The Black Corsage

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  • 8.6

    A fun episode with a good mix of action, humor, and treasure hunting.

    By mark_28, May 09, 2007

    There's just something fun about this episode, which is perhaps the last MacGyver episode to invoke a Cold War theme save for post-Cold War "The Wall" in season six. I believe the writers originally intended for Frank Colton's part to be for brother Jesse Colton, but changed the script and hired a new actor at the last minute due to a scheduling conflict for actor Richard Lawson, who played. While the episode would have likely played just as well with Jesse, Cleavon Little played the part of the neurotic Frank with gusto and added spark to this outing. "Technobandits" Deegan and March were convincing as slimy, ruthless villains while Sophia and Frog made for sympathetic "good guys on the run". Not really much else to say in a review of this fairly routine episode other than something about it worked.moreless

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