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  • MacGyver: And to track an eagle, you've sort of got to become one. Get up there with 'em.

  • Darin: I just want to do things. She won't let me. MacGyver: Did you talk to her about it? Try? Darin: She doesn't listen. MacGyver: Well, if you don't talk, what's she going to listen to? Just a thought.

  • MacGyver: You know, the only arguments I ever had with my mother were about bed time. I finally had to let her stay up until ten.

  • MacGyver: Nature gives people and animal instincts that help them to survive. But up on the mountain, a part of nature was in danger of disappear, and instinct alone wasn't going to save it.

  • MacGyver: It took a little doing, but I figured out in a hurry the things a climber really needs: a pair of strong hands, a set of steady nerves, and a paid-up insurance policy.

  • MacGyver: They say drowning men see their lives flash before them. Falling men do, too. At least, this man did. And what I saw was about fifty years too short.

  • MacGyver: I personally don't know which is more dangerous. Falling off a wedge of ice down the side of a mountain, or falling into a thousand foot crevasse. And I really don't want to know.

  • MacGyver: I really wanted to get that eagle down to the cabin. But then I remembered there's only one kind of climber who tries to get down a mountain in the middle of a snowstorm—the kind you never hear from again.

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Notes (4)

  • Though credited, Dana Elcar does not appear in this episode.

  • This is the first of Michael MacRae's three, unrelated appearances on MacGyver. He can also be seen in season four's "The Challenge" and season six's "Blind Faith".

  • The German episode title is "Adler in Not", meaning "Eagle in Need". The Finnish episode title is "Pelastakaa kotkat", meaning "Save the Eagles". The Italian episode title is "L’aquila dorata", meaning "Golden Eagle".

  • Filming Location: Dead Horse Point State Park, UT

Trivia (1)

  • As MacGyver maneuvers his hang glider for a landing on a rock, the hat he's wearing changes.