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Quotes (4)

  • Pete: With all the security preparations I had to go through for this state visit, I thought I deserved a couple of days off. MacGyver: You took a vacation? Without filing your itinerary in triplicate? Next you'll tell me you had a good time.

  • MacGyver: "Her." Who's "her"? Jack: We met at Phil's Tuxs for Bucks. I was getting measured for a penguin suit for the shindig tomorrow. What can I say, it was just me and her. Like a dream come true. MacGyver: Does "her" have a name? Jack: Guess so. She never got around to telling me. MacGyver: That sounds like true love to me.

  • Jack: Boy, who ever thought a classy lady like Edith would try an assassination? MacGyver: Well, it happens. Pete: I'll tell you one thing. I never want to hear the words, "the respect and gratitude of my people," again as long as I live.

  • Jack: Drinking? Moi? MacGyver, you wound me.

Notes (2)

  • First assistant director Bill Mizel appears as the seconded bearded fisherman.

  • The French episode title is "Non, je rĂªve ou quoi?", meaning "Am I Dreaming?" The Italian episode title is "Dal profondo del cuore", meaning "From the Bottom of my Heart".