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Quotes (4)

  • (after Lucky sits down at the table) Poker Player: That's one hell of an entrance. Lucky: It's the only way I know.

  • Lucky: Who doesn't like meat? Theresa: Vegetarians don't like meat!

  • Lucky: A pot roast just came through the window!

  • Lucky: It's been a business doing pleasure with you.

Notes (10)

  • Songs featured in this episode: "Black Betty" by Ram Jam

  • Aired the same night of the FX premier of "American Pie" (1999), then right after it was the pilot of "Lucky" at about 10:10pm.

  • Songs featured in this episode: "Born To Be Wild" by Steppenwolf

  • Songs featured in this episode: "Blindfold" by Morcheeba

  • Songs featured in this episode: "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds

  • The two dads of Donnie Darko-actor Jake Gyllenhaal worked together on this episode! Director Stephen Gyllenhaal is Jake's real dad; Holmes Osborne played Donnie Darko's dad in the feature film!

  • Theresa and Lucky kiss for the first time!

  • Songs featured in this episode: "The Shining" by Badly Drawn Boy

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Trivia (4)

  • When posing as doctors, the names given to them are Dr. Al Harris (Mutha) and Dr. William Carlisle (Vinny).

  • Theresa is a Scorpio and likes to line dance.

  • Mutha's real name is Buddy Lejondre.

  • Vinny's mother, Phyllis, lives at 822 Bronco Lane.

Allusions (2)

  • Bobby: You do if you know Starbuck from Rainmaker. This is a reference to the main character, Bill Starbuck from Richard Nash's play The Rainmaker. Bobby Blaine has apparently played the character.

  • Films referenced in this episode: Caddyshack, Caddyshack 2, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood