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  • 9.5

    Jack finally accepts his destiny on the Island in another strong episode that sets up the pieces for the final arc of the series.

    By SenninKyuubi, May 01, 2011

    WOW. That was an excellent piece of storytelling for so many reasons. It finally resolved the question of what Jack saw back from the pilot and in true Lost fashion cleverly and seamlessly linked the storylines of the characters on the Island and in the alternate reality in what was a fast moving, creative treat for the senses.

    For me this episode was all about Jack finally embracing his destiny and start to take up John Lockes mantle as the Island's protector. This season has been leading to this moment, and it was expertly done. Their first meeting was so ironic because both of them were sitting, yet again, on opposite sides, except this time Jack was the Man of Faith with his new found belief that his destiny is with the Island, and Locke was the Man of Science, trying to persuade him to leave. It was a complete role reversal, one which has been building all season, and I loved every minute of it.

    The end scene with Jack looking back at the Island on the boat was truly special. It was totally epic. With Sawyer trying to convince him to leave, Jack says that "it doesn't feel right leaving the Island, that it didn't feel right leaving the last time. That they were all brought here to do something special". And then Jack says what we've all been thinking for so long..."that if Locke...that thing (!!) wants them to leave, maybe it's afraid of what happens if we stay". Cue the eerie Lost music...

    Then in true Sawyer fashion he tells Jack to get off his boat. But Jack still needs to tell him something important. "James this is a mistake, and I know there's a part of you that feels that. The Island isn't done with us yet". Those famous old words aye? Jack, you have changed!! Sawyer then responds to this Jack/Locke speak by saying that he is through with the Island (remember he hasn't actually left) and that "if you want to take a leap of faith Jack then take it." The whole scene was absolutely outstanding. It really seemed as though Jack needed this final push from Sawyer to finally make up his mind. Jack really has become the man John Locke wanted him to be.

    Jack, having finally made up his mind, turns to his friend and says "I'm sorry that I got Juilet killed", accepting his guilt and finally letting go of the mistakes that have dogged him for so long. He then jumps off and into the sea, as if being cleansed of those sins, and makes his long swim back to the Island. And when he reaches the beach the MIB is there waiting for him. They exchange a few words before they are bombed by Widmores people. Wait a second, they have guided missles? Of course they do!! Locke rescues Jack from the explosions, in a scene remisisant of the initial plane crash, and tells him not to worry, everythings going to be ok now because "You're with me now". O really...?!?

    Cue end title and music.

    This season can only get better. I'm going to miss you Lost.moreless

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  • 10

    Amazing ! .

    By Yasser-24, May 01, 2011

    They all back together or are they ? . some much happened in this episode . 01) Jack changes his mind 180 degree . 02) Jin and Sun finally meet . 03) Jack and Fake Locke scene . 04) Jack father is MIN . 05) Sayid did not kill Des ? . 06) Jack and Clarie finally met and what a moment . 07) Sawyer and Jack Scene was one of the best moment in this season . 08) jack Finally say sorry to sawyer for killing Juliet .

    09) Wedmore broke his word and wanna kill the gang ? . 10) Sin say " No it's him " to Locke ?

    11) " Your with me Now " line .

    etc .. Note : Jack Deserve and Emmy for his outstaing performance this season . amazing episode for Lost . 10/10 .moreless

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  • 7.5

    Good episode but I can't give it any higher...things are still not fitting into place...

    By stewie1423, May 31, 2010

    I enjoyed seeing the camps merge - the reunions with Claire, the looks people gave each other were interesting. I just found the whole things little silly...surely Jack knew that Locke (man in black)would know that he left the group...surely he knew someone or Claire would follow them to the boat...and then he just jumped off?

    I was entertained by all of this but didn't find it particularly believable...but at this point Lost obviously isn't believable. I liked the reunion between Jin and Sun, it was extremely satisfying to finally see them reunited on the island. So Jack is now with Locke...god things are confusing.

    I do like the flash's really interesting to see how peoples lives could have gone and now it's ever more enjoyable because Desmond is getting them to remember the island stuff. I still get the sense that they are completely pointless but I guess I'll have my answer in a few episodes time....moreless

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  • 6.5

    "It's nice to have everyone back together again"

    By Lccf, May 27, 2010

    The MIB nailed it, of course. Yes, it was good to have most of the main cast in the same place ( can't remember when it last happened, was it the cockpit scene in the season 4 opener ? ) . Actually, even in the flash-sideways, almost everyone was there, and someone - of course, the ever perceptive Sawyer - at last realized how odd it was that some people keep bumping onto each other ( whereas the "original" losties, in most cases, never realized they had already crossed paths before the crash, by the way ! ) . This allowed for some interesting face-to-face scenes ( Jack/"Locke", Jack/Claire - twice, Jack/ Sawyer ... and above all Desmond / Sayid; if Desmond's lines are his very last, which I don't think, what a way to go ! ). And of course, it was one of the high points of the episode to FINALLY have Sun and Jin back together ( just a shame the flash-sideways brought them back as a couple first, it lessens the impact of the scene, if just by a little ) . BUT my complain is, to have all these scenes, the characters seem to be shuffled like a pack of cards. We're going to talk with Locke ! No ! We run from his camp ! I'm coming with you ! No ! I'm staying with Locke ! Perhaps ( probably ) everything will make sense eventually, and the episode will benefit from DVD back-to-back watching, but right now, if I didn't know for a fact that the writers know what they're doing ... well, I could seriously doubt it. To conclude on a positive note, I'd like to pay homage to the ambiguity and the irony of the ending. Jack feels something's wrong about the Candidates leaving the island, is aware that the MIB is up to no good ... and runs to him. Sawyer doesn't trust the MIB a bit ... and does everything to leave the island, which is exactly what the MIB wants. Right now, I can't really tell which one is right, and which one is wrong, and so close to the end, that's a nice trick from the writers.moreless

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    An easy score; Last Recruit was running at a high 10 basically the entire episode

    By RobGrizz, May 27, 2010

    Once again, this is the type of L O S T episode I love. The Last Recruit basically ran like part 1 of a 4-act finale; it moved full speed ahead, there was a collection of flashes for several of the characters, not specific to anyone in particular, and was filled with intrigue, intensity, and surprises; basically all of LOST's greatest strengths.

    Jack and Locke finally, finally re-unite! Something I've been loving the most about this season is trying to read people's faces- what they are thinking. Fake Locke has been especially intriguing, but no less interesting are the other characters' reactions to him. Jack and MiB have a pivotal conversation, and the issue of Locke Prime, the original man of faith, is a big theme. "He was a sucker," declared MiB. Ouch. Yes, Smokey was Christian, btw.

    Loved the scene with Dr Linus and Mr. Locke in the hospital- and as fate would have it, Johnny Roadkill is going to the same hospital as Sunny Gunshot, who seemed to recognize him!

    Jack and Claire got a nice scene on the island, seeing each other as brother and sister for the first time. Claire says Jack has decided to go with them even if he doesn't know it. He let the Man in Black speak. Hmmm. Seeing how the ep ends, there's a lot to read into that.

    In Otherverse, Claire was visited by Desmond who insisted he meet his lawyer (Ilana, looking smokin) for assistance in the adoption matters- as fate would have it, Lil' Littleton and Papa Jack meet here too, as Claire was in Jack's dad's will. "He was my father too!" Sawyer, meanwhile, is ready to begin his Great Escape, and all our original heroes are invited, except The Crazies, Claire and Sayid. All Jack needs to do is bring his group to the rendezvous point. It was nice to see Sawyer trusting Jack again, and even nicer to see that he is a legitimate leader at the end of things.

    Sideways Sawyer got a little flirty with Fugie Kate, but was all business cleverly apprehending murder suspect Sayid back at Nadia's house.

    Sayid's assignment was to assassinate Desmond, who was down a well that looked a hell of a lot deeper last week. If there was anything special about it, as Smokey inferred, it didn't look like it. No one wants to see Desmond killed, and we're all hoping Dark Sayid can be saved. They had a conversation, but we never saw an execution. Sayid was really trailing behind Un-Locke's crew, much to his chagrin, but when they met back up, Jarrah insisted he did what he was told. We shall see...

    I loved Dark Claire stalking the candidates as they snuck away from the group. I was eager for a big confrontation, but it was sort of anti-climatic. Kate basically just talked her down. On the one hand, it was reconciliation for the two characters. On the other hand, Kate robbed us of something that could have been a bit more exciting. But that's my personal blood lust. Whatevs

    Aboard the boat, Sawyer and Jack have an even better conversation. "It doesn't feel right, leaving the island." Jack laments. Sawyer in 1 basic thought: Oh Hell. He iterates in 5 words: "Get off my damn boat." Jack truly has embraced this fate/higher meaning thing, and in the biggest move of the show, Jack jumps ship! Leap of faith indeed. Did he have a point about Smokey wanting them off the island? Maybe they shouldn't go.

    The ep concludes with a huge reunion: Jin and Sun! However I don't think this had the intended emotional impact. These two haven't seen each other since the end of season 4, but really we've seen them together a whole lot since then. It never really felt like they were apart all that long- from a viewer standpoint. Magically, Sun can speak English again. This was lame. And made the whole asphyxia thing pointless in the first place. "Looks like someone got their voice back." Poor Lapidus. He just got the worst line in LOST history. Sawyer planned on seeking refuge with Widmore, and then turning on him to steal his sub. Looks like Chuck got the drop on him first, because the next thing we know, our castaways are face down in the sand, with Zoe pointing guns at their heads. Why that two-timing son of a...

    Our cute Tina Fey lookalike gets the order, and they fire missiles back at Smokey, who now have washed-ashore Jack. "You're with me now."

    Oh snap.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Who to trust, Whitmore, or Smokey?

    By Dunga103, May 27, 2010

    The biggest draw for me in this episode is what is going to happen now that Jack and Smokey finally meet up? Well… nothing other then a few little facts about Smokey like he can only take the form of dead people. Blah blah blah. I thought may be a few important questions would be answered, but no, no such luck.

    Jack on the other hand seems all lost and confused now that he isn't the one giving orders or leading the group in fact he's done a totally 180. Before he was all about leaving the island but now he wants to stay while Locke, (Smokey now) can't wait to get of it.

    On the alt-verse there seems to be all sorts of drama with shootings, and hit and runs as everybody that was on the island is starting to bump into each other again. I personally think that the drama should have been just contained within the island and the having the alternate reality is just a waste of time but now that it exists, I want a plausible explanation to its existence.

    Jin and Sun finally meet again but under some crappy circumstances. Whitmore wants Desmond back and Smokey is having none of it, and has Sayeed kill him. Question is, did he? Overall, not a bad episode, it's got the taste of the Lost I used to enjoy. I hope the writers pick up pace now and start giving up more answers.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Lots of stuff going on this time on the island and in sideways world. Entertaining, zippy episode.

    By polsixe, May 27, 2010

    No centrism, everyone's in play as both stories move ahead to, to? Well it's looking pretty interesting now. Sawyer has some great lines "pilot who looks likes he's from a Burt Reynold's movie", (LOL - Deliverance? Smokey and the Bandit? allusion anyone?). An earlier plot hole in the LAX episode re: Sawyer and Kate in the elevator was neatly filled. Jack bides his time and makes his move, and hey, couldn't the guy be a little nicer to his half-sister in both timelines? The incoming artillery was great, another bunch of redshirts are written off. That cove on the main island with the sailboat sure looked the same as the cove they landed on Hydra Island! And Desmond, great questions to the "dark side" Sayid. So a lot of chuckles, suspense and neat plotting, things look like they are the upswing as we get into the late innings.moreless

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  • 10

    Now this is the show I am talking about!

    By Picklepiss, May 27, 2010

    Jack doesn't buy MIB's sales pitch, which isn't surprising as he still believes the original Locke's remarks about there being a purpose for them on the island and that MIB wanting to leave is not a good thing for them to be getting ready to do. James gets conned for a change by Widmore and we do not see Sayid kill Desmond so one can only imagine being that Sayid took so long to catch up to MIB's army that he helped Desmond out of the well. But that is pure speculation on my behalf. So where the heck are those homing rockets coming from, I have no clue but it won't do any good because MIB is like ....invulnerable to bullets and blades so your going to have to come up with something else there Widmore. It's him! It's him! Sun recognizes Locke in the stretcher so there is something else to talk about on the forums fellas! Desmond continues his stalking of candidates and whatnot so thats just more relation to the way Jacob acted right there. So lets look at the setup of things now. You got MIB and Jack together, Sawyer and the rest being held at gunpoint, Richard, Ben and Miles going after grenades and other explosives and then Widmore and his men so I can safely say who in the heck knows not only where everyone is at, but who is going after who! Hence this episode is creating the avalanche that we the viewers are wanting. Fast paced, eventful episodes that fly by so fast the cliffhangers are landing critical blows every time! Til next week Losties!moreless

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  • 8.5

    the last recruit

    By thefanof, May 27, 2010

    Well, ask and you shall receive. After I complained about the flashbacks growing trite over the past few weeks, we get an episode that did not focus primarily on them. The battle lines are finally being drawn on Lost and we are being taken back almost to times when the show was better (with the Ben and Widmore rivalry and the Losties vs. Others.) This show has always been about two sides, not necessarily good vs. evil, but two parties disagreeing with each other. For most of the first season Locke and Jack butted heads.

    The show looks like it finally has some direction and as a fan that is all we can ask for. Not a lot of answers here tonight, but still a pretty strong episode.moreless

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  • 9.1

    Great episode

    By Parricida, May 27, 2010

    Lost is just great.. It is getting better and better and when I felt in last season that I might stop watching it, then now, when the time comes, I am nailed to screen, so eager to see that.

    This episode was great. I mean, all those sidestories coming together.. The way there is connection and it was nice to see everyone back together on island too. Some really interesting turns. I mean.. Jack wanting to stay. That sounds just wrong but.. they have all changed. Look at Sayid. I am still quite sure he did not killed him and that Desmond comes to play.. he is just way too mysterious and looks too important to finish in a well.

    Also the whole Claire thing.. not bad.. not bad at all. And ending.. some happy moment but majority of the time: surprise.moreless

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