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    We're the good guys.

    By BevinChu, Feb 14, 2013

    Frank: In my experience, the people who go out of their way to tell you they're the good guys, are the bad guys.

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    Is it just me?

    By elle92, Sep 04, 2011

    Is it just me or is this show to frazzled? I've watched this show from the begining, but now Im only watching Lost because I want to know what's going to happen. I've watched it for five years now and want to see the end I'm been waiting for these past years. It's just so unreal with all this stuff. Like a bomb would prevent this whole thing that we've been watching. The writer lost his thing or what to say for three years ago. I hope that the season finale of season 6 will be good or I will regret I ever saw Lost. Overall this episode was pretty good still it was to sad in the end. Josh Holloway is the reason I watch lost ;)moreless

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    It's not just you, it's me. What the heck was THAT?

    By SteevNZ, Feb 16, 2011

    Wow, this felt rushed, poorly acted and cheesy and I hoped it wasn't going to play like it did after the last few episodes - where it felt like the wheels were starting to come off this show. I was loving this season, it had a lot of neat moments that really seemed they were tying up nicely over the course of the season arc. The time travel / parallel timelines twists and constant back references and nods made this season really enjoyable and compelling viewing, until... We see Jacob and now all of a sudden he's EVERYWHERE, and he kinda always was, see? The Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet thing finally got on my nerves, and Jack and Saywer have a argument while Sayid is bleeding to death in the van?! Seriously? What happened to Ben? He's a bloody big sook! Locke's a reincarnated a-hole and that shoehorned-in bunch from the new plane turn back up with his body... Jacob, someone who I've really only just met gets stabbed and I DON'T CARE! Also, 'they're coming...', Who is it NOW? Don't tell me the Jack/Sawyer/Kate bunch are suddenly going to appear on the beach with the Locke/Ben/Ricardus mob. Either that or it's another freighter, or aliens, or the OTHER others. Tragically a lot of the characters just seemed to be making a cameo appearance, and making really dumb decisions. I could go on but I'm pushing the number of question and exclamation marks I can use in one review. Certainly this was the one of the worst Lost moments for me, even more than some of the early episodes of Season Three.

    I love Lost, even when most people I knew had given up watching it a long time ago, I'd always cite it as being one of my favourite shows. It's only been getting better & better, with that wobbly bit in Season Three, but I'm worried that its just Jumped the Shark - maybe two at once.

    Roll on Season Six!moreless

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    Flawless, Superlative!

    By CaptainFreedom3, Sep 04, 2010

    All of these words describe this episode of LOST. But the bottom line is as follows: LOST equals perfection!!!!! What a phenomenal season finale; perfect finale!

    A-OK, absolute, accomplished, aces, adept, beyond compare, blameless, classical, consummate, crowning, culminating, defect less, excellent, excelling, experienced, expert, faultless, finished, foolproof, ideal, immaculate, impeccable, in-defectible, matchless, out-of-this-world, Paradise, paradisaical, peerless, pure, skilled, skillful, sound, splendid, spotless, stainless, sublime, superb, supreme, ten, unblemished, unequaled, unmarred, untainted, untarnished, Utopian, abstract, airy, ambitious, Arcadian, chimerical, dream, fanciful, fantasy, grandiose, hopeful, idealist, idealistic, ideological, illusory, impossible, impractical, lofty, otherworldly, perfect, pie-in-the-sky, pretentious, quixotic, romantic, transcendental, unfeasible, visionary, bright, clean, error less, exquisite, faultless, flawless, impeccable, irreproachable, neat, pure, snowy, spotless, spruce, stainless, taint-less, trim, unexceptionable, unsoiled, unsullied.moreless

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    Yet another amazing installment of lost and a superb finale to set up the final season of one of the best shows of all time.

    By DerickBentham, Sep 04, 2010

    It is amazing how well written each and every season finale of lost is. Its also amazing because not many shows are able to completely satisfy a large majority of the fanbase with a finale while other shows seriously struggle with wrapping up a season yet still creating questions to make sure the viewer will be back for the next season, for example; Heroes is unable to satisfy people with their finales, even with the amazing first season of heroes, it didnt have a very stellar finish to the season. I thought this finale was amazing for a lot of reasons, first off, the acting was even more amazing than usual with great effort by Matthew Fox, Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn. While the season finale does create even more questions reguarding the next season, it also answers the most used question in the lost universe, "who is jacob". Although i was sort of expecting Jacob to be someone we had already met, i though it was amazing how they tied him into the past of a majority of the main characters on the island. Also, the storyline was extremely well done with tons of plot twist and superb action. It's sad to think that Lost only has 17 more hours to go, but it has been an amazing ride and the fifth season was one of the best yet! thank you to everyone on the set that has helped make lost so special!moreless

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  • 8.5

    We find out who Jacob is and what lies in the shadow of the statue. This episode sucks b/C it introduced a new character and a new story line that just doesn't make sense. As soon as we meet Jacob, a character that is a fraud kills him like a beetach!

    By nwm2100, Sep 04, 2010

    I want to summarize what happen in this episode, but it was complicated. Jacob has encountered ever major character of Lost for reasons I don't understand. I will list what significant stuff happened in this episode. The bomb has been donated. Juliet is most likely dead. We find out what happen to the Korean's doctors arm. The other people on the plan have a body that they need to show Richard. If you have seen "Dead is Dead", then the body in the coffin makes no sense; none! Someone kills Jacob at the end. Locke is not Locke. The new Locke is this character at the beginning of the episode that doesn't like Jacob. For all the people who said that the characters are in a continuous loop, your right! Another thing, Richard most likely came on the Blackrock ship. The only reason why I rated this show so high is because Jacob has nice taste in clothes. I'm a fashion man myself! One very good thing about this episode is that the old couple is doing well!moreless

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    The end of both John Locke and Jacob as we know them.

    By ionee24, Sep 04, 2010

    The most disturbing season finale starts with the flashback of the Black Rock arrival as Jacob remembers it, doomed to a loophole that repeats over and over another man swears this will be the last as he'll find a way to kill him.

    Throughout the episode, different flashbacks shows Jacob taking contact with the castaways through several points in their lives: the funeral of Sawyer's parents, Kate's first theft, Jack's first surgery, the first day Jin & Sun spent as husband and wife, the last time Sayid ever saw Nadia and so on, the only one Jacob doesn't contact is a younger Juliet...

    And yet is older Juliet the hero of this story, as every attempt to change history fails once the drill actually hits the magnetic core of the island is our sweet, brave Juliet, the most capable woman Ben could find to fix the pregnancy issue and the only woman Jim "Sawyer" LaFleur ever committed to the one who finally detonates the hydrigen bomb leaving us hanging in our seats for a shocking next season.

    For it was not a plane crash what they were meant to stop, it was not the incident, not even the Dharma Initiative but rather the murder of "He who will save us all" the answer Illana, Bram and the rest finally receive from Ricard Alpert as they show him the content of the box they were carrying: the body of our beloved John Locke as dead as the day Jack took the Ajira 316 flight. Meanwhile, in the shadow of the statue, the man who we thought was John Locke has finally killed Jacob just as he swore he would ...when the Black Rock arrived.moreless

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    The best cliff-hanger since the season 3 finale of The Next Generation.

    By AlexanderLost, Sep 04, 2010

    I wasn't monitoring the time to be sure when part I ended and part II began, so I will be referring to both. I'd like to start out by saying that I gave this a 10, and while some might argue that most of the episode is pointless and leads the viewers on a false ride, I feel that the drama was good, the action was packed in, and the intrigue was certainly there.

    The episode starts off in an undefined past time. We see a man spinning thread and weaving a tapestry (can anyone say symbolism?). This man walks out onto a beach, and we see that he was inside of the giant statue, or "in the shadow of the statue. This man is wearing a white shirt. He is approached by a man in a black shirt (again, can anyone say symbolism?). I'm thinking... hmmmm... black shirt... black SMOKE MONSTER!?! and if that's the case, could that mean that the man in the white shirt is... wait a minute! There is a boat off in the distance. Could that be the Black Roc? The man in the black shirt does not seem to be happy that they are coming. He looks to the man in the white shirt and says he'd like to find the loop hole to be able to kill and and calls him, you may have guessed, JACOB!!!

    The episode proceeds to show us flashbacks involving all of the characters and an encounter they've had with Jacob. (All except for Juliet whose flashback is Jacob free) We find out that Jacob supplies an 8 year old Sawyer with the pen to write his letter to the man responsible for the deaths of his parents. Jacob keeps a very young Kate from getting into trouble when she robs a store. Jacob prevents Sayid from crossing a street with his wife who is run down by a car infront of his very eyes. Jacob congratulates Sun and Jin as they are getting married and advises them never to take their love or each other for granted. He oversees an argument between Jack and his father, in which Jack's father calls him out on not having faith in himself. Jacob "revives" John after the fall that lands him into a wheelchair. And lastly, Jacob is the one who convinces Hurley to return to the island. I suppose it could be said the he intervened in the lives of each character at some seemly small, but in actuality crucial part. Juliet's flashback involved her parents telling her and her sister of their intentions to get a divorce. Juliet does not take the news well, and her parents tell her that sometimes you have to recognize when you are not meant to be with someone (or something to that effect). Juliet sees the way that Sawyer looks at Kate and realizes that even though she loves him and he loves her, and would probably stick by her, they do not belong together. Juliet takes action on the sub when Kate says they must get off to stop Jack. Once off the sub, when she hears Jack's plea, she takes action to help Jack. A part of her feels that if she can prevent Sawyer and herself from getting together, she can prevent the hurt of losing him.

    Sayid helps Jack extract the plutonium core from the bomb, which is much easier to carry and is all that is needed to cause the explosion necessary to put their plan into action. They are attacked by members of the Dharma initiative and Sayid is shot at point blank range in the stomach. Jin, Hurley and Miles show up in the Dharma van and haul them off to the Swan site.

    Sawyer and ladies intercept the van, and Sawyer tries to change Jack's mind. He tells Jack about the death of his parents and how he had the chance to take the sub and keep his father from killing his mother and himself, but that he didn't, because "what's done is done." Jack doesn't see it that way and admits that his driving motivation in changing the future is to prevent the heartbrake of losing Kate. Sawyer decides when his words fail to change Jack's mind, to use his fists and Jack and Sawyer finally duke it out after 3 years (for them, 5 for us). Juliet stops the fights and sides with Jack. Everyone backs Jack up at this point. Jack approaches the hole that the Dharma guys are drilling into, which will cause "the incident" and throws the bomb in, only the bomb doesn't detinate, the drill cannot be stop and it releases the pocket of electro magnetic energy causing everything that is magnetic to be pulled towards the hole. Miles is able to save his father's life when he becomes entangled in the metalic mess. Juliet gets caught in a metal chain and is pulled into the hole. Sawyer and Kate try desperately to save her but it is in vain.

    Meanwhile, in the present, Locke tells Ben that he must kill Jacob. They reach the foot of the statue where Jacob resides and go inside. Jacob looks at Locke and tells him he finally has found his loophole. He looks at Ben and tells Ben he has a choice to make. Ben is tested by Jacob, and Ben kills him, meanwhile outside of the statue Illana shows up with her crew carrying a box with secret contents. They dump the contents out to reveal a familiar body.

    As my friends and I were watching, they asked me, "Alex, what question would you like to be answered by the end?" I told them, Lost typically doesn't instill questions in me. I feel that I follow pretty well, I make my predictions, sometimes I'm wrong. I said that they only thing I wanted to see was everyone propelled back into the future, I did not want it to end with a big FLASH, where you didn't know what happened. They all laughed and said LOST would never do that. That it always ends with some question being answered and a new one being asked. When Ben stabbed Jacob, he fell to his knees and looked at John and said "their coming." My friends all assumed that he was talking about Illana and her crew, but I'll bet anyone that he was talking about our guys stuck in the past. We won't know for certain though, because sure enough, LOST ended with a BANG! ...and a flash ;)moreless

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    Best finale of television.

    By JBentham, Sep 04, 2010

    It all came down to this - the entire show was building up to this very moment. The real chance to make everything right. To prevent the crash, to erase all the things that happened, all the miserable things, and to bring back all the people that were lost.

    And to finally reveal the two sides - who's good, who's bad, who's Jacob, who's Christian...

    The finale did a brilliant job keeping the story and character in balance. We finally saw all the flashbacks we wanted, and more. The whole episode had a season 1 vibe to it, which is welcome. But each flashback had something.. or someone in common. Jacob.

    Yes, he's revealed, and his nemesis is too. There is a man, who wants to kill Jacob, but he can't do it himself, so he tries to find a loophole. And he finally found his: Locke. To understand all this, you need to watch the episode. It's just brilliant. The cold open is one of the best scenes of the show, if not the best.

    Probably not. The best scene is most likely the ending with Ben and notLocke killing Jacob, thus having notLocke as the ultimate leader of the island. The evil has won? Well, not yet.

    And of course, Juliet's last scene - the very last scene of the episode, where she blows up the nuke. There's acting, good acting, fantastic acting, and then there's this. If you didn't tear up at Elizebath Mitchell's beyond amazing performance, then you have no soul . The desperation, the struggle, the hopelessness was never portrayed so perfectly.

    And the scene was capped off with the most brilliant ending of an episode ever: inverting the Lost logo - black text on white background. Ah, awesome.

    Overall, this is the best episode of the show, and television, quite possibly. An amazing thrillride that gave us the last remaining pieces to unlock the mythology of Lost. See you in 8 months.moreless

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