Lucky Star

Chiba TV (ended 2007)
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  • S 1 : Ep 25

    Lucky Star OVA

    Aired 9/26/08

  • S 1 : Ep 24


    Aired 9/16/07

  • S 1 : Ep 24

    To Be Decided


  • S 1 : Ep 23

    A Delicate Line

    Aired 9/9/07

  • S 1 : Ep 23

    Delicate Line


  • Cast & Crew
  • Wendee Lee

    Konata Izumi (Eng)

  • Michelle Ruff

    Tsukasa Hiiragi (Eng)

  • Kari Wahlgren

    Kagami Hiiragi (Eng)

  • Karen Strassman

    Miyuki Takara (Eng)

  • Aya Hirano

    Konata Izumi

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  • show Description
  • Lucky ☆ Star - Comedy, Slice of life (May contain adult themes & bad language) ... Lucky Star is a Japanese animation that looks into the lives of several girls attending a Japanese high school. The tone of the show affects a casual humor. The main character is Konata Izumi who, despite being athletic and intelligent, allows her passion for anime and video games to keep her from achieving success. _______________________ Opening Theme: "Motteke! Sailor Fuku" by Aya Hirano, Emiri Katou, Kaori Fukuhara & Aya Endo Ending Theme: #01: "Space Ironmen Kyodain" by Aya Hirano (Ep.01) #02: "It's a Victory! Akumaizer 3" by Aya Hirano (Ep.02) #03: "That's Love, Right?" by Aya Hirano (Ep.03) #04: "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun" by Emiri Kato (Ep. 04) #05: "Cha-La Head-Cha-La" by Aya Hirano (Ep.05) #06: "Valentine Day Kiss" by Kaori Fukuhara & Aya Hirano (Ep.06) #07: "Earthly Stars" by Aya Endo (Ep.07) #08: "Monkey Magic" by Aya Hirano (Ep.08) #09: "Embraced by the Wintry Wind" by Aya Hirano (Ep.09) #10: "I'm Proud" by Emiri Katō (Ep.10) #11: "Doraemon's Song" by Kaori Fukuhara & Aya Endo (Ep.11) #12: "Go! Godman" by Aya Hirano & "Don't Lose" by Emiri Kato (Ep.12) #13: "My Forgotten Thing" by Minoru Shiraishi (Ep.13) #14: "Sunny Sunny Fun" by Minoru Shiraishi (Ep.14) #15: "The Minoru Legend of Love" by Minoru Shiraishi (Ep.15) #16: "The Cape of Age Thirty" by Hiromi Konno (Ep.16) #17: "Take It! Sailor Uniform" by Minoru Shiraishi (Ep.17) #18: "Kaorin's Theme" by Minoru Shiraishi (Ep.18) #19: "A Man's Way of Life" by Minoru Shiraishi (Ep.19) #20: "Son-in-law Rumba" by Minoru Shiraishi (Ep.20) #21: "Shikaidā's Song" by Minoru Shiraishi (Ep.21) #22: "My Beloved Santa Monica" by Minoru Shiraishi (Ep.22) #23: "Mikuru Transforms! And Fights!" by Minoru Shiraishi (Ep.23) #24: "Love is a Boomerang" by Minoru Shiraishi (Ep.24)moreless

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  • Quotes (28)

    • (Each girl comes out with a thought running through their minds as they have just taken their physicals)
      Kagami: It's gone up a little. No, wait! The bra that I'm wearing has underwires and extra padding; that's why I'm heavier today! Yeah! that's it, yeah...I wonder how much that is in grams? If I just subtract th...
      Tsukasa: (embarrassing sigh) Oh....It's over, I totally screwed up! I forgot I had a physical exam today so I wore my character-print underwear! I'm so embarrassed now!
      Konata: I'm still short...
      --Miyuki comes out giggling
      Kagami: (yelling at Miyuki) How dare you look happier than the rest of us, damn you!!

    • Miyuki: (To Tsukasa...gasps)I had no idea those were your pajamas!
      Tsukasa: Oh yeah, they're my 'jammies!

    • --Konata is paying a sick Kagami a visit...
      Konata: Okay so uhh, I'm gonna copy that homework we got the other day. But, you don't have to get up you cute little sleepy-face, you!
      Kagami: Out!

    • --Konata sits at her desk in deep thought, sighing
      Tsukasa: Why are you looking so serious, huh, Kona-chan?
      Konata:'s nothing. Just something that's been bugging me since our conversation this morning...
      Tsukasa: Huh? The one about colds and flus?
      Konata: You didn't disagree with me when I said I was stupid, did you Tsukasa?
      Tsukasa: Panic-stricken)Wait! It's not like that! I didn't mean--

    • Konata: I thought the flu was the deluxe version of the cold. You're saying that colds and flus are two different things?
      Tsukasa: I-I guess I think they're different things...or maybe they aren't. I don't know anymore, I'm kinda confused now...

    • Konata: Thankfully, I'm stupid, so I don't have to worry about catching flu's and stuff

    • Konata: Damn! she's a natural airhead--a total cutey-pie!

    • Konata: Don't you have any faults, Miyuki-san?
      Miyuki: It's a little embarrassing, but I guess I tend to think about things too much--so much, that I end up spacing out.
      --Miyuki talks about her faults while she's imagining them...
      Miyuki: I sometimes cut my finger using the veggie slicer...sometimes, I'll trip on my feet and fall down...or, a corner of my tote bag will get caught in the train's door...
      Tsukasa: Wow...
      Konata: Woah, hold it! Miyuki-san, those aren't called faults. People call those 'moé' points!
      Miyuki: Huh? moé points?
      Konata: Clumsy is sexy!
      Tsukasa: (thinking to herself) Kona-chan! what have you been thinking this whole time?

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    Notes (24)

    • Ending Song Sung by Konata is "Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodain" (Space Ironmen Kyodain?).

    • The "Lucky Channel" segment in Episode 1 is similar to Happy Seven's "Happy Station," where the hosts read mail from fans.

    • In the opening sequence, the girls' dance number and the title screen itself are obviously mocking the ending sequence of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, another title animated by "Kyoto Animation".

    • Opening Theme: "Motteke! Sailor Fuku" by Aya Hirano, Emiri Kato, Kaori Fukuhara, and Aya Endo

    • Ending Song Sung by Konata is "Sore ga, Ai deshou (Could This Be Love?)" from Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, which was also done by Kyoto Animation.

    • Ending Song Sung by Kagami is from the show Sailor Uniform and the Machine Gun.

    • Ending Song Konata sings "Chala, Head Chala" which is the first opening theme song to DragonBall Z.

    • Ending Song Sung by Tsukasa is indeed "Valentine Kiss" from Prince of Tennis.

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    Trivia (5)

    • [b]Opening[/b] The opening sequence [i]Motekke! Sailor Fuku[/i] the girl's dance number and title screen is mocking [i]The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya[/i] ending sequence [i]Hare Hare Yukai[/i]

    • Bonta-kun from Fumoffu shows up again; this time as a mask on Yui’s head.

    • When Miyuki visits the doctor’s office, she takes a number but after she sits down to read, they call all the patients by name.

    • As Nanako walks home from the bakery shop, the following captions appear in sequence: Nanako Kuroi, 27 years old, Single.

    • "Dondake" vs. "Ikahodo" Throughout the episode, the girls keep saying the phrases "Dondake" and "Ikahodo" as exclamatory phrases of sorts. "Dondake" is a slang term originated in the gay area of Shinjuku and was made popular by gay entertainer Ikko. Since then, the term soon became popular with high school girls and eventually the mass media, being used by other TV personalities as well as in TV dramas. Recently (around the same time as this series' original airing), the term "Ikahodo" has appeared as a sort of "response" to the Japanese mainstream's quick appropriation of the previously underground "Dondake." While the two have essentially the same meaning, however, debate continues as to which is the more proper (read: "cooler") phrase to use.

    Allusions (98)

    • Street Fighter 2 When Konata was telling Kagami how she became friends with Tsukasa, there is an obvious Street Fighter 2 game reference with Konata beating up Guile in the Japan stage.

    • When the girls get together to 'study', Kagami notices that neither Konata nor Tsukasa have done any homework, when Tsukasa tells them she wanted to and even planned it out, Konata says "Your resistance was futile". This is a reword of the famous catch phrase, known and used worldwide, by the Borg Collective from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    • The Crane Game that Konata is using had dolls that resemble the frogs from Sgt. Frog.

    • One of the arcade games they were playing was Taiko Drum Master. A popular rhythm game.

    • Shuffle When Kagami and Tsukasa imagine Konata working at a bookstore, the cut out in the background is Lisianthus (Shia) from "Shuffle".

    • Akumaizer 3 The 2nd ending song is referenced to a Tokusatsu series called Akumaizer 3. Zabitan, Iberu (Evil), and Gabura are the three heroes of the story. Jankeru (jankel) is a general term for sabre. Each hero has his own Jankeru; Zabitan has Zarado, Iberu has Erado, and Gabura has Garado.

    • Getter Robo Whenever Izumi is imagining a dentist robot, the dentist robot she imagines is none other than Getter Robo 2 from "Getter Robo".

    • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Insert Song When they are playing Taiko Master, they are playing "Hare Hare Yukai" from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

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  • Fan Reviews (17)
  • Lucky suck.

    By tenacon, Nov 15, 2008

  • Kawaii!

    By B4iMakeFiends, Apr 22, 2010

  • It's an alright show but it's nothing special.

    By Rosen_Heidel, May 25, 2009

  • well, I can see why people enjoy it, but perhaps it's a little too overrated.

    By Gold_Shy_Guy, Sep 20, 2008

  • A show about the life of high school girls...

    By Hime_Niki, Aug 31, 2008

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