The Escape

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    A prelude to network TV's current gem "Prison Break"....MacGyver-style.

    By mark_28, Apr 26, 2007

    It took me several viewings to appreciate this masterfully crafted episode, but I have definitely become impressed with the elaborate script, far-fetched as it was that everything he needed to escape was within close proximity (why would Kahn have a random tape recorder on top of his stereo?). Even the danger of the lawless North African prison world was successfully conveyed on PG-rated MacGyver. Nonetheless, I lost some respect for the episode after the escape. The double cross wasn't so bad, but MacGyver's willingness to swallow Sarah's story and collaborate with her once again was kind of silly...and the final scenes with the Looney Tunes-esque gun powder trail was uninspired. Still, the main crux of the episode was the prison break, and it delivered big time.moreless

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