Every Time She Smiles

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  • MacGyver: How did you get out of the place? Penny: Well, I went to the ladies room and climbed out the window. MacGyver: Of course you did. Why do I ask those questions?

  • MacGyver: Alright, bend these out. we're going to make them into a figure 8. Penny: Well, what are you going to do with a figure 8? MacGyver: You ever been to a rodeo? Penny: Sorta. I was Queen of the Future Farmers once... MacGyver: Later, later.

  • Penny: Are you mad at me? MacGyver: Why would I be mad at you? Penny: Well, you missed your plane. MacGyver: Right. Penny: They took your luggage. And they think you stole the jewels. MacGyver: Yeah, that's right. Penny: And they have your passport. MacGyver: I almost forgot that one. Penny: Well, see, then you should be mad at me. MacGyver: Alright, I'm mad at you. Penny: Well, you didn't have to tell me that.

  • MacGyver: I'll tell you what's simple. Me! For gettin' into that first conversation with Penny Parker... But what else could I do? I mean, a guy just can't be... rude.

  • Stephan: Are you crazy? MacGyver: It's been rumored.

  • Stephan: I have no choice. MacGyver: I don't think that's quite true. It's a matter of conscience, Steve. You do have one of those, don't you? Penny: I thought he did. Once.

  • Penny: You're not gonna shoot us, are you? Stephan: Shoot you? Why? For stealing my car? Destroying my career? Collaborating with a spy? Stealing state secrets? MacGyver: Oh, come on, Stephan. You and I both know this has nothing to do with state secrets.

  • Penny: Wait a minute. There's that machine, that they use to plow with. MacGyver: A "tractor"? Penny: Yeah. They keep it in the shed on the other side of the hill. Don't tractors run on gas? MacGyver: (with a sigh) They've been known to.

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Notes (3)

  • The cast on MacGyver's right hand throughout the episode is due to Richard Dean Anderson actually having an injury.

  • The German episode title is "Liebe kennt keine Grenzen", meaning "Love Knows no Borders". The Finnish episode title is "Hymyn Voima" meaning "The Power of a Smile". The French episode title is "Pour un sourire de Penny", meaning "For Penny's Smile".

  • This is the first of Kai Wulff's four, unrelated appearances on MacGyver. He can also be seen in season four's "Collision Course", season five's "Black Rhino", and season six's "Eye of Osiris".