Lost Treasure of Atlantis

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    Great for a lazy Sunday..

    By dogfood_uk, Feb 09, 2013

    With its ludicrous plot and outrageous acting, this is something I know I should hate but for some reason really enjoy. Brian Blessed's over the top acting and Richard Dean Anderson being, well, Richard Dean Anderson just seems to work and makes for a great sunday afternoon on the sofa movie!

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    I am looking forward to owning both MacGyver movies on DVD in October. MacGyver uses his wits and gets out of sticky situations in both MacGyver movies. It is great that this movie will be on DVD. MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday, will also be on DVD in Oct

    By DoctorWho44, Jul 08, 2007

    ober. The thing I love about this movie is the way MacGyver saves the day as always. Dana Elcar didn't appear in either MacGyver movie, but I enjoyed them both none the less. MacGyver and his friends save the day. At the end, We can see MacGyver watching a film about The Lost Treasure of Atlantis. Fantastic.

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