The End

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (4)

  • Jack: Desmond, you've done enough. You want to do something? Go home and be with your wife and son.
    Desmond: But what about you Jack?
    Jack: I'll see you in another life, brother.

  • Miles: (Working on the plane.) I don't believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in duct tape.

  • Locke: (As they were lowering Desmond into the light pool.) This remind you of anything, Jack?
    Jack: What?
    Locke: Desmond ... going down into a hole in the ground. If there was a button down there to push, we could fight about whether or not to push it. It'd be just like old times.
    Jack: You're not John Locke. You disrespect his memory by wearing his face, but you're nothing like him. Turns out he was right about most everything. I just wish I could've told him that while he was still alive.
    Locke: He wasn't right about anything, Jack. And when this island drops into the ocean, and you drop with it, you're finally gonna realize that.
    Jack: Well, we'll just have to see which one of us is right, then.

  • Kate: Why did you take the job, Jack?
    Jack: Because I was supposed to.
    Kate: Why? Because some stranger wrote our names on a wall?
    Jack: I took it because the island's all I've got left. It's the only thing in my life I haven't managed to ruin.
    Kate: You haven't ruined anything. Nothing is irreversible.

Notes (5)

  • The episode received the 2010 Emmy for "Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series".

    The episode further received 4 Emmy nominations for "Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series", "Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score)", "Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour)" and "Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series".

    Elizabeth Mitchell was also nominated for "Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series" for her work as Juliet Burke in this episode.

  • This was the longest running episode of LOST at 103 minutes.

  • Vincent appears for the first time since "The Incident, Part 1", an absence of 17 episodes.

  • Though credited, Zuleikha Robinson (Ilana) does not appear in this episode.

  • Original International Air Dates: Canada: May 23, 2010 on CTV Turkey: May 24, 2010 on DiziMax/Digiturk Spain: May 24, 2010 on Fox and Cuatro United Kingdom: May 24, 2010 on Sky1 Italy: May 24, 2010, on Sky/FOX Portugal: May 24, 2010 on FOX Spain: May 24, 2010 on FOX and Cuatro (O.V.) Latin America: May 25, 2010 on AXN Australia: May 26, 2010 on 7 Ireland: May 27, 2010 on RTÉ TWO Netherlands: May 28, 2010 on NET 5 Finland: June 10, 2010 on Nelonen Norway: June 23, 2010 on TVNorge Germany: July 7, 2010 on FOX Sweden: July 21, 2010 on TV4 Czech Republic: July 26, 2010 on AXN

Trivia (4)

  • Sawyer refers to Desmond as a leprechaun. Leprechauns are Irish whereas Desmond is Scottish.

  • Elizabeth Mitchell filmed the hospital scenes on her birthday in the early hours and the cast and crew had a small celebration for her (March 27th).

  • As Hurley is pulling into Charlie's motel with Sayid, a man walking his dog cross the driveway in front of them. The dog is Jack Bender's adopted dog Lulu, who has appeared in 6 episodes.

  • The box Christian Shephard's coffin was transported in has stickers displaying the following airport codes: BMN (Bamerny Airport, Iraq), GUM (A.B. Won Pat International Airport, Guam), HKG (Hong Kong International Airport, China), and LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).

Allusions (1)

  • Star Wars: Hurley utters the phrase, "I have a bad feeling about this," which is a phrase used in all of the Star Wars movies.