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    what an episode !

    By Yasser-24, Nov 08, 2010

    one of the best episode in the study character Jack , Sayed , Kate , Sawyer , the new guy and of curse Clare , yea welcome back Clare . Jack he was welling to die for sayed that Jack that we always know but his friends before him , and sayed Trust jack in his life that's how we know Sayed . one of the best scene in the show . Sawyer i have never felt sorry him til now ! he was going to ask Juliet to marry her that's a new thing for Sawyer and how he grows up for the first season , Kate don't care about any one but her that's is a really new thing for Kate . Jack , Sayed . Kate , Sawyer they all deliver there best performances . hope the Emmys are waiting for them .moreless

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  • 8.5

    Tabula Rasa 2

    By efc91, Nov 08, 2010

    Kate finds herself on the run, while Jack is tasked with something that could put a friend's life at risk. After the first episode was really satisfying you would have expected this episode to be just as god sadly it is a very dissapointing effort which sees Kate run from the law...AGAIN. The scenes on the island were also very average, I dont really care for the character Sayid anymore and now that I think that he is no longer the Sayid we knew I wasnt bothered if he took the pill. Dogen continues to be a wierd character that has potential but Lennon reminds me of an other Phil. Miles is underused once again. There were some good parts to the episode the return of the sickness which to be honest I totally forgot about, Claire returns I could see this coming after she featured heavily in the flash sideways and the scene were Sawyer cried was actually really emotional and well acted by Holloway. all this aside it was still one of Lost's worst hours. Not as bad ast Stranger in a Strange Land and SOS but still as pointless as them.moreless

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    I wasn't too impressed with this episode.

    By stewie1423, Aug 27, 2010

    I've watched Lost since it's first season and I've managed to get past all the confusion but this episode was completely far-fetched - on Island and off. The on-island stuff is just really strange...the temple, new characters and the Sayid death thing just isn't working for me. It doesn't make much sense and seems disconnected from the past seasons.

    I really don't like the new temple characters at all either. Kate going after Sawyer was probably the best part of the episode but even that wasn't that amazing.

    The off-island stuff with Kate had me really excited. I'm a big fan of Claire so I was looking forward to see more of her. My problem? It all seemed a bit unbelievable.

    Why would Claire go back with Kate? Why would she ask her to come up to the adoptive parents house? It felt fairly contrived if I'm honest. This was disappointing. I like Kate, I like Claire but I didn't particularly enjoy this storyline. The ending with Claire appearing on the island was good as I'm very intrigued to find out where she's been for the past two seasons but I'd read about that return anyway...

    For an episode in the final season this really wasn't at the quality you'd expect. Pick up please.moreless

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    One of the worst episodes of the entire programme

    By tomjaconelli, May 23, 2010

    It seems as if they have completely changed the director and writers for this one episode. I am a huge Lost fan but this episode is overacted, the dialogue is super obvious and cheesy and Kate's story after the flight was ridiculous. All the scenes in the temple were awful, the only good bit was Sawyer managed a bit of an emotional pull when breaking down to Kate about Juliet. There is a reason this is the lowest rated episode of the whole series as it really is the worst. Very strange after a great 2 part opener. Lets hope it picks back upmoreless

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    Okay, doesn't quite deserve a 10, but I had to balance out all the undo rage against this solid episode...

    By brothaman22, May 17, 2010

    "What Kate Does" may have been slower and more focused on the character of Kate than many fans wanted so soon in the season, but this episode was well written, well acted, and quite revealing plot wise...

    Every season has had a standout 'dud'...season 1's "Homecoming", seasong 2's "Fire and Water", season 3's "Stranger in A Strange Land", season 4's "The Other Woman" (well, season 5 was all amazing and the exception), but my point is that this episode was so much better than "Fire And Water" or any of the above mentioned misses, that it's absolutely wrong to say that it's the worst LOST episode ever...I think it'll be redeemed in the grand scheme of the season and I enjoyed it a lot...it was shocking to see how in the minority I am...


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    You'll enjoy this one *minor spoilers*

    By jakestevens, May 07, 2010

    I don't know why the reviews below are mediocre. I thought it was a great, necessary episode after the premier. "What Kate Does" felt very well paced and there were no moments in the episode where you wanted the scene to finish or hurry on.

    As from the first episode the viewers know that "Nothing is irreversible", and this theme is continued in the episode. With Kate and Claire making a connection and them being together when the baby almost arrives. Since i'ts an alternate timeline some things are slightly different and thats why the baby wasn't delivered (my theory).

    There is also some hints of a family revelation that may happen in the next episode. And Sayid's death is partially explained. All we know is that he is "claimed".moreless

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    LOST fans are getting to greedy imho .

    By xico16, May 03, 2010

    this is an absolutely normal episode in a LOST way, what makes it great!

    so why is so low rated? because LOST fans are now used (specially after that awesome premiere) to an insane speed of events with more questions and answers and they've become so arrogant and greedy that cannot allow the series to slow down a bit.

    please go watch some season 1 and 2 episodes and compare them with this one.

    you wouldn't even tell the difference.

    this is a solid episode where we can see some great connections between both history lines or whatever and i can't wait for episode 4!

    i am not going to tell anything else about this because pretty much everything was said in here.

    PS. sorry about any english mistakes. i live 2 or 3 borders and a sea away from an english country :P

    PS2. i gave it a pity 10, but this episode is an easy 8.8 to 9moreless

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  • 8.0

    While 'What Kate Does' does not scale the lofty heights of 'LA X', it is certainly an enjoyable, well written episode.

    By screenagedkicks, Feb 14, 2010

    So Lost, pray tell us, what does Kate do, exactly? Well, according to this fine instalment of the world's greatest televisual experience, young Ms Austen hijacks taxis, runs roughshod over the luggage of poor struggling doctors (Artz is back, ladies and gentlemen! You've been pining for him for years, haven't you?!), steals the handbags of pregnant youngsters and subsequently feels horribly guilty about it all. Well, maybe that's a bit of a stretch. She feels guilty about anything to do with the koochie-coo, cute-as-buttons wickle baby thing growing inside Emilie De Ravan. Couldn't care less about the other havoc she's wreaked. But of course, this is off-Island, flash-sideways Kate. The Kate for whom flight 815 did come hurtling down into the ocean is a little more empathetic, finding herself caring for the well-being of an understandably distraught Sawyer, while also desperate to find the aforementioned Claire in order to reunite her with Aaron.

    It's an interesting dichotomy this and one that looks likely to set the trend for the remainder of the season. As predicted, Horowitz and Kitsis continue with the structure established in 'LA X (parts one and two)', juxtaposing a timeline in which 815 didn't crash with one in which Jack and his fellow Losties were unsuccessful in their attempts to change history. Few hints are given as to how these two will ultimately reconcile, preferring instead to present the duality as is and allow the viewer to draw his or her own conclusions. However, as a result, it allows us to acquire some intriguing insights into the show's central characters, to contrast their personalities and neuroses in differing sets of circumstances, drawing parallels and establishing how their problems are resolved, if it all. It's somewhat fitting that Kate's penchant to run grinds to a halt as a result of realising exactly what she was stealing from Claire; in the show's chronological timeline, it is effectively the protection of baby Aaron that allows her to finally settle. There are some well-played scenes between Lilly and Ravan, particularly in the hospital, as apprehension gives way to affection and genuine emotion shines through from both parties. The story does occasionally feel a little capricious, as its teleology becomes rather predictable from the moment that the pregnancy is revealed, and the fact that Claire's water breaks just as the prospective recipient of her child turns her back on her is more than a little convenient. Still, on the whole, this is an enjoyable retread through the damaged psyches of both characters (Kate and Claire), which reminds us of just how far they've both come.

    The on-Island narrative is even better. Again, there are certain less desirable elements - Kate's sudden re-interest in Claire's well-being feels a little too well timed in terms of the narrative's inherent motifs, especially given that Sawyer's having an emotional breakdown right in front of her eyes, and those Others that transport she and Jin could do with a little more subtlety in their portrayals - but overall, Kate's storyline here is solid. Her concern for James is touching and the sequence in which he breaks down in front of her at the pier is heartwrenching. Lilly is excellent, but Holloway is astounding, never veering too far towards mawkish and selling every last ounce of emotion with the gravitas and crushing weight that it deserves. As per, Lost is stupendous at representing consequence. There are no quick fixes here; Sawyer does not cry for a bit and then forget about Juliet completely. The trauma is built into the narratives and it works wonders. Hopefully, this will continue in the weeks to come.

    Putting aside Kate's story, there is a nice B-strand involving Jack and Sayid to address too. For the umpteenth time, the writers give little away, still refusing to explain exactly how our favourite torturer is in this condition, but what they do reveal proves somewhat fascinating. Sayid has been 'claimed', you say? Would that, perchance, be by Smokie? The guy 'dressed' as Locke? It certainly seems like the Natives aren't particularly fond of the guy, especially after hearing the news of Jacob's departure last week, and the concept is one that has arisen within the arc plot before: remember Rousseau's men? They were exposed to the monster/elements within the Temple and subsequently turned bats**t crazy. It would therefore make logical sense that this is what these Others are referring to. Of course, whether or not Sayid is ill is another matter entirely, and one that certainly harbours much promise for forthcoming episodes.

    While 'What Kate Does' does not scale the lofty heights of 'LA X', it is certainly an enjoyable, well written episode. Kate's on and off-Island narratives work well in conjunction with one another, providing a neat assessment of the psychological ennui that torment the character, and Evangeline Lilly rises to the challenge, almost but not quite matching Josh Holloway in their beautiful scene at the dock. It's a bit of a shame that the episode relegates the mythology to C-storyline status and it perhaps could've done with an injection of Locke and Ben, but generally, this is another strong slice of television from a production crew at the very top of their game.moreless

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  • 8.0

    An ordinary but necessary episode. An interesting scene is the one when Lennon is pretty wondered with Jack's courage by taking the pill. Jack confirmed his superheroe status.

    By PauloLost, Feb 14, 2010

    I think tidus1117 is absolutely right in his theory, the parallel story is a flashforward, the island will sink by the end of the show, but i also think there won't be a final and definitive answer to all the questions but a kind of open end in which you'll adjust your own theory. The people who believe in the metaphysics will be satisfied and people like me who thinks the only rational explanation to what is happening in the island is alien technology or technology from a distant future will be satisfied too. I bet that in very end we'll see that the island although sunk will continue to be alive. An widely end enough to all tastes.moreless

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