The Eraser

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  • MacGyver: A man once said he went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.

  • Jimmy: Take my advice, stay young. MacGyver: I'll try.

  • MacGyver: (Climbing up an elevator shaft) I've never minded checking out bars or car lots. That's because they're usually not ten stories up.

  • Jimmy: I lived by the beach when I was a kid in Jersey City. Well, it really wasn't a beach, it was a drainage ditch. But my mother said it was a beach and I believed.

  • Jimmy: Well, like I used to tell Mikey, dreams are important, otherwise sleep is just eight hours of nothing.

  • MacGyver: I like alfalfa sprouts for two reasons: lots of minerals and they don't stain your clothes.

  • MacGyver: If Simmons picked this neighborhood because of its low profile, he made a great choice. Everything you always wanted in a slum, and less.

  • MacGyver: You know, I bought your whole story. Boston Braves. Jimmy: True. MacGyver: Bad knees. Jimmy: Critical. MacGyver: Being a friend.

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Notes (3)

  • This is the second of Richard Jamison's two, unrelated appearances on MacGyver. He can also be seen in season one's "The Heist".

  • This is the second of Michael F. Kelly's four, unrelated appearances on MacGyver. He can also be seen in season one's "The Heist", season two's "Twice Stung", and season seven's "Off the Wall".

  • The German episode title is "Killer im Ruhestand", meaning "Retired Killer". The Finnish episode title is "Ystävä vai vihollinen", meaning "Friend or Foe". The French episode title is "Le liquidateur". The Italian episode title is "Dieci anni dopo", meaning "Ten Years Later".