Birth Day

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Quotes (8)

  • Elaine: I don't suppose you know anything about delivering a baby? (MacGyver stares in horror) I didn't think so. MacGyver: I don't think right now is such a good time for that to be happening. Elaine: Tell that to this kid. MacGyver: (whispers to her stomach) Not now! Elaine: The contractions just stopped. MacGyver: Well-behaved kid.

  • Elaine: Can't wait to see how you'll get us out of this pit. MacGyver: Me, too.

  • Elaine: Are you ever wrong about anything? MacGyver: Never. Well, once. Maybe twice. Elaine: Once is all it takes to ruin your life.

  • MacGyver: Good thing about boats. Some of the stuff you find on them work just as well on land as they do on sea.

  • MacGyver: Do you know who's following us? Elaine: Friends of my husband. MacGyver: Any reason why? Elaine: I'm having a girl, and he wanted a son. Could you step on it, please?!

  • MacGyver: There's a pretty simple reason why fishermen get up at the crack of dawn; that's when the fish get up. But even when I'm not going fishing I like to drive across the city that early in the morning, when there's no one else around. You can really feel the silence. (Corvette zooms past) Most of the time.

  • MacGyver: I think if you try hard enough and make the best of a situation, the situation won't get the best of you.

  • (after the Jeep falls off the ramp) MacGyver: I supposed I could've tested this ramp before I drove over it. Elaine: And they talk about woman drivers.

Notes (3)

  • This is the first of Joseph Lambie's two, unrelated roles on MacGyver. He will twice play the father of MacGyver's teenage pal, Lisa Woodman, starting in season five's "Hearts of Steel".

  • Though credited, Dana Elcar does not appear in this episode.

  • The German episode title is "Klapperstorch auf Abwegen", meaning "Back Roads Stork". The French episode title is "L'anniversaire", meaning "Birthday". The Italian episode title is "Festa di compleanno", meaning "Birthday Party".

Trivia (2)

  • MacGyver uses his spare tire at the gas station to replace his flat, but as he drives off, a fully-drivable spare is still mounted on the back of his Jeep.

  • When MacGyver and Elaine are first entering the shipyard, MacGyver's left tail light is out. Later on in the episode, both tail lights are working again.