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    Lost in the amazing world of Lost! ;)

    By michaelsolaymantash, Nov 22, 2014

    10/10 spell binding. Binge-watched the whole show in a week. Amazing beginning, suspense and the ending took my breath away unlike anything I've watched before. It touched a nerve. That closing scene... Watch it. Laughing, tears, wanting to kill half the characters then love them again 10 minutes later.

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    thumbs up

    By mikecole52206654, Oct 24, 2014

    Great show .. kinda got alittle aggravated at the fact they kept leaving enemies alive just tie them up and leave them so they can chase you later, and make sure their dead!.. put those rifles to work, bullet between the eyes means one less bad guy to deal with.

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    I rank all episodes of Lost

    By leon664, Oct 11, 2014

    10. The House Of The Rising Sun (Season 1)

    9. White Rabbit (Season 1)

    8. Walkabout (Season 1)

    7. Raised By Another (Season 1)

    6. The Moth (Season 1)

    5. Confidence Man (Season 1)

    4. Tabula Rasa (Season 1)

    3. Solitary (Season 1)

    2. All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues (Season 1)

    1. Pilot (Season 1)

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    My favorite show of all time!

    By katiepruss, Sep 12, 2014

    Didn't even know too much about this show until my mom was watching the season 2 premiere! I eventually went back and watched season 1. I loved this show instantly! You definetly have to watch it from the beginning or you will be very confused.

    Season 1 usually focused on one character per episode so you can get a quick background on where they came from and why they are on the island which is important to know! There were a lot of characters on this show but you will love them! the acting is fantastic! My favorite character was Charlie by the way.

    After each episode, you always wanted to know more! it was so addicting! Definetly one of the greatest shows i ever watched! Highly recommended!moreless

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    one will be lost in LOST

    By plaknas, Aug 25, 2014

    The show is awesome. The story is very complicated and if you do not pay close attention there is a good chance that you will be "Lost". The strength of the show is it's spectacular casting. It couldn't have been more perfect. Josh Holloway aka Sawyer is my favorite. The novel approach of "flashbacks" was another of its strength. The show has everything Time travel, Mythology, Science, Romance, Comedy, Suspense, Thrill, Mystery, Ghosts, plane crash etc. In fact most shows combining such "genres" end up messing them but "Lost" nailed it perfect. No complains but I was really interested in the story Jacob , The Monster and the Island's origin which weren't covered up in much detailsmoreless

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    Confusing story plot

    By Raven77, Apr 18, 2014

    I was really confused by the plot line. It made it hard for me to understand fully what was going on. The show is more climactic than Survivor but at least you got a grip on what was always going on there. Still, the show had exciting moments. I just wish the writers tried to make the plot more simpler to follow.

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    Greatest TV Show Ever Made Until Season 6

    By sleeknight, Apr 07, 2014

    I rewatched this for the third time and still have to agree it is the greatest story with the most rewarding cast I have ever seen until Season 6. With the rating down, I think the writers gave it a quick closing. If the story had gone another way... for example when the Oceanic 6 were rescued on Penny's boat, they should have told the truth, not lied. This would have made a new story ending for Season 6 and everybody could have lived. Realizing the writers wanted to express why these people were there in the first place but could have been more with them coming back and maybe Witmore and others could have helped them with different story lines of what they encountered in trying to get back to the island. I think ratings could have raised if the bomb didn't go off and a different story line written. Once the bomb went off, an entirely sorid and sad ending was envitable (sp). It had the greatest story while on the island with the outstanding cast. Not happy with ending. Furthermore it did not show what happened to those on Ajira 316 when they flew off, we just assume it crashed too. All that with the church, afterlife, could have been avoided and the show could have continued and ratings would have gone up if only the writers did not give up. I loved the show and wish it could have gone on a few years more and gave everyone a happier ending. All that said, it was one of the greatest ever. Too bad it couldn't end something like Fringe.moreless

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    Dharma Prespective

    By HeathSnyder, Mar 28, 2014

    They should re-vitalize the series from the dharma point of view. Start back in the 60s or whenever it started. They could use the dharma tapes as some reference points. I would definitely watch that.

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    Clever Beyond Belief

    By Yaspaa, Mar 20, 2014

    A show that can offer question after question with very few answers and still remain utterly engrossing is something special. The show has a huge cast, expanding as the show progresses, all of whom are very interesting due to the characters all being fleshed out through flashbacks. Mystery, intrigue, suspense, action, drama. The amalgamation of these ingredients make for one of the best shows ever made.

    The enjoyment of the show comes from the journey not the ending, and what a journey it is. 10/10.moreless

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    " Pure and Simple " LOST

    By brunethu2012, Jan 17, 2014

    ohh. And i m writhing. So, a few minutes ago, i saw the last eisode of the last season by LOST. Simple , i cried when the LOST was over. I am impressed about what they did , the actors by LOST. I don t see so much tv series , but that , LOST, was awsome. If you saw the all season of LOST, wach again in few years. You know what ?!, because is so good to see how they playing, the actor , and to understand how as you can of that story. If you know some movies with this actors, please give me a sign on Facebook . Search Alex Bruno, and ... " Aye" sorry for my english, All the best!!!moreless

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