Early Retirement

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  • Nikki: Well, I'm sure you two have things to talk about. Always a pleasure, MacGyver. Webber: Oh, I hate to have her leave, but I love watching her go.

  • Ingers: Good evening, your Excellency, it's bound and gag time. Let's show the minister to his new quarters, shall we?

  • MacGyver: Let's take a look at his operations agenda. You got a password? Pete: Yeah. "Agenda".

  • Nikki: MacGyver was right about you. Webber: Well, if you value his opinion so much, maybe I can bury you side by side, my dear.

  • MacGyver: You know, you are sounding more like a bureaucrat every day. Nikki: I am one, damn it. Born and bred. MacGyver: Congratulations. Nikki: Look, MacGyver, I know enough to know when I'm getting the runaround. Now, why won't you deal with Matt Webber?

  • MacGyver: What are you going to do? Pete: Oh, well... I'm going to carry on; what do you think? Listen, I've got plenty to do. I've got more things to do than I'll ever get done. MacGyver: Like what? Pete: Oh, like, uh... write my book. Work on my boat. Go fishing. MacGyver: You hate fishing.

  • Ed: After spending our youth helping the DSX wage a Cold War, isn't it nice to be older, wiser, and part of the peace process? Pete: Yes, it is. Well, for me, that's what the Phoenix Foundation is all about.

  • MacGyver: Mankind is in the habit of creating its own monsters. And fortunately, once in a while, it also gets the chance to destroy them.

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Notes (1)

  • The German episode title is "Der neue Boss". The Italian episode title is "La seconda giovinezza", meaning "Second Childhood".

Trivia (1)

  • Throughout the episode the government organization "DXS" is mistakenly referred to as "DSX".