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    We've finally back on the island, though some people have skipped around.

    By DavidB226Morris, Aug 02, 2010

    Technically, this episode is the first one in a while to not be focused on any one character. Technically, it centers more on Sawyer and Jack, who after three years apart, have now fallen into very different roles. But before we get there, we might as well see what really happened to Ajira 316 right after that big flash of light.

    We get a cockpit view of what happened --- after the flash, all the power in the engines went dead, and the plane went into a drop. Despite all that, Lapidus and the forever unnamed copilot managed to do a hell of a better job landing this plane than the Oceanic crew.(Admittedly, it would have been hard to do worse considering that flight was ripped in half, but details, details...) They are helped immensely by the surprise appearance of a runway. (Those of us with long memories will remember that Juliet said the Others had kidnapped Sawyer and Kate to clear rocks for what appeared to be a runway, though if they thought a plane was going to be landing on the island, it's unclear who gave the order or who finished the work.) Frank manages to get the plane on the ground in one piece, with only one immediate casualty--- his co-pilot, who is impaled by a tree. Everyone is in a daze, especially the only member of the Oceanic 6 still on the plane--- Sun. When she turns to Ben to ask where the others are, he just says: "How would I know?" As it turns out, there's a very good reason he'd know, but we'll get to that in a minute.

    Frank tries to reassure the passengers that they're going to be okay, but refuses to let on that he knows where they are. Caesar, however, jumps the gun and breaks up by revealing the existence of bear cages and scientific equipment. Sun, in the meantime, follows Ben, who once again seems to know what he's doing --- after all, just a few minutes after landing, he no longer needs the sling he was wearing. Frank tries to warn Sun how dangerous Ben is (which would appear to be a waste of air), but she has no intention of following him any longer than she needs to --- a minute after arriving on a dock, she smashes him up the side of his head with an oar. When they make it to 'New Otherton', the place still seems a wreck from the mess that Smokey laid down when Kearny and his boys made their first attempt to get Ben. There, they run into another blast from the past --- Christian, who takes them into the Dharma building, and a photograph of new arrivals. It is here that Sun sees that the other members of the Oceanic 6 are in 1977.

    Back in 1977 (where we're going to be for the rest of this season) Jack, Kate and Hurley have just arrived, with no more idea how they got there. Considering how long Sawyer has been waiting for the Oceanic 6 to show up, it's amazing he isn't more delighted to see them. Instead, he seems to be more interested in protecting the lie that he's been holding on to for the last three years, and that his friends don't blow it for them. What he doesn't know is that he's already made a mess in his own house. He didn't tell Juliet what had happened, so she went about her duties like everyone else, checking in on Amy's son--- who they've decided to name Ethan. (Now I have to digress, cause this a hole in the plot. If this is the same Ethan that would eventually migrate to the Others, he was 27 when we encountered him first, and there's no way that William Mapother could pull that off--- he was 40 when filming started. Also, how come his last name wasn't Goodspeed? He probably was lying to the Oceanic group, but it's not like they would've been able to know the difference) Juliet then hears from Miles what happened before. She seems upset that James left without telling her the truth rather than just the fact that these people have suddenly returned. This is a critical moment for her, though James doesn't see it.

    Improvising on short notice, James manages to arrange for Kate, Hurley, and Jack to become arrivals on the most recent sub. He puts Jack as a custodian (pretty hysterical, and malicious on his part), Kate in the motor pool with Juliet, and Hurley in the kitchen. But he has a much bigger problem than that--- because Jin is present to the appearance of what seems to be a hostile in Dharma territory. In actuality, it's a just as baffled Sayid, who before he can register seeing Jin (who he really thought was dead) before he is identified as such by James, who takes him into the barracks. (By the way, the man who's notices this is Radzinsky. For those playing the home game, we heard about Radzinsky indirectly from Kelvin Inman in the Season 2 finale. He was the man who built the Swan station {and he's working on a model of it when we first see him in the flesh}, removed the footage from the filmstrip, and designed the blast door map. He survived the Purge by all counts, though from what we learned, not for much longer.) He takes Sayid prisoner in order to keep him safe, but given how Dharma regards the Hostiles, Sayid may be living on borrowed time.

    Right now, Sawyer has arranged things so that he is more of a leader than Jack. This is a position that Jack held more or less continuously all the time he was on the island. Though he was challenged by Sayid, Locke and Kate by occasion, the huddled masses seem to regard him as the sane solution for staying alive. Which is remarkable, considering his track record, and the fact that on almost every critical juncture on the island, he was wrong. Pushing the button is a meaningless exercise? Wrong. I can trust the Others to get off the island? Wrong. The people on the freighter are trustworthy? Very wrong. Leaving the island at all? Wrong As Sawyer points out, a lot of his decisions were based on reacting, not thinking, and that kind of thought led to the deaths of almost every survivor. You've got to think that Jack would've been willing to surrender to one of these challenges, especially because he never really wanted to lead in the first place. Yet he stubbornly refused to let go, even when it came back to bringing everybody back to the island. And now that he's finally there, he finally seems willing to yield to someone else's leadership.

    From day 1, Sawyer never agreed to follow Jack--- he just sat around, reading his books, making his own plans. He challenged the authority of Jack a couple of time, but never seemed set on any one plan. Now, after three years of working his way up in the Dharma Initiative, LaFleur has become a leader. The people in security look up to him. He has a respect and code that he never needed when he was just 'Sawyer'. He's been asked to lead. However, he's gotten so used to power and routine, then when the people from what he might consider his old life appear, his first reaction is to keep his old life safe. He also seems to have come around to Daniel's way of thinking that you can't change the future from the past. (Which begs the question, where is Dan?) When Hurley brings up the purge, he says quite plainly that he's not here to play Nostradamus, which would seem pretty short-sighted on his part. But now that Sawyer has become the sheriff, Jack seems more than willing to let follow. (And for the record, after this, he seems far more relaxed then we've seen him all season.)

    But there's one wild card in this, the only person who's around in both timelines ---- the young Ben Linus The revelation at the end isn't really much of one (after all, we saw in 'The Man Behind the Curtain that Ben has been part of Dharma since 1973) but it does bring up a critical point, one that Sawyer seems to have overlooked. Ben is part of the makeup of the island, and he has a critical role to play in that island's history. Sawyer might have been willing to go by the idea of 'whatever happened, happened', but considering what he was put through by Ben as an adult, will Sayid? 'Namaste' has finally managed to get us where we needed to be--- the Oceanic 6, minus Aaron are back on the island, albeit not all in the same time. (It's still not clear why Sun couldn't have made the trip to 1977 with the Others; my guess, the writers are sadists who wanted to make us wait more than we had to) There are established relationships and bonds which have formed and some which have broken, but could be reformed with not much effort. The island seemed to bring them wherever they went for a reason. Now the question is, why are they dealing with Dharma now?

    My score:9moreless

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    Confusion, Suspense, Excitement....Perfection!!! :)

    By AnilThornberry, Jul 10, 2010

    Wow, this was perfection! Loved it from begining to end. This was a perfect example of the episodes that we were waiting for since last year's finale.

    It's creepy and sad when you think about the first seasons. What they were back than...and now its survivor vs. survivor like the preview for next week announced. I wonder how all this is going to end. How this Island movement is going to be over?

    It's also weird that Ben, Sun and Locke are like in the 00's and the others are in th3 70's. Two different time periods on the same pace -- its too freaking CRAZY, love it!!! =D

    I was disappointed in the ending. I mean DUHH to the writers.. we already met young Ben. It was not a jaw dropping moment. So far, season 5 episode endings kind of suck compared to other seasons but oh well it still is the most exciting season.

    Hope the ratings come high, that Idol crap is now officially our competition ugh!!!moreless

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    Spectacular episode yet again!

    By DerickBentham, Jul 10, 2010

    Is it just me or are the writers really spot on this season so far? I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every episode of season five. In the episode Namaste we get to see out losties reunited and three of the four placed within the dharma initiative but one of them doesnt have such luck. Sayid is caught by Jin and Radzinsky and believed to be a hostile. The episode was quite pivotal because it showed that sawyer is fully in control now, not jack and not locke. Although i dislike the idea of Sawyer having power over Jack, it's new and different. I cannot await next weeks episode to see Sayid own people left and right!moreless

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    awesomeeee as alwaysss

    By deanevangeliou, Jul 10, 2010

    Even though i loved this episode, i will say its the second weekest one so far this season next to the life and death of jeremy bentham. We saw the ajira airways crash ther first 5 minutes of the episdoe and that was amazing! But the big question is... why didn't sun, frank, ben, casear and ilana go through time too? Hm, i guess we'll have to wait longer for that. There was alot of suspense in this episode and the ending was mind blowing. I knew we would see young ben again. And i;m hope i;m wrong to say but i think Sayids days are numbered, the writers did confirm that someone was going to die this season, and that he or she was a very loved character.moreless

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    Sun, Sayid!...and 2 Bens!! I think i know where is Bernard and Rose

    By tidus1117, Jul 10, 2010

    Ok Last night episode was great!

    it was kind of a set up for the upcoming ones

    but i liked it. I must say Juliets expressions tru out the whole episode were astonishing. When she sat at the bed and later when she hug Jack AMAZING!!!

    i wish i could know what is happening in their minds i mean they all want to talk about lots of thingbut THEY CANT! Faraday is not anymore with them... i wonder what happened!

    Something is happening on 2007 in the main island and Chrisitian's appearance is freaky, where is Jacob?

    Ethan was the babys name. and little Ben is there, he mets Sayid... what will happen later that makes him forget all this people? i mean I dont think Ben remmebers about his childhood... and why he looks so interested in the hostiles...

    Remember guys when they group where jumping tru time... when they saw the ajira bottles and the boats that was 2007! i think that Bernard, Rose and the 815 people somehow stopped the moving tru time and they are in th 2007. how? (maybe before the next flash happened they encounter the temple and there the flashes didnt affected them. or maybe the island didnt choose them to travel tru time any more)

    about Sun why she was the only one who didnt travel? is it randomly or there must be another deep explanation??moreless

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    Sawyer's the boss. But has he lost sight of the big picture?

    By RobGrizz, Jul 10, 2010

    I got a real kick out of watching Jack, Kate and Hurley assimilate into Dhamra. "Based on your aptitude test- Janitor." LOL. The brief tension of them not being able to find Kate's file, (who looked damn funny in that 70s shirt) I was thinking Juliet might have sabotaged her to keep her away from Sawyer, but I'm glad she proved to be a bigger person (though next week's promo looks like this love quadrangle will kick into full gear).

    Sayid playing along as a hostile is the most interesting thing going, and I can't wait for the happy homemaker to switch back to badass killer again. We got some cool appearances of some DHARMA all-stars (Pierre Chang, young Ben Linus, and the debut of Radzinski!) The best scene was Jack visiting Sawyer. The looks exchanged between he and Juliet, the realizations, Sawyer putting Jack in his place (and I'm a Jack fan). It was a great call back to the 'new sheriff in town' moment from S2. And the dynamic between our 4 lovers is more interesting than anything you'll get from sappy teen soaps. Though Sawyer has his points, has he lost sight of the big picture? Sure they're happy where they are, but it's just not right, they are living artificial people's lives; can't wait to see how Jack copes with this. And remember, a purge is coming...

    How the plane crash divided the survivors in different times should be explained in a way that makes sense, hopefully. It's weird that this plot seems to be the focus for the rest of the season, and I'm still wondering where they're going with this, and what the castaways doing in Dharma really has to do with anything.moreless

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    Another great episode of Lost.

    By hrgaffney, Jul 10, 2010

    The storylines here provide a really good platform for the rest of the season. Lots of things were explained during this episode and lots of questions answered, although new ones are posed all the time. this is Lost after all. Sawyer was particularly good here. He's a far better leader than any of the Lostoies ever gave him credit for. He's also clearly one of the most intelligent characters, despite having less formal education than Jack, for instance. The reveal that Horace and Amy's baby is Ethan was great and I also loved the scene with the young Ben Linus. Great!moreless

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    I did not like too much of the first 6 episodes of the 5th season, but episodes 5.07 and 5.08 saved my belief on Lost and 5.09 was the best episode of the season - and one of the best ever.

    By Amoesa, Jul 10, 2010

    I did not like too much of the first 6 episodes of the 5th season, but episodes 5.07 and 5.08 saved my belief on Lost and 5.09 was the best episode of the season - and one of the best ever.

    The current setup is create: Island during the '77 and '97. Both sets full of interesting stuff & situations. This is Lost at its best - revealing the big picture while adding new intriguing elements on the picture. And Hugo asking "what if they start asking us questions we can't answer like who's president 1977?" from Sawyer - a classic. :Dmoreless

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    Sawyer Ascendent

    By entil2001, Jul 10, 2010

    Now that the time jumps are over (for the moment), the story has become far more streamlined. This episode concerns itself less with a particular character and more with the new status quo, and for some, that will present an unwelcome perspective. For others, this is a chance to sit back and breathe a little, even if the tension is still high.

    Sawyer always had the potential to be in command, but for most of his time on the island, he was too wrapped up in his own issues to have the insight and confidence to usurp Jack or Locke. Even so, he regularly challenged their assumptions and authority, and bristled when his advice was ignored. The current situation has given Sawyer three years of experience as a leader, and he's become used to being the one in charge.

    It seems a bit unnecessarily harsh when Sawyer gives Jack a bit of perspective. Sawyer knows Jack well enough to know that Jack would push to take control over the situation, and Sawyer can't allow that. Sawyer has spent three years setting himself and the rest of the Oceanic Tribe as trusted members of the Dharma Initiative, and he can't allow Jack or any of the Oceanic Six to shatter that illusion. In essence, Sawyer is pulling off his most impressive con yet, but for all the right reasons, and it's paramount that Jack understand that.

    Had Sayid been picked up with Jack, Kate, and Hurley, this might have been Sawyer's final word. But Sayid's status as a "Hostile" is likely to be the catalyst for a lot of grief for Sawyer. To keep up the ruse, he may be forced to treat Sayid like the enemy, or send him packing. There's no realistic way to bring him into the fold, now that other members of Dharma view him as a threat. But that pragmatic choice will very likely put him at odds with the new arrivals, and it's unlikely that the tension will go unnoticed. Phil, in particular, seems to already have his suspicions.

    This is unfortunate, because Sawyer's relatively pleasant life is about to unravel, and it's not clear how he will react to that. Kate's presence is already causing a bit of tension for Juliet, and it seems almost inevitable that both Jack and Kate will challenge (actively or passively) the Dharma lovebirds and their previously content relationship. These plot threads have been tedious in the past, but if they can be handled well, it should only add to the existing intensity.

    In the meantime, a few interesting questions were answered. Daniel hasn't been seen because he's not around the Barracks. That could mean that he's working on the Orchid, which would make sense, given the beginning of "Because You Left". Alternatively, he could be working Radzinsky on the preliminary planning for the Swan Station. (And wasn't it nice to see that continuity?) The overwhelming impression is that the Dharma arc is leading directly to the Oceanic Tribe's involvement in "the incident", which takes place shortly after the Swan becomes operational.

    In the previous review, there was a mistake regarding the potential timing for Ben's arrival on the island. Logically speaking, Ben was already there for at least a few years. Sure enough, creepy little Ben steps into the thick of things by speaking with Sayid. It's going to be interesting to look back at earlier seasons and determine if and when there were subtle indications that Ben already knew about certain survivors of Oceanic 815. Sayid is likely to be careful, but if one thing is true about Ben, it's that he's unusually perceptive. With both Richard and Ben encountering members of the Oceanic Tribe "out of time", the tapestry gets a lot more complicated. (And one might wonder if that picture from 1977 tipped anyone off as well.)

    Back in the future, other minor questions are addressed. It's now clear how Ben was injured (as seen in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"), and it was confirmed that Frank and Sun were the "pilot and woman" who left with one of the outriggers. The round figure of "thirty years earlier" works if the Ajira Tribe was on Hydra Island in 2008.

    The appearance of Christian Shephard was a surprise, but it does fit his more active role of late. Christian was involved in whatever happened with Claire, in getting Ben to move the island, and getting Locke to repair Ben's mistake. Now he seems to be setting Frank and Sun on a new adventure, presumably back into the past. (Of course, that's supposition, but it fits the theme of the season thus far.) Whether he's an agent for Jacob or Jacob himself in the flesh of Christian Shephard, it's a sign that Jacob is taking an active role in the fate of the island.

    This is essentially the mid-point of the season, so this is designed to set the stage for the second half and start building the momentum towards the finale. The current arc promises to tie up even more loose ends, and it's always good to get more clarification on the Dharma Initiative.moreless

    9 8

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