The Challenge

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Quotes (7)

  • MacGyver: (voiceover) I'd added some stuff to the weight machine. I knew the kids would be thrilled with the results. Rico: It'll never fly, man.

  • (examining MacGyver's improvised exercise machine) Booker: I knew you could do it, MacGyver. MacGyver: Well, give it a try. Booker: You invented it. Go ahead. MacGyver: Come on, Rico, get on there. Rico: I'm too young and good-looking to die.

  • MacGyver: Hey, you never told me things were so bad. Booker: If I did, you'd worry. And worrying is Cynthia's thing. She does it better than anybody I know. Cynthia: It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

  • Darlene: How many N's in the word "anniversary"? Booker: Good question. How many D's in the word "dictionary"?

  • Booker: I'm going to talk about the kids. Because that's what the Challengers Club is all about. There are people here today who are going to tell you we have some bad kids at the club. Well, I'm going to tell yo how bad. Kids who come from bad homes, broken homes, no homes at all. Hungry kids... cold... beaten and broken kids. Kids who fix and use drugs for kicks. They're mad. Mad at you, mad at me... mad at the world they see. A world without opportunity.

  • Ray: Talking ain't gonna to change nothing! People like Larson are always gonna hate people like me. Just because we're black. MacGyver: So you hate him back. Ray, the hate has got to stop somewhere. It has got to stop! Ray: That ain't gonna change nothing. MacGyver: Every action has a reaction. You have got to believe that.

  • MacGyver: I'm told kids like me once they get to know me.

Notes (3)

  • Though credited, Dana Elcar does not appear in this episode.

  • Guest Cuba Gooding, Jr. will go on to take the occasional role of Billy Colton.

  • The German episode title is "Druck", meaning "Pressure". The Finnish episode title is "Kovan luokan haaste", meaning "A Rough Class Challenge". The French episode title is "Défi en noir et blanc", meaning "Challenge in Black and White". The Italian episode title is "Il Challengers club".