Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (5)

  • Karen: When I left him he was taking the motor out of a blender. Quayle: Ah, yes, that's the handyman side of MacGyver; he likes to make clever little things out of odd bits.

  • MacGyver: When I was a kid, I use to build model airplanes with rubber band motors. Then I discovered batteries—it sure did increase the mileage.

  • MacGyver: Always had to say how great you were, didn't you, Quayle? Afraid maybe people wouldn't notice. Quayle: You'll be the last one to die. MacGyver: That's what I figure, too… of old age, hopefully.

  • Karen: And I thought all secret agents were cold and heartless. MacGyver: No, Pete and I go way back to some pretty… funny places. Karen: Is that what the camel is about?

  • MacGyver: I guess this makes me about the first guy who ever attended his own funeral and lived to tell about it.

Notes (4)

  • This is the first of Christopher Neame's three, unrelated appearances on MacGyver. He can also be seen in season five's "Legend of the Holy Rose" and season seven's "Good Knight MacGyver".

  • This is the last episode to feature an Opening Gambit.

  • Cavitt-Tinglof Tower is in reality the Westin-Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. The DXS safehouse exterior shot is in reality Greystone, a mansion in Beverly Hills, CA.

  • The German episode title is "Ein unsichtbarer Gegner", meaning "Invisible Enemy". The French episode title is "Pris au piège", meaning "Trapped". The Italian episode title is "La casa della morte", meaning "House of Death".

Trivia (1)

  • When Quayle is flipping through the security cameras he looks at the room where Mrs. Chong and Pete are. Pete disappears and then reappears when he flips back to the room again.

Allusions (1)

  • Quayle's use of the phrase, "A hit, MacGyver, a palpable hit," paraphrases Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 2, a line by Osric during the duel between Hamlet and Laertes. The true line is "A hit, a very palpable hit."