On a Wing and a Prayer

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  • 9.0

    A nice return to the traditional adventure show formula with a rescue attempt in Central America.

    By mark_28, May 03, 2007

    With the first three episodes of season four charting new thematic territory, it was nice to go back to basics with an adventure episode that pulled in all of the elements that make this show work so well. MacGyverisms ensued at warp speed for much of the hour as Mac and Jack dabbled in disguises, smuggled arms, and hung out with a band of mountain guerrillas in Central America, all in an effort to rescue a nun and a wounded Pete Thornton...and to warn the nation's government of a pending terrorist attack. The suspense of the escape from the rebels' headquarters reached fever pitch when Jack's sea plane shot down and had to make an emergency landing. The explanations of resurrecting the plane got a little murky and the self-absorbed nature of the rebel leader were too painfully transparent to have much credibility, but this episode nonetheless sparkled with a great mix of action and humor. This is another of those episodes that I enjoy more with each viewing.moreless

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  • 9.1

    Macgyver and Jack have to go on a rescue mission for Pete and a nun. But like always something goes wrong.

    By sh811a, Jul 18, 2006

    This episode is obviously an modern version of the film "Flight of the Phinix". When as we see in the first and some of the second half it's has your usual Macgyver fare, where our heroes come in to save their friends by hatching a scheme and then getting away. It's not until their plane gets shot down when we get into the real action of this episode. It's suspensful and keep me on edge of my seat seeing Macgyver racing against time to create a quick fix for the damaged plane to do three things at once; save his friend Pete dying from a fatal gun shot wound, getting to the presidential palace on time to stop an assination attempt, but most of all to get away from their rebel pursuers. The question in this episode isn't how Macgyver is going to get them out of this, it's more whether he can get them out in time.moreless

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