There's No Place Like Home (2)

Season 4, Ep 13, Aired 5/29/08
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  • Episode Description
  • As the face-off between the survivors and the freighter people continues, the Oceanic Six find themselves closer to rescue.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Damon Lindelof

  • Carlton Cuse

  • Jack Bender

  • Yunjin Kim

    Sun Kwon

  • Daniel Dae Kim

    Jin Kwon

  • Fan Reviews (50)
  • Season 4 ends in a big way-Massive, tremendous, ultra spoilers to follow.

    By Regulator0013, May 30, 2008

  • Only Part 2 RevieW!!!

    By Dante_Edy, Jul 18, 2009

  • A blast from the past--- one in the present, and a shock in the future

    By DavidB226Morris, Jun 14, 2010

  • LOST has completely outdone itself. A review of the finale parts 2 & 3.

    By TheOCfan, May 30, 2008

  • Bright lights, death, coffin revelations, OH MY!

    By BrushYourTeeth, May 30, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (27)

    • Ben: Whoever moves the island can never return. So I'd like you to get on the elevator John and go back up. Richard and my people will be waiting 2 miles east of the Orchid, ready, willing and able to share what they know...and then they will follow your every word. ... Goodbye John. I'm sorry I made your life so miserable. (Locke and Ben shake hands) Locke: What do I tell em to do? Ben: You'll find your way John. You always do.

    • Jack: What are you doing? Ben: Didn't you tell him? Locke: I tried. Ben: Sayid and Kate are waiting for you at the helicopter. I understand that your people from the beach are being brought to the freighter even as we speak. Jack: What?

    • Locke: It's not an island. It's a place where miracles happen. And--and--if you--if you don't believe that, Jack, if you can't believe that, just wait till you see what I'm about to do. Jack: There's no such thing as miracles. Locke: Well... we'll just have to see which one of us is right.

    • Jack: What did you wanna talk to me about, John? Locke: I want you to reconsider leaving the island, Jack. I would like you to stay. Jack: You'd like me to stay. Locke: Yeah, that's right. Jack: You threw a knife into the back of an unarmed woman. You led half of our people across the island and got most of them killed. Locke: Well, Jack, you put a gun to my head and you pulled the trigger. I was hoping we could let bygones be bygones. Jack: Well, I' tell you what. You stay here in your little greenhouse, but the rest of us are going home. Locke: But you're not supposed to go home. Jack: And what am I supposed to do? Oh, I think I remember. What was it that you said on the way out to the hatch--that crashing here was our destiny? Locke: You know, Jack. You know that you're here for a reason. You know it. And if you leave this place, that knowledge is gonna eat you alive from the inside out... until you decide to come back.

    • Sawyer: What the hell they talkin' about in there, anyway? Hurley: I don't know. Leader stuff?

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    Notes (6)

    • Malcolm David Kelley (Walt) passed from being credited as a "Special Guest Star", to recieving the "Guest Starring" credit.

    • This episode and Part 3 were nominated for a 2008 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Single-camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series.

    • International Air Dates: Denmark: May 30, 2008 on Kanal 5 Norway: June 4, 2008 on TVNorge Sweden: June 4, 2008 on TV4 Australia: June 5, 2008 on Network 7 The Netherlands: June 8, 2008 on Net 5 Latin America: June 30, 2008 on AXN Spain: July 24, 2008 on FOX Italy: September 1, 2008 on RAI 2 Czech Republic: October 5, 2008 on AXN Hungary: October 5, 2008 on AXN Belgium: October 13, 2008 on VT4

    • Although credited, Emilie DeRavin (Claire) didn't appear.

    • This is a flash-forward episode.

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    Trivia (4)

    • Island events take place on December 30, 2004. This is the 100th day for the survivors.

    • Right before Sayid killed the man in the car, he was going to say that the time was 8:15. 8 and 15 are two of "The Numbers".

    • There's no "Flash-forward sound" during Hurley and Sayid's.

    • The license plate in Kate's car is 4QKD695. 4 is one of The Numbers.

    Allusions (2)

    • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: Rose calls Miles 'Shorty'. Shorty was Indiana Jones'oriental sidekick in the movie.

    • Jeremy Bentham: The pseudonym used in this episode refers to the British philosopher and economist (1748-1832) who advocated the concept of utilitarianism, which basically states that the moral worth of an action depends on the greatest good for the greatest amount of people. His work was very influential among the utopian socialists, who sought to build the perfect community. Jeremy Bentham was a philosopher heavily influenced by the work of the real John Locke (also a philosopher). He came up with the concept of the 'panopticon,' a circular prison where the inmates could be observed by a central observatory without them ever being able to tell if they're being watched or not. This would create a "sentiment of an invisible omniscience" that Bentham claimed would create "a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example." A simplified diagram of Bentham's concept looks very much like the symbol of the DHARMA Initiative.

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