Louie Season 4 Preview: Off to an Awkward, Heartwarming Start

By Tim Surette

May 05, 2014

Do you watch Louie? Louis C.K.'s comedy-disguised-as-pathos—or is it the other way around?—returns for Season 4 on Monday, May 5 after more than a year off the air, and based on the first two episodes (which will air back-to-back at 10pm and 10:30pm), nothing has changed. The show has been one of television's best since it debuted in 2010, and I'd wager that, unlike Louie's ever-souring opinion of his body and life, it's getting better with age. 

Louie is still about a sad sack of a man who generally watches life pass him by. He feels like an alien on another planet, unable to connect with the world right in front of him because it doesn't want to connect with him. He tends to only have luck with people who end up being crazier than he is. And he's still a man we can all identify with, even those of us who aren't 46 years old, balding, and divorced with two kids.

And that's the beauty of Louie. The series has a way of universally connecting to its audience and evoking sympathy for this man who can't seem to get a fair shake in life. Of course, Louie is on the losing end of many of the situations he gets himself into, but the storytelling is so sharp that his experiences come across as a good friend's stories of comical misery—the kind of tale where everyone has a laugh at after the fact. There's beauty in that ability to make something feel so real yet so extraordinary, and Louie captures it beautifully.

This season, FX will air two episodes of Louie each week beginning on Monday, May 5. Quick, spoiler-free preview: In the first episode, "Back," things are more scattershot, as Louie deals with the same things he usually deals with—his deteriorating body, his kids, his friends who are shamelessly honest about how they spend their private time, the usual. It's a solid episode, and one of the few that actually has a punchline. But the second episode, "Model," is pure genius. It's Louie at its resilient best, and one of my favorite episodes of the series. I won't give anything away because that would be criminal, but keep an eye out for a couple guest stars, a roller-coaster of good and bad fortune, and a stellar ending. And remember, it's okay to laugh AT this guy—that's what you're supposed to do.

Louie airs Mondays at 10pm on FX, starting May 5. 

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  • LawrenceLiCh May 08, 2014

    I was wishing to punch Dexter's girl friend for a long long time. Louie did it for me, yay!

  • MarlboroMagpi May 07, 2014

    I agree the second episode was fantastic and I get to see Yvonne Strahovski. Lucky Louie get to kiss her.

    I wonder if Louie asked for her to be his guest star :-)

  • JT_Kirk May 07, 2014

    Really very surprised at the positive comments on the second episode, "Model". I really liked the acting and really hated the script, it was ugly and stupid and asking far, far too much implausibility to be anything other than Louis saying "oh my god, can you believe how it feels to be me?... RIGHT?!? I know, the worst... except sometimes."

  • MarlboroMagpi May 08, 2014

    I am surprised you mentioned implausibility.

    From Louie accidental punch to him having to pay $5000 regularly as compensation is all ridiculous. 99% will never happen in real life. It is all a joke. The most funny thing is Victor Garber guest staring as a lawyer making it sound so serious and real.

    Then again if you are a Louie fan, you should not be surprised. He had a African American wife last year when his children are clearly not. There were so much protest. I saw an interview when the question was raised to him.

    His answer: I do not really care. Its my show and I will do what I want. I cannot remember the exact words but something along that line.

    Those who like Louie will like his style. I am one of them. I am glad FX allows him creative control.

    Possible or not doesn't really matter to me especially in comedies. I cannot remember a sitcom to be anything close to reality :-)

  • JT_Kirk May 08, 2014

    That punch to *her* seemed very realistic. He didn't throw a punch, he flailed because he couldn't control his body. For it to do that much damage was way out of left field, like a bad story somebody would tell for emphasis, but then to just keep leaning into it deeper and deeper is where everybody would roll their eyes, and that's what this episode was.

    Victor Garber was great, he's usually great though.

    I am a big fan of the show, making his wife black didn't really affect me at all, it felt a bit pushy in the "look how socially responsible I am" field while simultaneously trying to play the "I'm so colorblind that I just hire people on talent" card. I didn't hear any protests about it though, I guess not in my circles. I think Louie especially can get away with saying his ex is black because he himself is mixed-race and doesn't look it at all.

    Style can become an overwhelming thing, too much can be indulgent and distracting.

  • JT_Kirk May 06, 2014

    I love this series and Louis C.K., but holy crap that first episode, "Back", was so mopey, so "can you believe this is just how life is for me?", so over-the-top with life squirting diarrhea in his face little by little.

  • CT0760 May 06, 2014

    I laughed when he did "the Beatles" :p

  • vulcanuck May 06, 2014


  • damasta414 May 05, 2014

    Louie and 24 both returning on the same night. Best night ever!

  • bicelis May 05, 2014

    So good to hear that it's still great! Can't wait

  • MarlboroMagpi May 05, 2014

    Thanks Tim. I started watching this series because of your recommendation. It was totally worth it. It is the best comedy now.

    I am so excited about it coming back.

    I was a little worried if we can still relate to "loser" Louie since now he is famous and rich.