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    Lucky? Sadly, not so much.

    By shocker713, Apr 18, 2006

    I thought this show was fairly enjoyable. Lucky was really the first show in recent memory to walk the line between half-hour sitcom and hourlong drama. The characters and situations were unique, probably due to the fact that it took place in Las Vegas. You wouldn't expect to find humor in a show about a recovering (and constantly relapsing) gambling addict, but somehow John Corbett nade it work.

    Lucky was probably the first time I had intentionally tuned into FX since its inception, when all they showed was Vegas and Mission: Impossible reruns. I would've liked to have seen it go onto a second season. Unfortunately, FX is very similar to its parent network, Fox: they find a workhorse, and they become so focused on it, that they cancel anything else that may show any potential.moreless

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