On a Wing and a Prayer

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  • Jack: MacGyver, what's happening? MacGyver: Your slipknot's not slipping!

  • Jack: So, Pete, how's the first day back at work? Feeling okay? Pete: Yeah. Fine. Jack: No hemorrhages or heart attacks or loose organs roaming around? Pete: Nope. Why? Jack: Cause I don't want you to keel over when you see my bill.

  • Pete: MacGyver, the next time you want to ask Jack Dalton to do you a favor, do me a favor. MacGyver: I know, Pete. Don't. Pete: Don't. MacGyver: Don't.

  • Pete: Hell of a way to go, huh? I always thought I'd drop dead at my desk, or on the 9th tee.

  • Santina: Even if the gringos do escape, why should this affect the progress of our revolution? Rafael: My plans hinge on that bomb going off. Santina: If it doesn't, it is just one more setback. We will continue to fight, as we have in the past.

  • Rafael: You Americanos, you always have an angle, don't you? Jack: Business major, USC. Rafael: Political science, Berkeley. Jack: Berkeley? Well, it's nice to see higher education at work. Salud!

  • Jack: Look at this. I'm the proud owner of an open can of sardines with wings on it. No, I do not have insurance for rebel gunfire.

  • Rafael: With all due respect to your religion, Sister, the 11th Commandment in this part of Barraca is "Thy shall not harbor a traitor to the revolution."

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Notes (1)

  • The German episode title is "Raketen für die Rebellen", meaning "Rockets for the Rebels". The Finnish episode title is "Ihmeiden aika", meaning "Miracle-Time". The French episode title is "Deux ailes et une prière", meaning "Two Wings and a Prayer". The Italian episode title is "Un volo pericoloso", meaning "Dangerous Flight".