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    Sayid tries to get a signal on the transceiver

    By tvshowreviews, 3 days ago

    Walt finds a pair of handcuffs and shows them to his father. Jack, Kate and Charlie return to the beach with the transceiver. Sayid repairs the transceiver but it has little battery and no signal. He tells the survivors that he needs to go to high ground to get a signal. Sayid, Kate, Charlie, Sawyer, Shannon and Boone go inland. When they get attacked by a polar bear, Sawyer shoots it. Sayid asks him how he got a gun. Sawyer tells Sayid that he took it from the marshal. Sayid accuses him of being the marshal's prisoner. They both agree to give the gun to Kate. At the beach, the marshal wakes up while Jack is stitching him. The marshal asks Jack "Where is she?" Later, Sayid turns on the transceiver and it has a signal. The signal is being blocked by someone speaking French. Shannon translates the transmission. Sayid calculates that it has been on the loop for the last 16 years. The episode ends with Charlie saying "Guys, where are we?" In the flashbacks, Charlie runs into the bathroom to snort heroin. When he leaves he nearly gets hit by a refreshment cart. Charlie sits down on a seat and straps himself in as the plane starts to shake. Kate is revealed to be the marshal's prisoner. She is wearing the handcuffs that Walt found. When turbulence hits, the marshal gets knocked unconscious by a falling suitcase. Kate uncuffs herself with the marshal's key. She puts an oxygen mask on herself and the marshal. The tail section suddenly breaks off and flies away. I don't think this episode was better that the first part of the pilot but other than that, I don't have any other complaints. I don't think they could have started this show any better. This is probably the best pilot episode I have ever seen. This was a phenomenal episode and a great way to start the show.moreless

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    about the episode

    By JordanWelch, Dec 31, 2013

    It had great directing, editing, music score and visual effects.

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    Lost pilot part 2

    By DexterMorgan2, Jun 07, 2013

    In the second part of the pilot the group learns they are in deep trouble and could end up like the other group that was trapped on the island 16 years ago I also found the part interesting where we find that Kate was the person with the marshal not the man with the gun and now that the marshal is awake things are going to pick up The group still are trying to find out where they actually are and why a polar bear attacked them but things are getting better as time goes on.moreless

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    Best Pilot Ever

    By Zingo, Nov 04, 2012

    Epsiode 1 and 2 together doesn't get much better. I never let go of this show after it. Great stuff. Action!

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    Here is where we are!

    By AmbroseMS, Jun 16, 2011

    Covering the grounds of the first adventure of Lost is simple. Jack was designed to die, you can tell the moment where he was supposed to be killed through the Pilot character. This character and Jack share a connection because of this. When we see the body of the pilot we are supposed to be looking at the protagonist. This was initially planned as a shock narrative twist, one that the writers will more than make up for throughout the shows next six years. The writers were kind enough to leave these seeds strewn through the pilot; notice that Jack went to pilot school? Because of the intense focus on the pilot, it's fitting the pilot is called well... "Pilot". Getting back onto the focus of this episode, the episode focuses on interactions. Shannon, the paris Hilton character, gives the show the iconic image of sunbathing in the wreckage. John Locke plays Backgammon with Walt. A game based on SENET which no one has ever been able to understand the full rules off. The writers will latter return to this and it will serve as a narrative plot in the latter seasons But this review isn't designed to spoil anything past the episode I am reviewing. One bit on analysis I will add; is the Hurley + Jack, blood scene. Hurley is a television buff, he is unhealthily obese. The writers designed this character around the personality of the actor. Now the first thing everyone expected was that this character would lose weight throughout. However to do this, the actor would have to take a major life-style change and so the character wouldn't be the one to "fill the role of the audience". Which is what he serves as; especially in any of the heavy sci-fi parts (this is a sci-fi show btw). So anyway, to focus on his character (since there is no Hurley centric until latter this Season – minor spoiler). The sight of blood makes him cringe, yet being a major television fan this strikes odd. What we can deduce is that he is used to watching bloodless shows with bloodless fights so often, he has forgotten how the human body acts. Lost in its first Season does its best to integrate itself with medical reality. Which it really is forced to do when the Polar bear shows up and drifts the show away from reality. Charlie; "where are we". LOST has begun.moreless

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    We will never have Paris

    By Rufam, May 09, 2011

    Sayid is looking for a signal, while Walt is looking for his dog. What they actually find out is a transmission and a secret. -

    Overall, this episode was much better than the first one. First of all, we got to learn more about the supporting cast and the exploration of the characters was very well done (I especially liked the twist involving Kate being a fugitive). But what made this episode really special was the introduction of some of the show's many mysteries. The polar bears, the nature of the Monster, the mysterious distress signal etc. were all presented perfectly and, all together, created a superb cliffhanger. Very well done.moreless

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    Equally as good as part one...

    By Jacob316, May 09, 2011

    Part two of the pilot episode is slightly slower in pace compared to part one but this gives the rest of the characters more of an introduction. Boone, Shannon, Sawyer and Sayid are the most notable because of them going on the trek. I felt that these scenes with the six survivors trying to get a signal was the best and most entreating parts of the episode the scene with the polar bear is great and exciting. We also learn that Charlie is a rug addict and that Kate is the fugitive both back in the day were shocking twists which I didn't see coming. What makes this episode a ten is the final scene with the French distress call, it gives my chills every time I watch it and it was wonderfully acted by all six of the cast. As a whole the pilot episode is perfect in my opinion there is nothing that could be done to make this more enjoyable than it already is. JJ Abrams also does a fantastic job directing showing his potential as a film director once again.moreless

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    A tale of survival...

    By ionee24, May 09, 2011

    After lying through their threet about the pilot's death, Doctor Jack realizes just how good liar Kate really is when the mortally injured marshall, Edward Mars, reveals she was the prisoner he was trying to bring back to L.A., there's nothing he can do about it for she has already left with unsuspecting 5 passengers to try to send a messge with the very transceiver the Doctor trusted her when he didn't know who she was.

    Drug addict Charlie keeps trusting the convict murderer as he did on the first part of the pilot, siblings Boone and Shannon keep trying to prove themselves to one another and the irony is that the soldier Sawyer just accused of terrorist may be the only ally he can count on once he figures out what Kate really is, after they shots a polar bear that simply didn't belong there. Something else that also didn't belong there? A french transmission Shannon translates for them, a transmission that has been repeating in a loop for over 16 years:"... they are dead, it killed them all, I'm all alone now, please ...someone come."

    They may as well end up being the aid for someone else before they could receive aid themsleves.moreless

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    By Canogaparkcindy, May 09, 2011

    Part 2 was equally as good as part 1. I'm astonished at how amazing this pilot episode was. Both perfect in every aspect. I was almost shaking in the end when everyone was listening to the transmission. These characters are easy to warm up too, I like every single character already.

    A polar bear on an island? Each episode seems to give us more questions than answers, also who else loved the flashbacks? It's great that the writers have some sort of angle on this. Possibilities are endless, when it comes to the possible flashbacks on the plane before it crashed, could bring us some answers and character development.

    I also like that this is going as a day-by-day thing and it isn't rushing the days or weeks for that matter. Can't wait for the next episode with the creepy transmission and the wounded man awakening asking "where is she?" Charlie continues to be my favorite character, but Sawyer is pretty interesting too. I love all the characters, amazing pilot episode overall. One of the best I've ever seen.moreless

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