Out To Lunch

Season 3, Ep 2, Aired 1/19/92
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  • Episode Description
  • Lovejoy is spending more and more time with Victoria, not so much on his business. Together with Jane and Alexander, he and Victoria go away for the weekend at a friend's cottage. Meanwhile, Lovejoy buys some drawings for a song and sells them to an art gallery for a good profit. He is shaken when the pictures are denounced as fakes - even the artist says they are not his, but Lovejoy is sure they are. What is going on?moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Dudley Sutton

    Tinker Dill

  • Ian McShane


  • Phyllis Logan

    Jane Felsham

  • Chris Jury

    Eric Catchpole

  • Roger Marshall

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    • Lovejoy: (to camera) Freddie the phone, my absentee landlord, called from Spain. Asked would I house-sit for the rest of the year, business premises included?

    • Tinker: I was in the army with a bloke who tried to top himself. Eric: How did he do it? Tinker: Well after a great deal of thought, he settled on hanging. Eric: Hanging? Tinker: He found a tree on top of a cliff with a branch that stretched out above the sea. Eric: Spectacular. Tinker: To save himself pain, he took an overdose of pills. Eric:Wasn't leaving anything to chance, was he? Tinker: Just to make trebly sure, he decided to shoot himself. Eric: What happened? Tinker: Well, he slipped the noose around his neck, cocked the pistol and swallowed the pills and stepped over the cliff. Eric: And? Tinker: Well, the jerk of the rope ruined his aim, the bullet missed his head and cut the rope in half, and he fell like a stone into the sea and swallowed so much salt water that he vomited the pills and swam back to shore a better and wiser man. Last I heard he's growing chrysanthemums in Cornwall.

    • Victoria: You're the expert, it says eighty to a hundred pounds. Surely it can't be worth that much? Lovejoy: The price is what the figure is sold at, the value is how much it's worth to the owner. Often the two have nothing to do with each other.

    • Jane: Ah, it's Monday morning. Lovejoy: Straight after Sunday. Gosh, life's predictable, Janey.

    • Eric: I shall move on to item three on the agenda, financial planning. Now, I've contacted the bank. Lovejoy: What? Eric: I've contacted the bank. Lovejoy: You don't contact the bank, they contact us, if they can find us.

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    Notes (1)

    • The locations for Out to Lunch include Newmarket and London.

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