonstration, tells us some of their backstory, and reveals a couple of big secrets in the process.

    Until now, we've assumed that Jin was the powerful one in the relationship. In fact, Jin was actually marrying up when he won Sun. Jin was a basically a warm man who ended up working for the wrong person. Even more unfortunately, that person was Sun's father. Though we never see him in this episode, the implication is that Sun's father had some kind of involvement in organized crime. The cost of Sun's hand was to work for her father, and that led to long hours, a gradual distance, and finally, a night when he came home spattered with blood. Sun was never supposed to be on Oceanic Flight 815--- she had planned to slip away from him at the airport, and fake her own death. But at the last moment, she couldn't leave him. The obvious response was battered wife syndrome, but based on what we see, it's clear that Sun still loves her husband. And, though we don't know it yet, a big part of this series, will be about Jin and Sun falling in love again.

    All of this is reflected on the beach in the beginning of the episode, when Jin attacks Michael, and basically tries to kill him. He is only stopped when Sawyer and Sayid pull them apart, and Jin is handcuffed to the fuselage. It seems impossible figuring out why, and there is a moment of ugliness where Michael tells them that Asians and blacks just don't get along. This is a pretty low point for Michael, no matter how he tries to soothe Walt's unease.

    We don't understand why until an unlikely source talks to him---- Sun. Learning that she speaks English isn't as big a shock as, say, Locke's secret, but it gives you a hell of a turn anyway It certainly unsettles Michael, but he has enough good sense to keep her secret. However, he still bears Jin a lot of ill will when he finds out why. While sorting through the wreckage, Michael found a very expensive watch, and took it for himself. He didn't know it belonged to Sun's father, which made a token of honor in Jin's eye. Michael returns the watch, but he's major pissed, and he demonstrates when he uses an ax to cut Jin free. (In a nice bit of continuity, one of the cuffs will remain on Jin's wrist for the rest of the season, not getting removed until… well, we'll get to that later)

    All of this is interesting, if a little primitive. Then again, we are on an island. A far more pressing story is going on concurrently. As he promised in the last episode, he leads a party to get water, and explore the caves. This party consists of Kate, Locke and Charlie. We're not sure why Charlie is so eager, and he's not in a great mood--- he calls Kate and Jack's open flirting 'verbal copulating', and Locke as the "Great White Hunter". His mood is not improved when while exploring the caves, he accidentally stands on a beehive. Despite their best efforts, the bees end up breaking loose, causing a general panic. While trying to escape, Kate and Jack find something far more interesting--- two skeletons with withered clothes hanging from their bones. And just by the app0earance, they could've been there for half a century. (I'm still not sure who exactly these people are, maybe we'll get some answers now.)

    Jack then raises the issue that the survivors should move to the caves--- it has access to fresh water, jungle canopy providing shade, the cave protecting them against predators. The fact that it would put them right in the middle of whatever that 'monster' is doesn't cross his mind, but then again, no one's really safe from that. However, Jack doesn't get a unanimous consent for this. Sayid, for example is openly hostile to the idea, refusing to give up the idea of rescue. Michael agrees--- getting Walt off this island is his first priority. The bigger surprise is Kate. Given everything that rescue probably means, one would think she'd prefer to stay, but for some reason, she can not dig in. From now on, there is going to be a break between the survivors, though we don't know it.

    While Kate and Jack bring the water back, Locke stays behind with Charlie, presumably to get to know him, but really to help. First, he surprises him by telling him that he recognizes Charlie from Drive Shaft. Even in his frazzled state, Charlie still gets pleasure out of this, and admits he's just as upset that he's missing his guitar, which he assumes he got lost in the wreckage. Finally, he confronts Charlie openly, telling him to hand over the drugs. Clearly he recognizes withdrawal when he sees it. Then he tells Charlie that the island might help him, but only if he gives something up. Again, we're inclined to dismiss this--- except moments after Charlie hands over his stash, he looks up and finds his guitar. Charlie's not out of the woods by a long shot, but this is his first step to freedom, after a fashion.

    Considering that they're balancing several important stories, it's pretty impressive the way this episode manages to juggle them all. True, there's no sign of Claire (Emilie De Ravin's name isn't even in the credits) or Boone or Shannon, and Hurley's role is little more than a cameo. But there are good performance from almost everyone, particularly Yunjun Kim as Sun. I had never heard of her before this series (she was a major star in the Korean film industry), but her work is a revelation in the series. Sun is one of the most layered characters on the series, and considering that for most of the first season, we don't know what she's saying to anyone, this is a tough challenge, which she more than surpasses. I was more familiar with Daniel Dae Kim (he appeared on 24 and Angel prior to this series), but none of his previous work prepared me for this. To try and establish a character when dialogue is practically non existent is astonishing, ye he manages to do so, particularly in the earlier episodes. The two of them have a real chemistry and one wants them to find some kind of happiness, even if its stranded on this island

    There are few things really wrong with the episode, save that it's getting a little tiresome for every 'Lost' to end with a musical montage. (This was an early flaw that has pretty much been fixed by the end of the first season) But at it's center is the fact the survivors, despite Jack's call for unity at the end of the last episode, are starting to fracture. And given what we found in the caves, maybe it's more than two groups on the island.

    My score:8.6moreless

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  • 8.9

    Do or Die

    By napen, Aug 27, 2008

    Jean Día... 75? 14? 1809?

    Sentado junto al fuego soy parte de esta ronda de fantasmas que buscan estrellas en las flamas. Todos pensando básicamente en lo mismo: "Y qué si no...?"

    Y qué si no vienen a buscarnos? Hace frío en los hombros, hay arena en las botellas. Y qué si no vuelvo a verte? Hoy recordé esa tarde en la que me dijiste, saliendo del hospital, que querías algo más de mí que un amigo. Y te besé y sentí lo mismo que ahora al escuchar las olas romper sobre las rocas. Miro a los ojos a Sayid y creo que la sonrisa en su cara y las lágrimas cayendo reflejan exactamente mi rostro. Te extraño universos.moreless

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  • 9.5


    By Shardyk, Jun 28, 2008

    This is an outstanding beginning to the beginning of the Jin/Sun. The scene where they are standing in line at the airport and she is about leave when he pulls out the white flower is powerful and very emotional. Jin brining Sun the dog is also some great foreshadowing of their next episode. The confrontation between Locke and Charlie is also a great setup to 'The Moth'. This is also the first appearance of the skeletons. The producers did promise us that this would come into play later. The whole deal with Michael and the watch was great. It was interesting to see his relationship with Jin develop over the years from this episode. It wasn't at the time, but the Jin/Sun flashbacks are among my favorites now, and this episode had a lot going for it.moreless

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  • 9.4

    We have yet more character introductions, this time with Korean couple and some of the background information. But we also have some more questions that have arisen that needs answers, I'll just add those to the others.

    By captainbritain, Jun 19, 2008

    Some things come to head and we see the Korean man attack the black man and then try to drown him, which is a bit bizarre but it is broken up and the korean man is then handcuffed to some plane wreckage until it can be explained.

    The water crew do back into the jungle in order to get more water from the caved area, only for Charlie to stand on a beehive when he was trying to take some of his drugs. They end up getting out of the beehive and then talk about the water requirements, and the skeletons that they find in the caves. They then believe that the caves will be a better place for the survivors to settle.

    Back on the beach, some of the others agree with the points regarding going to the caves, but then others are under the assumption that the beach is the best bet, so we are starting to get split decisions, as some belive they are better at following Jack.

    The story of the Koreans gets more involved, as we learn that the hubby works for her father, who is powerful, possibly mafia orientated. We also learn that Sun has got a plan to get away from her hubby, but that she did not go through with it.

    We also discover that Sun speak English, but that hubby doesn't know, but she explained to the Michael why her husband had attacked him this morning. Over her fathers watch. Then Michael returns the watch to the korean and chops his handcuff off.

    Charlie ends up giving the drugs to John and manages to get his guitar back, so we finish off with a nice little song to end the episode.moreless

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