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  • 9.1

    Mac has to find a plane with the help of Nikki

    By OnePerCentClub, Jun 02, 2008

    A very important plane, a design that was sort of top secret has crashed and Pete asks MacGyver to look for it. But he won't go alone, Nikki Carpenter will come with him and they will pose as a married couple. Of course, Mac is not very happy about this but they go together. They realize that Starkoss, a Russian psychic, is helping find the plane and the pilot. Mac is very skeptic at the beginning, claiming he has all the data to find the plane but Nikki is a believer, she's confused. Mac goes on alone, but Nikki joins him in the mountains after getting in a lot of trouble. Starkoss asks them to meet him so he can cross the border and be a free man.

    It was a good episode. One thing I'm always going to love about this show is the beautiful landscapes. I loved every balloon scene. They were exciting.

    I still don't know why many people didn't like Nikki Carpenter. Maybe she could've been a little annoying sometimes, but she didn't need to be in every episode, just every now and then. She and Mac had a very good chemistry and it was good to see a girl around.

    It was kind of sad when Starkoss told Mac that his mother forgave him for not being at her funeral. Mac was shocked, and somehow understands that yes, it wasn't his fault,but he's not very convinced and we'll see this situation addressed in an upcoming season.

    The "macgyverisms" were fun, especially the whole balloon thing. LGmoreless

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  • 7.5

    good episode...

    By Fwirrel, Jan 22, 2008

    MacGyver has to go across the border to retreive a top-secret aircraft that was shot down. Nikki comes along, which Mac does not appreciate. However, alone in the mountains makes Nikki and Mac get along. A pyscic is working for the enemey, but wants to help Mac and Nikki destroy the aircraft. Mac is against the pyscic and believes he's a fake. However, by the end, Mac is convinced that the pyscic is real and they bond. There are a lot of funny moments with Mac and Nikki in this episode. However, the story wasn't very interesting. Overall, just an average episode.moreless

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