Ji Yeon

Season 4, Ep 7, Aired 3/13/08
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  • Episode Description
  • Juliet decides to reveal some startling news to Jin when Sun decides to move to Locke's camp. On the freighter, Sayid and Desmond get to know the crew as they meet the ship's captain.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Stephen Semel

  • Zoe Bell


  • Daniel Dae Kim

    Jin Kwon

  • Yunjin Kim

    Sun Kwon

  • Edward Kitsis

  • Fan Reviews (75)
  • With this episode, the Sun/Jing love affair rivals the Penelope/Desmond love affair

    By BevinChu, Feb 13, 2013

  • Yet again, the writers on Lost exemplify why this show will never ever EVER reach the high standards of other shows and will always be a perrenial underachiever

    By asl9791, Mar 15, 2008

  • We have lost our Constant.

    By gsager1, Mar 14, 2008

  • A Jin/Sun flashback/forward episode that also informs us of what is happening on the boat. I enjoyed most of the episode because it felt like a season 1 story, but there were some elements that bothered me.

    By fweak, Mar 20, 2008

  • A two for one combo that deals a blow to the heart

    By DavidB226Morris, Apr 04, 2010

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (13)

    • Jin: Wherever Sun go, I go.

    • Juliet: Jin. Your wife had an affair. Jin: What? Juliet: Sun was with another man. She thought the baby was his.

    • Sayid: And I don't suppose you'll tell us who gave you those orders? Captain Gault: Sure, I will. Charles Widmore. Desmond: This is Charles Widmore's boat? Captain Gault: That's right. You know him.

    • Juliet: I don't know if that boat out there is the answer or not, but it's something. I need to go home. So do you. Sun... In about three weeks, you'll be in an almost constant state of nausea. A week after that, you will experience shortness of breath that won't go away. A week after that, you will lose consciousness and slip into a coma. And then, Sun, you will die. And when your heart stops beating... so will the baby's. And that, Sun, is why it is my business, because you are my patient. If you go... you will die. And your baby will never be born.

    • Sayid: I still want to talk to the captain. Lapidus: No, you don't.

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    Notes (10)

    • Second appearance by Grant Bowler, following his appearance in The Constant.

    • International Air Dates: Belgium: September 22, 2008 on VT4 United Kingdom: March 16, 2008 on Sky One Ireland: March 17, 2008 on RTE Two New Zealand: March 26, 2008 on TV2 Sweden: March 26, 2008 on TV4 Norway: April 16, 2008 on TVNorge Finland: April 24, 2008 on Nelonen The Netherlands: April 27, 2008 on Net 5 Poland: May 18, 2008 on AXN Spain: June 12, 2008 on FOX TV Spain Denmark: April 4, 2008 on Kanal 5 Italy: August 18, 2008 on Rai 2

    • This episode featured three cast members of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's "Grindhouse": Zoe Bell, Jeff Fahey, and Naveen Andrews.

    • Since we have Juliet's estimate for Sun's D.O.C. (Date of Conception: late October 2004), we can place the time of Sun's flash-forwards to July or August 2005.

    • The first appearance of Michael (Harold Perrineau) since the episode "Live Together, Die Alone".

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    Trivia (18)

    • Numbers: The symptoms of Sun's pregnancy on the island will last 5 weeks, which is 35 days. 3+5=8, which is one of the numbers.

    • Sun is watching a dubbed Korean version of the season 4 finale of Exposé before she switches off the TV and calls an ambulance as she is about to have her baby. Nikki and Mr. LaShade are briefly visible for a split second.

    • Goof: When Jin smashes his cell phone in frustration, you can clearly see the shadow of the cameraman in front of him.

    • At the end of the episode Sun takes her wedding ring out of a hospital bag labeled with the name 권성혜 (Kwon Sung Hieh), which is not Sun's name (백선화).

    • The first scene of Jin in the toy store shows items on the back shelf from the shows Ben 10 and Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive. These shows did not begin airing until 2007.

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    Allusions (4)

    • Captain Gault: The name of the Kahana's captain is an allusion to a fictional sea captain created by English writer William Hope Hodgson. A captain for hire, Gault is a morally ambiguous and mysterious character. A collection of his stories can be found in the book "Captain Gault, Being the Exceedingly Private Log of a Sea-Captain", published in 1917.

    • Atlas Shrugged: The Kahana's captain could alternatively have been based on a character from Ayn Rand's 1957 novel, Atlas Shrugged.

      The story is about a group of very powerful and important people (in society's eyes, at least) who feel unappreciated, and create a separate utopian world, a "village" hidden from view from people, planes and the world.

      Galt, in the novel, is unseen by the characters through most of the novel, building up their ideas of his actual appearance and personality. Similarly, in Lost, Desmond and Sayid (along with the viewers) are creating the character in their mind before seeing him.

    • The book that Regina is reading (upside down) outside the sick bay door is: "The Survivors of the Chancellor," by Jules Verne. This is a grim sea story in which the passengers and crew of a disaster-plagued ship increasingly turn on each other to survive, ultimately discussing cannibalism.

    • Ji is a popular character in Chinese culture, it used as a surname for kings in the Zhou Dynasty, and as the abbreviation for several regions in China. In the episode's flashbacks Jin gave a panda to the ambassador of China.

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