Flame's End

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    MacGyver receives an urgent call from his old girlfriend in West Port Beach. She is fearing for her life as there is evidence of uranium theft at a nuclear processing plant, and whoever it is will kill anyone who is getting close. Can MacGyver get there

    By the80sKNIGHT, Oct 13, 2005

    This is a very average episode and is more of a "filler" episode than anything. MacGyver doesn't really use any of his skills and is more of a drama than action.

    One thing we find about MacGyver in this episode is that he once had a girlfriend a long time ago and was deeply in love, he wanted to travel the world and she wanted to stay and get her education for a succesful career. So they went seperate ways and out of the blue, she calls him for help?

    I enjoy MacGyver's quick thinking and creativity, but in this episode, I just didn't really see any of that...moreless

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