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    Ticking Doom

    By sh811a, Jun 18, 2011

    This is one of the best darn episode that helped put the show Macgyver on the map. I'll admit the plot in this episode seems strangely similar to some of the plot from that horrible film Speed 2 Cruse Control. The only difference is this show's take on the bomb plot is actually good and done right, defently blows that film away (plus the creators of that film might have ripped this episode off).

    What makes this episode good is the sense of nerve racking intensity. I was litterally on the edge of my seat watching this episode. It never lets up it constantly builds up giving you a real sense of dread. From the bomb kit tools getting lost making things a little harder for Mac and his partner Charlie, discovering that there is not one but three bombs to disarm rasing the stakes, clock continually ticking and Macgyver as usual using the most ordinary items just to do the job. And just when you think it's over it's not. Real intense.moreless

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    Macgyver really rocks.

    By sfviewer, Aug 23, 2006

    This is another Macgyver classic episode. I really enjoyed watching this. It's so fun watching the show's setup, Macgyver gets a briefing from his boss Dana Elcar, then he is sent to the field to deal with the problem at hand. Even though he goes through the same routine each week, it's still a fun thing to watch. The stories are great, it's really entertaining, you're treated to a good drama. This is what good tv should be. The plot's really riveting, it's very engaging, you know it's fiction but you don't mind, you'll be drawn to it just by watching.moreless

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  • 9.5

    MacGyver is called up to help diffuse a number of bombs located on a cruise ship in the North Pacific with 1100 passengers. The terrorist is named "Viking" and demands 6 million dollars. Can MacGyver and his friend from back in 'Nam Charlie, diffuse the

    By the80sKNIGHT, Oct 15, 2005

    This episode is quite intense and exciting. MacGyver reunites with his good friend Charlie Robinson, who he used to diffuse bombs with back in 'nam - 51 bombs in total to be exact and this was going to be number 52 (54 counting all three).

    MacGyver was a little hesitant that Pete would call Charlie as he had a little one on the way... and I was very shocked when Charlie didn't make it through the mission.

    I really enjoyed the bomb diffusion sequence at the end when MacGyver and Carol had to diffuse the 3 bombs in a matter of minutes - very intense!

    Overall, the episode was a good one and highly recommend it.moreless

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