Eye of Osiris

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    Serial Adventure

    By sh811a, Nov 13, 2010

    This episode is a loose sequel to the Legend of the Holy Rose arc since the main villian is the scummy brother of the scummy main bad guy of that arc. Basically it's simply another Indiana Jones like adventure for Mac but it's still fun none the less. The begining of the episode is a small homage to Indiana Jones when Mac and his partner win fairly to get the archilogical peace at a getto looking tavern, but unfortunately the people at the bar are bad losers. Mac of course tries to defuse the situation with pacifism which fails miserably and results in a big fight.

    The pace might at some points slow down a bit but not too much to muddle the suspense when Mac and the rest of the good guys are constantly in danger and like in a video game have very little time to think things out. The episode is deffently worth watching for the very final minutes which is the thrill payoff of the whole episode.moreless

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