Love, American Style

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    My first "grown-up" show as a kid!

    By TerryTV76, Aug 20, 2008

    What can I say about Love American Style? It's a funny show and I'm happy it's finally on DVD. You have a cavalcade of stars in tales of love in some of the funniest situations. Also, there was that groovy theme song and score to remember, those funny blackouts between each story and yes, the big brass bed in every story and blackout skit. I'm sure at the time of it's original run, these were racy and by today's standards, these would be G-rated. Still, Love American Style was the first "adult" show I ever saw as a kid!moreless

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    A fuuny, camp classic!

    By koberfan, Jun 08, 2007

    I loved the series"Love American Style"!!! It was a funny, campy classic! I had to watch it on DVD, as it went off the air when I was only three, but it had such a great flavor of the late 1960's and early 1970's. Each week another group of crazy love stories with the "Only In America" treatment. Just so juicy and never, ever, dull. I do wish this one series could be brought back, but sadly, the times have passed where this type of innocent silliness would be condidered marketable. Oh, for the good old days and the flavor of another time!!!moreless

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    The show just popped in my head!

    By cbett1, Mar 22, 2006

    I was 7 when the show ended. I remember that it made me feel like I was getting something I shouldn't be getting. Often on way past bedtime but I still enjoyed the stories and characters - Flip Wilson, Artie Shaw and many others that were ahead of their time. I sure wish it was on DVD!!

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    mmmmmmmmmmmmm sexy...

    By nzmadmannz, Jan 22, 2006

    Inspired many a naughty thought in the middle of the night... The wedding at the nudist colony... The couple that couldn't stop kissing... The episode on Wife Swapping... Naiively prompting me to enter into a conversation on the subject with my mother! Who clearly saw it in a very different light to me. And the orgasmic fireworks at the start of the show... Seriously that is a show I'd like to see again... Is it out on DVD yet? I guess its not the kind of show you'd release...moreless

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    I used to love this show groing up!

    By LivingDust, Sep 07, 2005

    The plots were cheesy an the acting was silly. But as a teen growing up in the 60’s &70’s I loved this show. Not because it stimulated my brain, but it was, ahem, stimulating! Childish fantasies acted out by beautiful women. The show never made me laugh, but it made me happy. It gave me hope that there was love out there for me, with a pretty girl attached to it!

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