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    Hell of a way to wrap up the party

    By DavidB226Morris, Nov 11, 2010

    When we started this series back in 2004, a lot of people (me included) thought that Lost would no doubt end with some of the characters being rescued and reunited with their families. Imagine our surprise that this scene comes in the middle of the series.

    What is especially notable is the discord between what we know happened and the public story. According to lostipedia, the teaser and the subsequent opening flashback take place on day 108. (Given the significance of this number, I can't help but think this is another example of the writers messing with our heads.) The survivors have now spent 100 days on the island. None of them seem to be particularly happy that they've been rescued; if anything, the Oceanic 6 seem even more wound up then they were on the island. Same as on the island, everyone seems to look to Jack; no one talks about anything before he does.

    They are greeted by their families--- such as they are. Kate's mother didn't bother to show up (no wonder she Kate bore her such loathing). Sayid doesn't seem to have any relatives there either, and we'll later learn he did have a family. Sun goes straight to her mother, and pointedly ignores her father--- and he notices. Hurley's parents show up, but the rest of his family doesn't seem to be there.. All of this reminds us how many people on the island are alone in the world. Granted, most of them had so many parental issues, they might not have wanted to see them.

    The press conference seems to confirm that the story they are telling matches Widmore. Is Oceanic in cahoots with Widmore? Hell, could Widmore be a major stockholder, and that's one of the reason this plane went down in the first place? Then there are a whole new set of individual questions. A Korean reporter asks Sun if her husband could have survived the crash, and she said no--- after taking a pause that makes the rest of the survivors nervous. And why does the media believe that Kate is Aaron's mother. Even if the child is five weeks, how on earth does that explain who fit and fine Kate looks. (Of course, Claire automatically seemed to go back to her normal size after giving birth to Aaron, but for all we know the island did that? And why is it that Kate isn't immediately locked up the second she gets off the plane? Miles made it perfectly clear that everybody in the real work knew that Kate was fugitive, and Marshal Mars didn't work alone. So why was she allowed to walk around free, not only after this press conference, but for at least another year before anyone slapped cuffs on here?

    We also get a look at some scenes immediately after this that Nadia will be waited for him when he gets through with the conference (there's a moment to bring tears to the eyes, especially because we know what's coming) Hurley will seem to return to his normal life, Kate seems to do well with Aaron, Sun will develop the backbone to stand up to her father, and Jack will finally be able to say goodbye to his father. Which would be fine, except we also know from Season 4, Sayid will lose his beloved, and become Ben's triggerman, Hurley will lose his sanity, Kate will find stability with Jack, but Jack will blow it as he self-destructs, and Sun will start the process that turns into a cold, brutal woman.

    We get hints of it in this episode. Sun confronts her father, and tells him that he has lost control of his company--- to her. The attitude she takes is so filled with anger (even when delivered through subtitles) that we see a woman we really haven't seen either on or off the island.

    Hurley celebrates a birthday (island themed, showing that his parents never really got how hard those three months were) His father tries to engage him by showing that he believed in his son by finally fixing the Camaro we saw in 'Tricia Tanaka is Dead', and giving it to him. Then he sees the numbers on the odometer, and suddenly he freaks out. (Considering that he managed to convince himself there was no curse involving an experience with another car, there's a double irony here.)

    But the biggest shock comes at Jack's funeral, where he finally learns that his father was in Australia to see his sister --- Claire. This is obviously a huge shock, but an even bigger shock comes from who delivers the message--- Claire's mother. As we saw in 'Par Avion', Mrs. Littleton was in what was at the time an irreversible coma (Christian told us as much) and the condition was constant right up until Claire got on Oceanic 815. How did she comes out of it, not only alive, but with no apparent ill effects? Who did this? Does it have something to do with why Claire has disappeared? I'm beginning to lose hope that this question will ever be answered-- we're so close to the end of the series--- but it seems a pretty big gap.

    Meanwhile, in the present, Jack hears from the radio that Keamy's heading toward the secondary protocol, which would appear to be another Dharma station: The Orchid. Juliet clearly knows nothing about it, but Daniel does, and it alarms him enough to tell Charlotte that they had to start getting people off the island. How is it that Daniel who until a few days knew next to nothing, now seems to know everything about the island? We're still not sure of all the answers, but it's beginning to seem like he's got a bigger connection then anybody else.

    Jack (in typical Jack fashion) ignores the fact he just had major surgery and starts charging into the island with Kate. (You can just see how bitter Juliet is that's he made his choice) Even as blood starts oozing from his scar, he doesn't turn back. In the meantime, they encounter Sawyer and Miles, who are carrying Aaron. (There's a reunion neither was looking forward too) Jack continues to do his own thing, and an increasingly heroic Sawyer goes charging off after him. Even when they encounter Frank, they don't seem too happy (though it's nice to see he cares about Hurley).

    Meanwhile, Ben seems to have regained some of his purpose, now that he needs to 'move the island'. Hurley is clearly beginning to wish he'd never joined up on this crazy chase to begin with, and Locke, who seemed in control of his destiny in the last episode, now seems as scattered and he did before, especially since Ben won't tell him what's going to happen. (This is particularly true when Locke asks Ben if he was ever truthful, and he doesn't say anything.) Now Ben is confident enough to walk right into Keamy's arms. He seems confident thinks are under control, but then, that could just be another facade.

    When the first part of 'There's No Place Like Home' comes to an end it should set up a cliffhanger. But because we already know (or think we do) who's going to live and who's going to die, we're tuning in because we want to know how it's going to happen. Locke is about to enter a chamber that will let him move the island (he still has no idea how) Ben's just walked into the lion's den, and poor Hurley probably wants to run for his life. Sawyer and Jack are in pursuit of them Kate and Sayid have just been abducted by Richard and the Others. (Hi Richard! Where the hell have you been all season?) Daniel is ferrying people from the island to the freighter. Sun and Jin have just reunited with Michael (awkward!) and Desmond has just wandered into the belly of the freighter, where we've found a wall of C-4, with no possible means of escape. Do these guys know how to do a finale or what?

    My Score:10moreless

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    A great first part of the season4 finale

    By lostcy, May 01, 2010

    Amazing episode,one of the best of the season. It was so beautiful and so emotional. I loved the scene where the oceanic6 encounter their loved ones and i also enjoyed the scene where Sun confronts her father. In addition, one of the strongest moments was when Claire's mother tells Jack about her sister. Moreover, i was happy about Sayid,finding Nandia after all this time.

    The episode consisted of a lot of suspense,drama and revelations. I want to know what will happen on the freighter,who placed the C4 explosives and how Sun will manage to be one of the oceanic6. Furthermore, i am interested to learn what will happen at the orchid station and why did Rickard and his group capture Kate and Sayid. In addition, i am glad to see Sawyer and Jack teaming up to find Hurley.

    This episode was a superb set-up for the next 2 parts of the finale. I can't wait to see what happens next!moreless

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    LOST Season 4 "There's No Place Like Home (1) " very great episode we learned about about life after the island and it led really good into the season finale.


    By kevinb4444, May 01, 2010

    I like Frank Lapidus I think he is one of the good guys still not sure about Miles and Charlotte though. The episode before he dropped the phone so they could find the chopper and he helped them again in this episode.

    I'm not so sure about the moving the island, it seems like maybe it will be a bit odd even for this show, but they do a great job of explaining things that might cause some people to question the show. I think they have at least.

    They showed the Oceanic 6 when they came home, and how they were lying to protect the people still on the island, which will be explained more in the season finale as well. I figured they wouldn't show the homecoming moment until the last season I was pretty surprised.They seemed to wrap alot of things up lately, and I hope they leave some suspense for the last 2 seasons, I'm sure they will, and I'm sure there is plenty more things that will happen and that will be explained. I figured when they showed Jack & Kate that it was before the first flash foward when they were in the airport and it seems like it was they were together and split for some reason maybe? I think they touched on it in the season finale but I think there is more too it. They mentioned how Claire & Jack's Dad was still on the island and we don't know were they are yet. They mentoned earlier how they had the same Dad but didn't know it, I think Jack found out after he got off of the island. It was funny Claire's Mom was talking about how ironic it was her daughter was on the flight yet she didn't know that Aaron is her grandson. Ben & Locke are going to the Orchid and are trying to devise a plan to get in and to leave the island , they will run into a few people from the group later on who will make the trek with them and I will talk about that in the blog about the 1st part of the season finale.moreless

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  • 8.5

    A fine build-up to what I hope to be a very mind-blowing finale.

    By krazy4crack, May 01, 2010

    It seems as if the Losties will soon be leaving the island and I'm very curious to find out how exactly they do it, plus the big question, "Why were there only six people who got off the island?" It doesn't make sense for me because as of now, these six people aren't even together in the same place, so finding out how they actually end up to be the ones who are able to escape is very interesting.

    Ben just amazes me every week with what he has to offer to the show. You just never really know what he's thinking or what he wants to do next. As of now this review is basically just saying how excited I am for the finale and how this episode was just a mere build-up to what will be an amazing finale!moreless

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    This episode was great!

    By VGFreak8, May 01, 2010

    The Oceanic Six have flashfowards to when they finally get off of the island. After answering questions, they go back to their lives. Sayid meets Nadia again. Hurley has a surprise birthday party, but runs off after his dad gives him a gift and the numbers are on it. Kate has taken in Aaron. Sun now has partial ownership of her dad's company. At his father's funeral, Jack finds out that Claire is his sister. Ben, Locke and Hurley trek through the jungle to get to The Orchid. They know that Keamy and his men are there. Jack and Kate follow the signal. They meet up with Sawyer, Miles and Aaron. Jack and Sawyer go ahead, while Miles and Kate go back to the beach. Sayid gets to the beach. Daniel takes Jin, Sun, Aaron and others to the freighter. Sayid and Kate go after Jack and Sawyer after Sayid tells Kate that the men plan to kill everyone on the island. Jack and Sawyer reach Frank. They then go after Locke, Hurley and Ben after learning Keamy's plan. Ben gives himself up to Keamy as part of a plan. Michael, Desmond and Jin find C4 on the freighter. Kate and Sayid get caught by the Others. This was a great episode! In the end, everyone was like going after each other. The flashfowards were interesting. I'm so glad that Jack knows that Claire was his sister. I'm also glad that Sayid met Nadia finally! I want to see what happens next! I give this episode a 9.5 out of 10!moreless

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  • 9.5

    A cool, natural, and realistic way to bring the castaways back into the world.

    By RobGrizz, May 01, 2010

    The most interesting thing about this episode, which is really more of a kick start to the "true" finale (the 2 hour No Place Like Home pt 2), is seeing the fabled Oceanic Six on how they got home, and the initial treatment of their arrival from the rest of the world. The season has been hinting at us that they've been lying, and here we get to see it in full effect with the press conference with the media. Jack still seems to be in charge of things but lying obviously doesn't sit well with the rest of the group. I think it's interesting the things they chose to say though- from everything from the location of where they were rescued to the other "perished" survivors that they chose to mention (Libby, Charlie, and Boone). Hmmm.moreless

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    Part 1!!!

    By Dante_Edy, Jul 18, 2009

    Plot Details/Objective -» The first part of the season finale and the writers are using the initial material which is – how the Oceanic escaped and what happened. This is a setup, mainly the events in the Island, the FF are showing us what happened since they were rescued.

    What I Like/Disliked -» All the FF scenes were very good. Jack discover who is sister was or is, Sun take actions against her father (beautiful scenes), Hugo saw the number again, Nadia found Sayid (great emotional scene)


    Presentation -» (10/10). Perfection introduction for a Season Finale. It could be a different case if this was a regular episode. Also the FF show how Jack discover who is sister was or is, Sun take actions against her father (beautiful scenes), Hugo saw the number again, Nadia found Sayid (great emotional scene). Setup of the Complication Phase -» (10/10). The island event seems very interesting, even if there is a trek, the fact is: things are starting to be more complicated. Sun and Jin are on the Freighter, Locke Ben and Hugo arrived to the Station, Jack and Sawyer found Lapidus, Kate and Sayid are with the Others, Juliet is in the Beach waiting for Dan with Charlotte and Miles.

    Ending of the Episode -» (8/10). Just remembering us every players positions and now Ben is in a difficult position.

    Flash Forward´s -» (10/10). Simply perfect, is all about presenting us what happened when they arrived on land. All the necessary information was in this episode.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (10/10). Since is a necessary setup, nothing or any type of scene seemed to be there to buy more time, or it is hard to notice.

    Dialogues -» (10/10). The FF dialogues was more important and that is what had more impact. The dialogues in the Island is the usual Lost Quality.

    Action /Adventure -» (5/10). Just some treks.

    Drama/Emotions -» (8/10). Sun wanting revenge, Sayid and Nadia reunion, Jack finding that Claire was/is his sister.

    Suspense/Tension -» This is not about surprises, since this is a setup.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» This wasn´t about creating mystery, doubts or anything else, because it is a setup.

    Surprise/Twists -» None. The same reason above.

    For a Setup episode, it is a surprise for me, that the quality was more higher than I could anticipated. The FF is what seems complete, since the next two episodes will show us the set of complications for Jack and maybe why he want to go back. The Island events moved every Character into their position for the next two episodes, but doesn´t make sense yet, since only 2 of the 6 oceanic's are on the Freighter that will explode, two got caught by the Richard, Jack are looking for Locke, who is with Hurley. Nice setup.moreless

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    An Oceanic Six-centric episode.

    By Writer2000, Sep 16, 2008

    Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely loved this episode. It was so exciting! I absolutely loved all of the flash forwards of Oceanic Six. I thought that they were extremely intriguing and very well done. I'm glad that Daniel and Charlotte were featured in the whole plot of the Oceanic Six getting off the island since they're two of my favorite characters on the show now. Another storyline that I really liked was Ben, Hurley and Locke heading to the Orchid. I was really interested in finding out what was going to happen with that whole storyline the first time that I saw this episode. As for Sawyer, I just loved him in general in this episode since he's always been one of my most favorite characters on the show. All things considered, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I'm really looking to watching the last two parts of the season finale of the fourth season of Lost again.moreless

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  • 9.8

    The Oceanic 6 are revealed !

    By vicky24c, Aug 28, 2008

    We open with the oceanic 6 on a private (Coast Guard) plane, going back home to their loved ones. None of them seem happy. There is also a press conference there waiting for them. As the plane lands and they all get off we see them being greeted by their families and loved ones. But as Kate gets off with Aaron and Sayid, they are both alone with no one to greet them. Jack and Kate head off in to the jungle to try and find the helicopter and bump into Miles, Sawyer and baby Aaron. At the press conference they answer questions and it seems like they have come up with a perfect cover story for the island (such as plane in water etc). Sayid makes it back to the island and inform them that the people on the chopper wants to kill them all. Sayid wants to go into the woods after Jack and Kate, so Miles agrees to go back to the ship with some of the people. And so the first six (including Aaron and Sun) are taken off of the island. When Sun and Jin arrive on the big boat they are shocked to see Michael there. Jack and Sawyer find the helicopter and Frank, but learn that Hugo is with Ben and is in danger and so go back to save him. At his father's funeral Jack learns he had a sister, and that she was on his plane. When he learns her name, he looks deeply shocked. He then turns around and looks at Aaron. He finally learns that Claire was his sister. Back on the boat Desmond calls Michael inside to help him and it is then discovered that the boat is wired to explode with C4.moreless

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