What They Died For

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    By DaichiKhatri, Mar 14, 2015

    Awesome show

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    By davy445, May 23, 2011

    This is one of the most important and well made episodes in LOST history. The tragic end of jin and sun and sayid...It set up all the pieces for the end. A masterfully written and acted addition to the LOST cannon. Jack and the Man in Black are set to meet each other for the final battle. The stakes are high and the flash-sideways are starting to make sense to the greater story on the Island. Seeing Hurley, Jack, and Kate mourn the loss of their friends was emotional ad poignant...these characters have truly grown into a family...very well done!moreless

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    LOST has gone beyond limits.

    By warthogjump, May 23, 2011

    Seriously, there are episodes in LOST which really are fantastic, but the way they're approaching the ending is not only unrealistic, but so far fetched I can't even suspend disbelief anymore. The writers of LOST seem to be lost themselves, and after watching episode after episode for almost 6 seasons, I am disappointed with the direction the writers are taking for the finale. I might have to go back and watch the better episodes in order to force myself to forget all this nonsense.

    Desmond's really the only character who I really have any connection with anymore. The last two episodes made me forget about the rest to mere futility.moreless

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    Jacob finally breaks the ice. Spoilers!

    By Picklepiss, Dec 15, 2010

    Well we get a new protector of the island, and of all people it was Jack of course! We get to see Desmond stalk more people to arrange a gathering at this 'concert'. But lets stop for a moment here. Sayid said that Jack needed to go to the well because Desmond was there, yet we then find out that Desmond was already out of the well so thats something to figure out. MIB said that he helped 'himself' out, but I believe that figure of speech was that Desmond is helping MIB off the island now that he knows why he is there, courtesy of Widmore. Long live Widmore! He is dead now btw, in case you didn't notice. Back to the picture here, Jack is ready, willing and able to protect and he has to go to the 'light' for the next step in the plot. What they died for helped get the ball rolling again, and who knows what is going to happen next. Til Sunday my friends, til Sunday. Where did you go Richard??!!moreless

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    The End in Near !.

    By Yasser-24, Jul 13, 2010

    The END is near , and i don't think i can Handel it .

    as always an outstanding performance from Locke , Ben , Jack and Des . Emmys People ! . and now we know what there are choosin to protect the island but why them because there life is as Jacob's ( empty , hate , anger , Alone , etc .. ) . and Jack is the new protector . Ben is amazing when he choice the dark side . Locke has reach his limit's of anger and he is ready to destroy the Island . Des is bring them all together to one last amazing scene as sure of it . and as always Lost delivers and so many great scene and things happened ! ..

    Can't wait to the finale of best amazing show ever made and will be . 10/10 .moreless

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    One more to go

    By thefanof, Jun 21, 2010

    Perhaps the greatest television show in ABC history, one of the best dramas of all time, it all comes to a end on Sunday night.

    While this episode did advance some things, did we really get any questions answered? What is the purpose of the numbers? Why were these people candidates (that obviously won't get answered now)? Why did the real Locke want to protect the island?

    I didn't like Jack accepting his role as the protector of the light within any second thoughts. Does he realize he will not return to society for 20-30 years? Napoleon certainly wasn't loving his exiled lifestyle.

    Now we can just hope the finale delivers.moreless

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    Since last episode, I can´t help to feel that this is being too "rushed into an end"...

    By FedericoChiesa, Jun 08, 2010

    Since last episode, I can´t help but feel that this is being too "rushed into an end"... I really wasn´t expecting to see Widmore die just like that, and same thing with Richard (just guessing he is dead), now I kind of know that we will never know things like the truth behind Walt, Mr. Ecko, the big deal with Claire´s baby in the beginning, why pregnant women die on the island, among a lot of other unanswered questions... I think the show needed some more episodes so we don´t get the feeling that they suddenly realized they had 3 or 4 episodes left and tried to explain as many things as they could (most of them in a lousy way) or giving closure to characters by killing them "just like that"... I feel like after all we have been through all this years we deserved a little bit more...

    Ps. Am I the only one that when I see re runs of episodes from the first 3 seasons I feel like the show was going to a totally different direction and feel kind of cheated about what it tourned out to be?moreless

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    One of the season's best!!

    By brothaman22, Jun 03, 2010

    I loved this episode! The actors are all at the top of their game as the show winds down to an epic end. The writing, the plot...just everything happening makes me feel really optimistic that this will end the way it should end. I'm really loving how both the Island story and the sideways are so engaging and connecting more and more. Jack as the candidate makes perfect sense too and the more you think about it, there is no one else who should take that job given the character's arc, so it was really satisfying to see that happen. ps. I think Richard is still alive and I think Juliet will end up with Sawyer and may also be Jack's sideways ex wife!moreless

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    The best episode of this season...Yet!

    By ahmad_lost4ever, Jun 03, 2010

    What An Episode

    The best episode of this season , and am pretty sure

    the finale is going to be Amazing.

    I cried most of this episode,Not just because of the things that were happening but to tha fact that I've been watching the best thing in my life for six years and its going to end next sunday.

    Everything that happend in this episode was very shocking, in all the scenes that desmond was in i was

    soo excited that i started laughing.

    Desmond rocked in this episode, also the rest of the characters they really did their best.

    The end of this episode was really suprising.

    One more episode and the best series ever made will end.moreless

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