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    YES! the surviors finally kill a buch of those Others, Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Nightrider09, Aug 25, 2011

    Ok sorry about that, let me try that again.

    This episode is a two parter and better yet its a two parter season finale so their always good and filled with development.Now while thats the case the first part of the two parters are usually just set up for the second half. Not much happens in most cases it's alot of talking, reserving the fighting and the juicie scence for the second half.

    The action scenes for this episode happen a little after the begining and end their as well (aside from Charlie being beaten up by two hot ladies). But it's wwhat happens in those short action scens that really mean alot to me, and it's not the effects its who gets hurt or in this case blown to bits!

    Ok let me go back a bit and explain myself before you think i'm a pyro maniac. The Others are coming to raid the Surviors camp and kidnap all of their pregnate women and babies. they'll know where they are because their double adgent Juliet will have the tents marked. But Juliet turns out to be a double-double adgent and tells Jack what the Other's leader (Ben Lieanus) has ordered her to do. Jack comes up with a diabolic (and un-charecteristic) idea of putting dynimite in decoy tents and having Juliet mark them, so when the Others come to raid the tents, expecting to find valnerble pregnate women or helpless babies, they'll insted be blow to bits. And it worked to about(my guess any way)a dozenof them blew up!

    Now here's the part were I explain why this Thrills me and why I'm writing this review based of it. Well it's really quite simple, i Hate those Hypocrite, Murdering, Mind games playing Others! Here are the reason's why I hate them (aside from Alex, Juliet and Karl)First of all they are so self absorbed and so full of themselves (now i know thats everyone on a reality show) they think that they are good and right and everyone else (off the island) is Eviland wrong, now thats psycologically a correct way of thinking when your on differnt sides. But these people started a war with plane crash victims, for no reason other then they thought they were a threat and could get their island discovered.Which is stupid since these people have lived on the island for many yearsso they shouldknow it's not a normal island! So logicly it will be impossible to find! Espeacially from a plane that went off corse and lost raido conact before they crashed.Second: They are Kidnapping People and forceing them to stay on the island Forever. Now I can understandwhy their doing it to pregnate women, cause women who get prgnateon the island die But I do not suport their twisted logic for raising the babies as their own and killing the birth mothers!Third I really hate big over confident people who act like nothing can touch them so they screw with you when ever they like, and these guys are all talk, in this season we have discoved that only a few of them are truely hard core like Ethan (Juilet is one of them) so seeing them get owned like that and having their plan fall to dust was quite satisfying.

    These people act like their all that but they don't even understand all of the mysteries of the island! not even their leader Ben know's more then the basic Lost fan. And why couldn't they just give the surviors a small moter boat (like with mike and walt) or i know why not give them a trip in your secret Sub and dump them on an island closer to rescue! Who will belive anything they say, the world will think their like Tom Hanks in the Castaway!

    so this was a good episode and a good start to the season fianlly. I'll write a more detailed review of this two parter later, I don't want to spoil it for you just wanted to point out the best part in my opion. It's like sweet revenge. Sweet, Sweet, Explosion Revengemoreless

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  • 9.5

    I'd wager that this is the greatest season finale of all time (series finales not included).

    By VeryAware, Jun 21, 2011

    I'd wager that this is the greatest season finale of all time (series finales not included). Whenever someone asks me for an example of a classic season closer, I give them "Through The Looking Glass". Not only did we get a game-changing twist and fun new catchphrase ("We have to go back, Kate!") but we got more action and adventure than a major motion picture. This was the only time I wanted to call Time Warner Cable to thank them for their service.

    We said goodbye to a favorite character and the story progressed in some major ways. Under the skilled direction of Jack Bender, LOST was always a show that was fun to watch. "Through The Looking Glass" wasn't only fun, it was mind-blowing. Just writing about the episode caused my jaw to unhinge and sink to the floor.moreless

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  • 10

    WHAT THE...

    By Leah_Rose, Apr 25, 2011

    Wow! As much as I saw the ending coming (I knew it was a flashforward), I was still so shocked while watching it! This was in my opinion, the second greatest LOST episode ever! It was very emotional. I was in tears when I thought Bernard, Sayid, and Jin were just killed. Charlie's death was so sad! That ending has to be the best ending of LOST that I've ever seen! It was perfect! Charlie was hilarious while he was singing! That made my night! Hurley's van scene was classic! This episode raised so many questions. Who was in the coffin? Why was Jack about to commit suicide? Who does Kate have to get home to? And what's the deal with Naomi's boat?! Ahh, so many questions, and we have to wait 9 months just to get some answers!!! This will be a very difficult wait!moreless

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    Hate to say it, but yeah, this is the episode that changes everything

    By DavidB226Morris, Jan 31, 2010

    And here we are at the end of the season. When I initially watched this episode, I was somewhat disappointed because I'd heard certain things about it that weren't true. I'd heard that the flashback would tell us what Jack did during the week he was held by the Others before Kate and Sayid came to 'rescue' him. Obviously, that didn't happen. They also told us that a lot of major characters were going to die, and while some did, the body count was low (actually I'm grateful for that). But mostly it was because of what we saw in the 'flashback'. By now, anyone whose been a loyal follower of the show knows what I'm talking about, but I'm going to continue my role and reveal only what I saw at the time.

    The episode is Jack centric, but if you're trying to figure out when this happened, it's pretty hard. We can tell that Jack looks even worse than he did in any other time in his past, only now he's still tossing back pills to go with the drinking. He's grown a the somewhat infamous 'beard', and he spends all of the flashes looking like he's in a state of near collapse, though he's trying to remain normal. Hell, let's call a spade a spade--- Jack's become his father, drunk, belligerent, and trying to do his job when he's in no condition to do so. His ex-wife (who is obviously pregnant) wants nothing more to do with him, and he seems positively loathe to call himself a hero. When he sees an article in the paper (we'll come back to this) it's the final blow. We can tell he's done, and when we see him on the bridge in the teaser, it takes all of his effort to get off the bridge and pull people out of the wreckage. What we can't figure out yet is what has brought him to this state (and we won't learn until Season 4), but he looks beaten.

    The episode begins just a short while after the last one. Sayid has more determination than we've seen all season.--- the soldier prepared to lead his troops into battle. He orders that no matter what happens that Jack and his group keep moving towards the radio tower--- and you know that's not going to happen. Something's going to go wrong. We just don't know what.

    Under water, Charlie is being beaten severely by the two women under the station--- their names are Bonnie and Greta, Bonnie is particularly brutal and they want answers. Charlie seems particularly relaxed--- particularly when he sees the flashing bulb that Desmond described in his final vision-- and is more than willing to talk. This is actually a good thing because it forces them to transmit to Ben--- who is not at all glad to hear from them.

    Ben's authority has been spiraling out of control, and now it really begins to uncurl. He has been lying to everybody about this, and when radio silence is broken, he's in pretty bad shape with his people. When he learns about this, he realizes Juliet has betrayed them, and radios his people on the beach--- and it's almost too late. Sayid and Bernard fire swift and sure; Jin doesn't (he still manages to kill two of them anyway). Tom and two others survive by pure luck, and manage to capture them. Bernard, not wanting to see his friends die, tells them everything, and Ben learns just how broken his own house truly is. He tries to maintain command---- he sends Mikhail down to the Looking Glass, orders Richard to continue to the temple (what the hell is that?) and prepares to intercept the survivors before they reach the radio tower. But now his schemes are falling apart. Richard, who was losing faith before, is now openly disturbed, and Alex demands to go with her father, and he agrees to take her--- too quickly, actually.

    When the survivors hear only two explosions, they know something has gone wrong, and it isn't long before several of them demand to return. Rose and Sun, not surprisingly, are the most open about it, but they are willing to relent when Jack tells them to keep moving. Kate, however, is more persistent. As is her custom, she flip-flops between the men in her life. She goes to Sawyer, because she knows that Jack won't listen. He refuses to help her, and remains very cold to her, though he doesn't say why. Sawyer then tells Jack he's going back to help, and then tells Kate he didn't agree because he didn't want to go back with her. (Ouch.) Juliet then agrees to go back, lying about a cache of guns, because she wants to help. It's hard to understand why she'd want to, but she clearly feels she owes her. And then after they head back, Hurley comes up behind them demanding to help. Just like Charlie did, Sawyer says (in surprisingly gentle terms) that he'd just get in the way. What we don't know is that Hurley has just about had enough of this.

    Back at the rowboat, Desmond regains consciousness, only to find himself dodging bullets when Mikhail begins shooting at him. With nowhere else to go, he dives after Charlie and has the good fortune to make it back when Bonnie and Greta are bickering over what to do with him. By now Bonnie clearly wants to kill him, and is only stopped when Mikhail emerges from the briny deep. (Where he got the scuba gear is yet another question the show doesn't answer. Then again; they had to have a way to get to the Station without the submarine.) He's clearly stunned to see them, and even more appalled to learn that Ben has been jamming the signal without anyone else's knowledge. He takes a very long time between the transmissions, and it's clear that he has lost faith in Ben, if he ever had any.

    I think we left someone out--- oh yeah, Locke. He finally regains consciousness in the pit where Ben left him for dead. Now, every time Locke regains consciousness after he has fallen, the first thing he checks are his legs. This time, they fail him, and he feels the greatest despair he's felt on the island, at least since his misjudgment led to the destruction of the hatch. He finds the energy to pick up his gun, find a bullet in the chamber, and press it to his forehead. But a split second before he pulls the trigger Walt appears in a vision and orders him to get out of the ditch. For the first time in a long time a smile crosses Locke's face. It probably wasn't the real Walt (for one thing, he was quite a bit taller and had a deeper voice than the last time Locke saw him) but it is a message, and Locke clearly believes it.

    Quite a lot of business going on in the first part of 'Through the Looking Glass'. Turns out, the biggest shocks of the season are still to come, and there will be blood and twists galore. They sure know how to end a season.

    My score: 9moreless

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  • 9.8

    PART 1!!!

    By Dante_Edy, Jul 13, 2009

    Objective - » What are important for the Season Finale? The best Tension and The Best drama possible to be delivered. This is what people can remember later and rate it an 10. All the players are in their position.

    Flashbacks -» Well, here I am Lost, waiting for the second part, because all this presentation seems very strange, if this is Jack flashback, then he is not acting like himself. The writers are hiding something (waiting for the second part).

    Event on The Island -» The action was awesome. Things get more complicated when Ben Know about everything about Jack Plan.

    Charlie and Desmond -» Charlie situation gets more complicated and interesting.


    1 - Plot Holes: Gold. Nothing that I could Notice.

    2 - Time and Scenes Management: Gold. Because of the tension, You can´t notice that there are scenes that just are there to buy time, ok, maybe Jack Supposed 3 flashbacks scenes.

    3 - Surprises/Twist/Shocks/Cliffhangers: Gold. The ending will blow you mind. There are some twists too.

    4 - Action: Gold. This is a War, expect deaths and many shots and explosions.

    5 - Funny: Gold. Rose comments.

    6 - Drama: Gold. Maybe the goodbye between Jin and Sun. Hugo and Sawyer interaction. What Jack said to Kate. What Locke tried to do to himself.

    7 - Tension/Suspense: Gold. Exactly what you can Expected from the Season Finale of Lost. You want to Know who will die in This War, and there are deaths, From which side?

    8 - Excitement Level (curiosity/Mystery/Doubt/Revelations: Gold. The supposed Jack Flashback provide so many doubts. You want to Know the result of this War. Even Charlie deserves you concern.

    This is the Season Finale part 1, so as all Lost Fans can expect, only Jack Strange Flashbacks is not exciting, however they don´t interfere with the experience that this episode offers.moreless

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    A Jack-centric episode.

    By Writer2000, Nov 13, 2008

    Let me just start off by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. I absolutely love the fact that the show is doing flash-forwards now. I think that was a really cool idea on the writers' part. I really enjoyed getting to see what happens to Jack after he gets off the island. I really enjoyed Charlie's story line in this episode. Sawyer's story line was great too. I also loved Juliet and Sawyer's interaction with each other in this episode. I was really shocked when Jack and Juliet kissed each other. I didn't see that coming at all. All in all, I thought that this was an incredibly well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost, and I can't wait to watch part two of the season finale so I can find out how the season ends.moreless

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    The finale that changes everything. Only read if you've seen part 2.

    By PabloExobar, Jul 15, 2008

    The Man Behind the Curtain made us reconsider the mythological plot of the show. This finale on the other hand makes us reconsider the whole god damn SHOW.

    The greatest twist and execution, ever, on television... right here.

    As the war with the Others begin, the losties, apart from the shooters head to the radio tower to get rescued. The episode is basically a giant trek, but unlike Catch 22, this episode manages to make it exciting and surprise filled.

    Let's start with the very ending. Because, the ending of the episode actually makes you want to go back to the beginning and rewatch the thing with the perspective you just gained.

    All of the Jaco "flashbacks" in this episode are actually... flashforwards. Flashforwards of him being off the island. BAM. They actually did it. At the end of the 3rd season they THEY DID! Jack and Kate are guaranteed to be off the island.... which means this episode is the most epic ever. How many of you thought that the series finael would be a trek to the actual rescue? I think many of you did. I did. Well, we didn't have to wait until the series finale.

    As flashbacks, Jack's flashes were not too exciting. But as flashforwards - holy crap. Why is he depressed? Why is he drinking alcohol like his father used to? Why he and Kate are not so friendly anymore? Who Kate has to "go back" to? Why does Jack want to go back to the island? Why do they have to lie about where they were? Holy... crap.................

    Another set of memorable moments:

    -Walt appears to Locke(most likely as Jacob)

    "You have work to do."

    WOW. So the island wants Locke to live!

    -Locke throws a knife into Naomi's back!!!!!!

    WHAT THE FRAK! Did you ever think Locke would do that? I didn't... and he did it..... wow.

    -The takedown of the others

    Hurley and the Dharmavan. 'Nuf said.

    -Jack's and Ben's conversation.

    What a gem of a dialouge. Ben basically KNEW Jack would end up the way he ended up. He had nothing to leave the island for. He had MORE on the island than outside it! He had friends. Love. Leadership. Outside the island? None. Only work.

    -Charlie dying.

    I was crying. That's it. Greatest hit made me tear up, but this... holy **** hell.... Charlie died in the most heroic way possible.... what a scene... I nominate this to be the saddest death of all time. ALL TIME. I think all considered, this episode is pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to Lost. The writers truly proved it finally. They're creative, brave, and definitely know what they are doing.

    We have to go back, Kate!

    We have TO GO BACK!moreless

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    We have the ambush going sort of wrong, we have Ben going to intercept the group heading for the tower. We have Charlie being questioned in the underwater station, trying to meet his destiny head on.

    By captainbritain, Jun 28, 2008

    This episode starts with a heavily bearded Jack, on aplane journey to LA, he gets refused a drink as he has probably had enough and she says they will be landing soon. She gives him a paper instead, where he reads an obit from it. He looks unhappy as it tears it from the paper. The we see him driving his car to a bridge, then calling a number and telling it that he's just read the paper. He gets out of his car, climbs onto a wall, stares down and then asks for forgiven, we hear a crash off screen, he gets down and goes to help the victims.

    Jacks walks the beach, looks at Kate and is getting them all ready for their hike to the radio tower. Rose before leaving Bernhard gets him to say out loud to her that he's a dentist and not Rambo. The survivors leave the beach, with the trio of snipers behind to inflict the damage. A little further on, Naomi asks Jack if she can be trusted, meaning Juliet, as no one is saying anything nice about her, Jack ignores the comments and is told how to operate it, just in case anything happens to her.

    In the meantime, Charlie is being beaten for information and his smart alex comments about an invisible submarine get another punch from Bonny, when asked about how he knew about the station, he says Juliet, the girls decide to call Ben and they leave him tied to a chair as they call him, he sees the room they enter and the flashing light, its where he needs to go.

    Ben wants to know why they are breaking radio silece, they explain that one of the others is down here, he asks who and Charlie shouts his name at them, which Ben hears, he directs Mikhael to the station, he says that its flooded, Bens admits he lied, but Mikhael says if Juliet told them that what else did she tell them.

    A small group of others is near the beach shelters, they have spotted the ones marked, made sure that all walkies are off, just as Ben was trying to get hold of them, small groups of others go towards the marked tents, Sayid shoots the dynamite and then Bernhard does but Jin's not able to shoot his before he is captured and the others are captured too.

    Further up towards the tower the hikers notice the 2 explosions, raise questions about why there wasn't 3, Jack explains that perhaps only 2 was needed, he will ask them when they catch upto them.

    charlie gets asked why is in the station and he explains that he is here to switch off the jammer, she asks him if he has the code, which he doesnt know, then he says he will find out, turn off the jammer and then get his friends saved. If it is flooded then what happens to Charlie, he says he dies. Ben gets a message from Tom saying that 7 of them are dead, they captured 3 of them, names them and asks if he wants them killed, not yet, but only after Bernhard has told them that Karl warned them and that they were heading to the tower.

    Des awakes on the boat, gets shot at, dives in and swims down to where Charlie is, who warns him to hide, which he does, he pretends to the gitls that he was just singing. They go back to the radio but then they hear him again, but this time see Mikhael surface, they get to ask each others questions and he radios Ben for instructions.

    Sawyer and Juliet leave the group but go back towards the beach in order to find the others, or their fate, as they are long overdue to catch up, Jack says there is nothing they can do as they are unarmed, but Juliet says she knows of a stash of guns near the beach they can use. Later she admits to lying, when asked why, she says that Jack would not allow them to come here unarmed.

    Alex talks to Ben half way there, she gets told that he did those things to Karl for her sake as he did not want her to get pregnant whilst on the island, then she asks why he allowed her to come, he says to deliver you to your new family. Lastly Locke wakes to find himself in the pit of bodies, unable to move his legs, but he reaches for one of their weapons and is in the process of shooting himself in the head when Walt appears to him telling him he has work to do.moreless

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    nerve racking

    By efc91, Jun 09, 2008

    In this double-length episode, Jack's plan to kill the Others backfires, and Sayid, Jin, and Bernard are held hostage by the Others at the beach. Led by Rousseau, the castaways travel to the radio tower to turn off Rousseau's transmission. Naomi makes contact with her boat, but is stabbed by Locke, who along with Ben, believes that the survivors are making a mistake. Charlie makes contact with Penny Widmore in the underwater Dharma station, but drowns when the station is flooded by Mikhail. Sawyer, Juliet, and Hurley rescue the castaways at the beach. Instead of flashbacks, flashforwards feature Jack's miserable life after rescue from the island. Brilliant episode with plenty going on, loved the Charlie storyline the best.moreless

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