Lou Grant

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    'Lou Grant' - another example of what made TV great in the '70s.

    By Muki-D, Nov 03, 2014

    Great, well-written stories that held personal resonance and societal relevance. Hard to find shows of this caliber today.

    Idiosyncratic observations:

    Of the 5 different intro sequences made for each season, the first season's is my favorite: the whole 'Bird loses it's home because the tree is felled to be turned into paper to be used for the news publication which ends up on the floor of a bird cage to be crapped on' is brilliant irony & beautiful poetic justice.

    Seasons 2-5 had a little guitar solo at the end of the intro sequence soundtrack... season 2 featured the best lick.moreless

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    Simply superb.

    By BigRedNev, Oct 15, 2005

    Not seen it in a few years but the memory of it lingers on and inspires me still. Okay some cheesey moments but what do you expect in 1hr slots Shakespeare all the time? Tackled big issues some shows would still be scared of today. Edward Asner seemed ideal and believable in the role and it's sad not to see him similar roles today.

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