The Little Prince

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  • 6.2

    This episode can be boring, mainly because it focus on Kate and even the Island scenes was pure filler with little future hints. Overall, this episode is transitional.

    By Dante_Edy, May 14, 2011

    Plot Details/Objective -» The writers decided to give Kate other opportunity to be the main focus, but also decided to make this episode transitional and save the best material for the next episode.

    What I Like/Disliked -» Only liked the nice surprises, more than That is asking too much.


    Presentation -» (6/10). Nothing special.

    Complication Phase -» (6/10). This time was about a trek with some emotional value for Locke and Sawyer. Kate is the main focus and her problem almost interesting.

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (6/10). I don´t understand lost writers. You already know that she is Danielle, so what is the point. At least, we will see what really happened to her. At least, most of the Oceanic Six are reunited.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (6/10). If you skip this episode, you will lose almost nothing.

    Dialogues -» (6/10). That type of dialogues that was there to buy more time.

    Action /Adventure -» (6/10). A emotional adventure which wasn´t very interesting. Sayid action it is always nice to see.

    Drama/Emotions -» (6/10). Only if you care for Kate you will be amazed. Locke and Sawyer emotional scenes, well, didn´t care either.

    Suspense/Tension -» (6/10). Don't´ expect anything from other world.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» (6/10). This time the hints doesn't exist. You curiosity can be overshadow by the boring scenes.

    Surprise/Twists -» (7/10). Nothing spectacular, was nice to see Danielle young version and that one old character is alive.

    This episode can be boring, mainly because it focus on Kate and even the Island scenes was pure filler with little future hints. Overall, this episode is transitional.moreless

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  • 10

    amazing episode

    By DerickBentham, Jun 05, 2010

    The Little Prince was yet another great episode of LOST. It was good for a lot of reasons such as Jack and Kate are finally back together and helping one another. Also, we learned that the person that is trying to have aaron taken away from kate is Ben. Although Hurley has a very small part, it is still extremely comical to see him not only in a jail jumpsuit but also extremely happy to be in prison. On the island the adventure through time continues and we get to see the soft side of Sawyer once again when he sees Kate in the jungle helping Claire through labor. LOST has stayed creative and is showing no signs of slowing down or letting off the pedal!moreless

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    The first 3 episodes were nothing! Lost really is JUST Begining with this episode...!! :)

    By AnilThornberry, Jun 05, 2010

    This episode was completely mind blowing and what I would like to call the real start of the 5th season. The 3 previous episodes are nothing compared to this.

    Loved every minute of it. Breath-taking, exciting and a shocking episode!!!

    I just knew that it had to be Ben, I just knew it. Everybody knew so thats why they wanted to confuse us with the lawyer going to Clair's Mother.

    Ben is smart, Very.. smart! He always WILL gets his way. lol, gotta love him. :)

    Besides this whole Kate/Aaron plot, the island parts were the best. The time travels were much more exciting than the previous time travels in the past 3 episodes. We have Jin back. Woo-hoo and Ben knows it. Now that is a totally the biggest question of this episode. How the hell does he know? He JUST got saved. Thats Lost fot you..

    And a young Danielle. Love, love it! I hope she comes back. I miss and her I loved her.

    Cant wait for next week!moreless

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    A great mix of time-traveling Island storylines and O6 storylines.

    By motleylil, Jun 05, 2010

    I'll have to admit that I am far from being an O6 fan. I love those characters themselves (except for Sun), but some of the O6 storylines have been a bit wacky. Even though, I have enjoyed much more than I would have thought this episode. The off-Island parts were very well done, probably my favorite after-the-Island storyline yet, that is, with the exception of Ben's scenes in season 4. And the Island storyline, while they were less important than in 'Jughead', have been more than satisfying. The shows seems to be setting a rhythm for what the Island has yet to offer us. And, of course, how awesome was it to see Jin show up, and to meet young Rousseau? Rousseau who, I was surprised of it, does not look like as crazy as what we've seen of before, or should I say, after. Very would be the answer. I am watching this season of the show with very high expectations, and every episode has lived up to them for now. So should you watch it? Absolutely.moreless

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  • 10

    Jin is alive and found in the water by danielle. Kate jack sayid ben and sun meet.

    By jesse757x, Jun 05, 2010

    Wow what a great episode. Season five is starting to pick up. Lost is like a puzzle and the pieces are slowly but surely coming together. I did not expect to see Claire's mother again. Is Ben using Aaron to blackmail Kate? Jin is back! I really thought he was dead, and we finally get to see more of Danielle Rousseau! I can't wait t see how and when the oceanic six get back to the Island. I also think Sawyer and Juliet are going to have a love connection. These episodes keep leaving me wanting more. Lost is one of the best shows on tv.moreless

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    It doesnt get more suspenseful, epic, or more beautiful than this folks!

    By toonaspie, Jun 05, 2010

    I have no clue how this show is going to end but about an episode that is leading us all toward something amazing.

    First off, they did well with keeping everyone satisfied with the progress of the story. Charlotte is okay but still in danger and now Miles and Juliette are affected by the crazy time travel business. There's chaos back in civilization as someone is after Aaron. This episode had the best on-island scenes ever!!! Sawyer seeing the season one flashback of Kate delivering Aaron. Absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking! Of all the old scenes they could have brought certain characters back in time to! And what else can I say? I'm speechless. Not only do we get something beautiful as a season one flashback witnessed by a major character but we also get the suspense of those people on the canoe attacking Sawyer and Juliet's group. Add a little OMG Jin is alive! and combine it with Jin encountering Rousseau's team upon arrival on the island in 1988. There you go's Lost at it's awesomness!!!moreless

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  • 9.5

    This is the first episode this season that I really liked. The team on the island moves forward, the O6 are coming together, and my adjustment to the time traveling stuff is getting smoother.

    By RobGrizz, Jun 05, 2010

    First, let me say My So-Called Life is my favorite TV show of all time. So to see Tom Irwin (Angela's dad) now working on LOST (my current second favorite show of all time) back in "Because You Left" and now here in a substantially larger role, is a real delight. Here, he is Ben's lawyer (is there any one-liner Michael Emerson can't know out of the park?) and is working diligently to take Aaron away from Kate.

    But not before were were thrown a curve ball. It looked as if Mr. Dan Norton's client was actually Claire's mom (!), as discovered by Jack and Kate when they tailed him back to her motel. This would have been a welcome surprise, but it turns out she was only getting a settlement from the crash, and still believes Claire to be dead. I admit, even though I was a fan of the Jack/Kate relationship over Kate/Sawyer, I'm growing a little tired of the two of them not being able to trust each other. And speaking of Sawyer, seeing him so sad about the loss of Kate was pretty moving. I've never seen Sawyer like this, and honestly, now I really hope he finds his way back to her. Josh Halloway's character has developed so much, the scoundrel with a heart. He and the other Left Behind-ers were on the move to the Orchid station, where Locke thinks he might be able to get off the Island, like Ben did, get the 06 back, and undo this whole mess. But Ben is gone because he moved the Island, which must be the only course John is thinking of. But lest we forget, he said that doing this is both dangerous and unpredictable, so what happened to him may not happen to Locke.

    I loved both the on and off-Island events this week, but surprisingly, I favored the on-island team (consisting of only 2 original cast members and all newbies), I liked seeing Juliet, Faraday and the rest all working together, and Sawyer's lines as they flashed out of the firefight and into a rain storm were fantastic!

    Finally there was the big reveal at the end of the episode, a 2 for one deal, if you will. Jin is alive, and he's been found by the French expedition team (including a young noticeably hotter and pregnant, Rousseau!) This is the backstory I've been waiting for since "Live Together, Die Alone" the S1 finale! Unfortunately the reveal was tainted a bit thanks to some butthole spoilers on the internet. This is the exact reason I never go on message boards or blogs or anything to discuss this show. All in all, great episode, though. Looking forward to the O6 showdown next week!moreless

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  • 9.5

    A pleasant surprise.

    By JBentham, Jun 05, 2010

    "The Little Prince" is essentially the best "example" episode of season 5 so far. This episode felt by far the most balanced of all so far. The island and O6 stuff was equally great, the pacing was fantastic, the reveals were placed nicely, and were very satisfying.

    I have to say that this is probably my favorite episode so far of the season, and wow, what a surprise, it was a Kate epi!

    No other Kate episode came this close. So I'm impressed.

    I just loved the atmosphere. Jack, Sayid and Ben co operating was, in a way, a relief, considering how depressing the entire O6 story was only a few episodes ago.

    The time jumps in the episodes were pivotal too. I'm still interested in knowing who Juliet shot - would be rather ironic if it was the O6 itself, hence the Ajira Airways bottle...moreless

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    Wow that was yet another overwhelming dose of Lost served to us!!

    By maujla, Jun 05, 2010

    This season has definately picked up from the momentum of the previous episodes, yet this episode is building more and more momentum for the episodes to come. Guys n gals we have 13 more to go!!!!! how much more can we take. First of all there was some mysteries revealed and questions answered in this installment (with a few raised as usual lol) like whats Sun really upto, what're Bens ultimate intentions (we know hes getting everyone back but what then??) and i wonder what happened to Danielles crew when the others found em (that was a nice ending with her back but Locke:"anyone speak french" kinda gave it away right there :). On the island sooo much happened, i have this theory that charlotte was born on the island and when miles got the nosebleeds immediately i was like what about dr.chang?? he had a son , could it not be him ??? :) , with Juliette i think its because she was on the island at the same time that she was there (LOL as ridiculous as that sounds its true) Faraday, Sawyer "Thank you God" hahah , Sayid, kate, JIN!!!! omg this was yet another classic. My appetite for Lost's craziness has been catered to for sure so far, but i have a feeling i'm gonna be stufffffed by the time this is all done, cant wait till next week!!!moreless

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