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    Wow, what was that?: That was a super fantastic episode!!!

    By AnilThornberry, Jun 12, 2010

    This episode was mind blowingly exciting. Well the last half hour was. The first half hour felt like a filler but it really got much better towards the end. :)

    Finally we're got SOME answers. I thought we weren't going to get them again this week but thank god we did. The Locke and Christian scene was simply amazing. He's sacrificing his life. But he has to be alive somehow later on. They can't completely kill him off. The island will probably cure him once they go back. Can't wait!!!

    Ending scene was worth watching the entire episode. The look on Desmond was face when he saw Ms. Hawking - unforgettable.

    The preview for next week looks breath-taking. Finally that long awaited Jate kiss! ;)

    I'm giving it a 9.5 out of 10 because of Charlotte's death. WTF? She can't really be dead right? I will diee, NOO!!!! :(moreless

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    Is it just me or does this show just keeps on getting better and better. I mean seriously. its like soo exciting and just gets you pumped to watch next weeks with all these amazing cliff hangers. If you compare LOST right now from the old seasons, there

    By ajk021992, Jun 12, 2010

    is no comparison. It feels like a completely different show!! I liked how we got to see the smoke monster once again and it was just sweet as hell when we got to see that french dudes arm get ripped off. Something about that smoke monster guarding the temple. I just dont understand that thing. I remember it from the very first episode ive always been curious. well anyways. wow so many flashes it was ridiculous. and seriously whats up with that Christian guy. is he dead? whats he doing there I dont get him at all. His Michaels dad thats alll I know of but what does he have to do with the Island like how does he know all this stuff. And also the Girl who Faraday was is love with. before she died she says that everyone shouldnt return to the island. okay? thats weird. i still dont get whats the point in them returning like whys it so important. I thought Ben was this big deal but until I heard Christian saying oh why do you listen to him.

    well anyways great episode. pumped for next week.moreless

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    wow wow wee wow what a splendid episode!

    By DerickBentham, Jun 12, 2010

    wow! where do i begin? First off, im starting to sympathize ben because no one trust him or thinks hes ever done a good deed in his life. Second of all, poor Faraday. He lost the woman he loved. Third off, im so glad to see christian back because i think he is an amazing actor and i really enjoy his on screen presence. Another thing, i really enjoy desmonds entire storyline of him looking in on the past of faraday. So far i believe this season of lost has been amazing and i can only see it getting better!moreless

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    One of the best episodes of the show.

    By JBentham, Jun 12, 2010

    There's nothing I could say about this episode that's even remotely negative.

    Everything was perfect. We had everything. Jin wandering around, learning Rousseau's past, new info on the smoker monster, awesome directing, Charlotte dying, Locke leaving the island, etc...

    It's just so perfect I've trouble reviewing the episode, since I'm still shaking from excitement. Lost season Five is on it's way being the best season of the show yet, which given how awesome the past seasons been is a huge achievement.

    "This Place is Death" delivers on every aspect:

    emotional drama,




    And now, ladies and gentlemen, sit back, because one thing is for sure: the coming episodes will be EVEN better.moreless

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    Definite best of the new season. Highlight in the whole series.

    By LostHero21, Jun 12, 2010

    First off, I was never really one for off-island scenes. This Place is Death definitely caught my interest, on and off the island. The islanders are moving back in time variously, Locke is trying to find his way off the island, the 06' are having conflicts getting to the island, although are coming closer and closer to making it to the island. I was never really a Charladay fan myself, as well. This definitely caught my eye, and I'm currently strong supporting Charlotte and Daniel's relationship. Her death made it tremendously stronger. I don't think this is the last we'll see of Charlotte, as long as Daniel can mantain keeping Charlotte from coming to the island. Danielle's flashback sequences were epic. We got to see more of smokey, first of the temple, and how the Danielle's team were killed. 2 from smokey, 3 from Danielle. This strengthened my interest in Danielle, and I'm sure this isn't the last we've seen from her. It just doesn't feel enough. I couldn't have formed a better cast assembly for the on-islanders, and the off-islanders. Jin makes the team ever stonger. Charlotte was an amazing character to add to the on-island team, but I guess Jin was her replacement. Overall, this was an amazing episode, definitely epic, and a defifinite re-watch.moreless

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    Breathtaking episode!!! Rousseau, Locke, Ben, Sun, Jin, Smokey, Sawyer, Charlotte, Faraday and his Mother.!! Full pack episode with lots of emotion!

    By tidus1117, Jun 12, 2010

    Wow!! I cant even describe how much i liked this episode it had action, suspense, drama, mysteries and lots of emotions! this episode deserves a 20 out of 10 wojo!!!

    We got lots of Rousseau. What was the sickness that she mentioned a while ago, and how they died? We dont see a lot of the O6 but the little we see of them was purely awesome. Come on there almost no time left they must go back!!

    We finally see how Locke got of the island. Personally I Loved the scene where Locke dissapear and we see Sawyer emotions collide OMG amazing i kinda felt like he wanted to say something to Locke but he couldn't.!! And we learn that he was the one who was supposed to move the island O.o (not Ben)!

    Who is Faraday's mother??? not a suprise but its great how all of our character are reuniting!

    but there are some that dont want to come back!!

    We also learned more about Charlotte in an unexpected way (very sad part) wow I bet we will see more of her and Faraday! (in the past)

    I LOVE LOST!!!

    Ben, what are his plans?? Cant wait to see the encounters of Locke and the O6 and Walt? How exactly did he died? How are they going to get back?moreless

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    Great episode, loads of surprises and action.

    By hrgaffney, Jun 12, 2010

    This was a fantastic episode, almost faultless. Brilliant writing and acting as well as the effects. It was great to have Danielle's history explained and also a reappearance of the smoke monster - I've not seen it for a while! Jin's really alive and got back with the island group. Locke met up with Christian again whilst trapped down a well. Now we know how he gets off the island. Charlotte dies. Faraday's mother is revealed. The Oceanic 6 are falling apart. Ben is as sneaky as ever. The episode delivered everything you could want from an episode of Lost, and in spades.moreless

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    The time shifts cause severe harm to the people on the island.

    By Writer2000, Jun 12, 2010

    Let me just start off by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. It is definitely the best episode of season five out of all the episodes that have aired so far, and it is definitely one of the best episodes of the series as a whole at this point. It was packed full of excitement and several major reveals about Charlotte as well as the smoke monster. I am so, so glad that Jin is still alive. However, I am very, very upset by the fact that Charlotte died. Charlotte was such a great character. At least they answered some of the major questions about her past before she died. It's great to see that this episode had a lot progression with the whole story line about the Oceanic Six getting back to the island. It was also great to see Jin reunite with the rest of the people on the island. I thought that the ending of this episode was absolutely fantastic. All in all, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Lost.moreless

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    Lost stays to amaze me! Totally awesome episode!! SPOILERS!

    By JeroenLaporte, Jun 12, 2010

    Lost is such an awesome addicting show!!

    First we get the backstory of Rousseaux from the eyes of Jin. We now see that the reasearchers from her team are defenately crazy (Rousseaux' boyfrend tried to shoot her)What happened to them!!!???

    The on island action is great, the flashes are becoming more and more violent. Charlotte does some interesting relevation before she dies. - She says that in her past Faraday has told her not to come back, because she will die. (Probably in one of the next flashes, they will be in that time zone, and then will Faraday tell this to her)

    Locke at the "Frozen donkey wheel" was also awesome. Jack's dad saying "Say hi to my son", was also awesome, because Locke doesn't know that he's Jack's father.

    Off the island the oceanic six were almost together, but they split up again.

    I was very happy to see that Mrs.Hawking is Faraday's mother and the one who can help them to get back to the island. Interesting character!!moreless

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